Dishwasher Smoking – Causes & Solutions

Dishwasher Smoking Causes

Seeing a cloud of smoke coming from your dishwasher can be frightening. Most homeowners who experience this are scared because it is a fire sign. It could also mean a new expense because you will pay for repairs or buy a new appliance. However, although most faulty electronics pose a fire hazard, your smoking dishwasher … Read more

Best Vintage Carbon Steel Knives – Reviews

Taimasi Knife set, 23 Pcs Kitchen Knife Set with Block & Sharpener Rod

Kitchen knives are undeniably essential items in the kitchen. While these are crucial for cooking, we cannot envisage dining without knives. There are various types of knives available in the market, including carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic, etc. Vintage Carbon steel knives are the most popular because of their appearance and harder material. … Read more

How to Install Dishwasher Air Gap Under Countertop

How to Install Dishwashers Airgap Under Countertop

Your plumber just finished installing your dishwasher, and they are advising you to consider an air gap. The problem is, you don’t know what it is and how to install it. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. First, understand that you need an air gap to protect your dishwasher. Flooding from wastewater can be … Read more

F2E1 Error Code on Whirlpool Oven – Causes & Solutions

F2E1 Error Code on Whirlpool Oven Explained

Whirlpool ovens show error codes on the display when there is an issue. The codes let you know where the problem is so that you can take appropriate action. There are various error codes for different faults. A user needs to understand them to define the issues, troubleshoot, and fix them correctly. Once you understand … Read more

Freezer Too Warm Fridge Too Cold – Causes & Solutions

Causes Of Freezer being too warm and fridge too cold

When it comes to having a fridge that is too warm or a freezer that is too cold, there are a few potential causes. But thankfully, some simple solutions can help get your appliances back on track. Read on to learn more about what might cause your fridge to be too warm or your freezer … Read more

DIY Pull Down Kitchen Shelf – A Step-By-Step Guide

DIY Pull Down Kitchen Shelf Step By Step Guide

As a homeowner, when you face the challenge of dragging a stool to your kitchen so you can reach the top of your shelf, there’s a pull down kitchen shelf to your rescue. To DIY pull down kitchen shelf, you’ll need a saw to cut the wood. The best type of wood to use is … Read more

Connecting Dishwasher to Garbage Disposal Without Air Gap

Connecting Dishwasher To Garbage Disposal

Whether you’re replacing or installing a new dishwasher to your garbage disposal without an air gap, you just want to avoid the problem of having to place a bucket under your washbasin to collect the particles and water that go down when you wash. Connecting dishwasher to garbage disposal without an air gap will require … Read more

How to Fix Freon Leak in Refrigerator – Guide

Fixing Freon Leak In Refrigerator Guide

A refrigerator is a necessary appliance. Not only does it keep the temperature of your meal cool, but it also maintains the chilly temperature of your beverages and snacks. However, if you are experiencing problems with your refrigerator, it can be a huge inconvenience. Leaks are one of the most common issues people experience with … Read more

Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Display – Common Problems

Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Display Problems

Have you been having problems with your Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator display? If so, you’re not alone! In this blog post, we will look at some of the most common causes of Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator display problems. In contrast, we will provide a few tips on identifying and correcting these problems. Therefore, continue reading to gain … Read more

DIY Refrigerator Door Shelf Retainer Bar – Guide

Making DIY Refrigerator Door Shelf Retainer Bar

Being a DIYer is helpful because you fix or replace faulty home items, and the refrigerator door shelf retaining bar is not left out. A refrigerator door shelf retaining bar or refrigerator door rack is a white plastic shelf used for tall bottles in the refrigerator. A DIY refrigerator door shelf retainer bar is necessary … Read more