Panasonic Microwave H97 Code – Explained

Panasonic Microwave H97Code

It is no surprise that the Panasonic microwave has proven to be one of the most vital appliances available in every household. It is a common appliance used to cook and reheat food. Many individuals worldwide use it to heat all kinds of food many times a day. However, the consequences could be severe if … Read more

Is Polypropylene Microwave-Safe?

Is Polypropylene Microwave Safe

Microwaves are considered one of the most essential kitchen appliances. Microwaves are mainly used to reheat food to ensure they are edible. This process involves putting food in a container before heating them up. That said, it is vital to consider the type of container used. A Polypropylene (PP) container is one of the most … Read more

Are Plastic Plates Microwave Safe?

Are Plastic Plates Microwave Safe

We often use plastic plates to serve food while eating and also preserve food in deep freezers. Due to the usefulness of plastic plates, there’s the option of using them to microwave our food. If you’re going to microwave your food with plastic plates, it’s important to get informed about plastic microwave safety. Hence, the … Read more

Cooking a Turkey in a Microwave – All You Need to Know

Cooking a Turkey in a Microwave

Can you cook a turkey in a microwave? This is a question so many people have been asking, especially on thanksgiving days. With so many ways to cook the stuffed bird, you can guess how most people react to this question. Some children have been pranking parents on social media, asking them steps to microwave … Read more

Are Paper Bowls Microwave Safe? – All You Need To Know

Are Paper Bowls Safe To Microwave

Paper bowls are a popular choice when storing and reheating food. But there are some concerns about whether or not paper bowls are microwave safe. Some paper bowls are made with a wax coating that helps to prevent leaking. And this coating can release harmful chemicals when heated. Other bowls are made with a layer … Read more

Over The Range Microwave Installation Problems

Over The Range Microwave Installation Problems

Over-the-range microwaves (OTR) offer many benefits to the kitchen. Installation of over the range helps save space on the countertop. It can be installed at different heights to accommodate different users. OTR microwaves also come with a variety of features. It includes exhaust fans, built-in lighting, and sensors that adjust the cooking time automatically. Over-the-range, … Read more

Why Doesn’t Ice Melt In The Microwave?

Melting Ice In The Microwave

We’ve all been there. You’re in a rush to make your morning coffee. And you pop your cup of ice into the microwave to speed up the process. But then, when the timer goes off, you open the door to find that your ice is still intact! Why is this? Why Doesn’t Ice Melt In … Read more

Best 5 Microwaves With Rotisserie In 2022 – Reviews

Galanz GTWHG12S1SA10 4 in 1 ToastWave

A rotisserie microwave is one of the kitchen’s most essential accessories; it has made life easier and more convenient. When it comes to grilling, baking, or warming your food, there is no better option than the rotisserie microwave. With so many options in the market, choosing a suitable rotisserie microwave can be quite tedious and … Read more

Why Some Plates Get Hot In The Microwave? – Explained

Why Do Some Plates Get Hot in the Microwave

We recently came across a post on concerning plates that hit inside the microwave. It read, “… why is it when I microwave my soup, the bowl is much hotter…?” But don’t microwaves heat only the food inside a bowl? Well, we are about to discover why you can’t remove the plate with your … Read more

Can You Microwave Alcohol? Here Is What Happens

Can You Microwave Alcohol

Most of us have alcohol in our homes for different purposes. Apart from drinking, it comes with many benefits, including serving as a disinfectant in case the sharp kitchen knife catches your finger. Most importantly, it’s regularly added to a particular recipe. And that brings up the question, “can you microwave alcohol?” After all, microwave … Read more