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Latest Kitchen Appliances

Best Microwave With Toaster (Top 5 Picks)

It’s easier to see why the best microwave with toaster is a great treat for every household. Touted as a …
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Best Built-in Microwave for 24-inch Cabinet

In recent days, dozens of highly acclaimed brands have entered the market. So we’ve spent more than 50 hours testing …
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Best Microwave With Exhaust Fan and Light

In this year alone, more than 100 new models of microwaves have entered the market. Our experts invested 45+hours testing …
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Best Coffee Maker With Hard Water Dispenser (Top Picks)

Hot brew coffee, when made right, smells amazing. We all need that buzz of first caffeine to wake us up …
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Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

Nearly every household in the US has a microwave. Thanks to its versatility and pretty low price point. But not …
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Best Microwave With Silent Mode (For Quiet Cooking)

Looking for a quiet microwave for your home kitchen? If you’re like me, who get pissed off with a loud …
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Latest Kitchen Cookware

All Clad Vs Calphalon: Which Cookware Is Worth Your Money

I love our Calphalon cookware set. My wife, on the other hand, loves All Clad cookware collections. She says that …
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Calphalon Classic Vs Contemporary Cookware – Everything You Need to Know

Are you on the hunt for new cookware? Well, Calphalon is an excellent choice to consider – the cookware is …
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Blue Diamond Pan Reviews – Main Features, Pros & Cons

A reliable nonstick pan skillet can be beneficial. Nearly every cookware is backed by novice cooks, professional chefs, and legions …
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4 Most Expensive Cookware To Level Up Your Home Cooking

Is it worth buying the most expensive cookware? The simple answer is yes. High-end cookware is normally associated with good …
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All Clad D3 Vs D5 Vs D7- Unbiased Comparison & Review

I’ve used All Clad cookware in many kitchens for the last 10 years, and one question that often pops up …
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7 Best Pans For Glass Top Stoves – Illustrative Guide

Over the past years, glass top stoves have been fancied as a decent choice for modern kitchens. Luckily, their minimalist …
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Latest Articles & Guides

Can You Microwave Toaster Strudels?

Most people love Toaster Strudels because they’re convenient. They’re easy to make, tasty, yet affordable. The best way to enjoy …
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Can You Microwave a Solo Cup?

Solo cups are simple yet essential products in our lives. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine having …
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Is Stainless Steel Microwave Safe?

We are fully aware that putting metal in a microwave isn’t a good idea. While a lot of what is …
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Can You Put a Metal Bowl in the Microwave?

Can you put a metal bowl in the microwave? Is a metal bowl microwave safe?   Yes, it’s possible to …
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Can You Microwave McDonald’s Coffee Cups?

Do you want to reheat a ready-to-drink cup of coffee in a microwave? So good, it will make a hipster …
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How to Defrost Pork Chops in Microwave

Are your pork chops on ice? On average, an American eats about 1.5 pounds of pork each week. It’s always …
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