What Does the Toaster “Bagel” Setting Do? – Explained

What Does the Bagel Setting on a Toaster Do

Most of us won’t leave the house in the morning until we have had something to eat. Perhaps a cup of coffee will do. And with it comes the need for a piece of bread or doughnut. A toaster is one home appliance that is supposed to ease your day. Your first round of bread … Read more

Can Self-Cleaning Oven Hurt Or Kill You?

Can Self Cleaning Oven Hurt You

An oven’s self-cleaning feature can save you the stress of cleaning it manually after use. While this is a welcome addition, there are potential risks associated with using this feature. When considering the dangers of a self-cleaning oven, eyebrows are raised, and questions are asked if using it is worthwhile. So, can a self-cleaning oven … Read more

Chicken Soup Left Out Overnight – What Now?

Chicken Soup Left Out Overnight What To Do

Chicken soup is a delightful delicacy that is enjoyable with a cold soft drink. Seeing it go to waste can be very painful and disheartening. So, when people find themselves in a situation where it is left overnight, they quickly type on google, “can I eat chicken soup that is left overnight?” or “what can … Read more

Why Doesn’t Ice Melt In The Microwave?

Melting Ice In The Microwave

We’ve all been there. You’re in a rush to make your morning coffee. And you pop your cup of ice into the microwave to speed up the process. But then, when the timer goes off, you open the door to find that your ice is still intact! Why is this? Why Doesn’t Ice Melt In … Read more

Why Some Plates Get Hot In The Microwave? – Explained

Why Do Some Plates Get Hot in the Microwave

We recently came across a post on reddit.com concerning plates that hit inside the microwave. It read, “… why is it when I microwave my soup, the bowl is much hotter…?” But don’t microwaves heat only the food inside a bowl? Well, we are about to discover why you can’t remove the plate with your … Read more

Can You Microwave Alcohol? Here Is What Happens

Can You Microwave Alcohol

Most of us have alcohol in our homes for different purposes. Apart from drinking, it comes with many benefits, including serving as a disinfectant in case the sharp kitchen knife catches your finger. Most importantly, it’s regularly added to a particular recipe. And that brings up the question, “can you microwave alcohol?” After all, microwave … Read more