How To Use Rinse Aid In Dishwasher

Using rinse aid in dishwasher

Sometimes, after a complete cycle on the dishwasher, there might be spots on the dishes making them seem unclean. Luckily, rinse aid ends the reign of dishwasher spots and slimy residue on your plates. You can use rinse aid by filling the dispenser and running the dishwasher in two or three factory settings. Rinse aid … Read more

Miyabi Knives Sharpening – Best Way To Do It

Miyabi Knives Sharpening

No matter the knife’s task, be it slicing in a smooth motion or chopping tough vegetables and food items, a sharp blade makes it easy to do any slicing, dicing, or cutting jobs quickly. The more complex the material, the faster it loses its sharpness. In essence, kitchen counters, cutting boards, baking dishes, and plates … Read more

Red H2O Light On Whirlpool Fridge – Causes And Solutions

Red H2O light on whirlpool fridge

The whirlpool fridge, like many others, comes with different colors of lights. Three lights can appear; green, amber, and red lights. When the whirlpool fridge is on, and green light is displayed, it is a sign that the fridge is well connected to the electricity and is working well. The amber light is an indication … Read more

Condensation In Freezer – Main Causes

Causes Of Condensation in freezer

Condensation occurs when moist warm air enters your freezer and comes in contact with cold air. As the warm moist air cools, you will see water droplets on the freezer’s exterior. Condensation is common in freezers; however, it’s an issue you must sort out immediately. Condensation can result in food spoilage or water damage or … Read more

How To Clean Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel In Kitchen

How To Clean Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel In Kitchen

Fingerprints have a way of robbing the sheen of your kitchen stainless steel. Wiping them off with a dry cloth doesn’t seem to get the job done. It is why you go for fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. The matte coating on these kitchen wares requires extra care when cleaning. Knowing how to clean fingerprint-resistant stainless steel … Read more

How To Vent A Kitchen Sink Under A Window – Guide

Ways To Vent a Kitchen Sink Under a Window

Most homeowners will call a plumber to vent a kitchen sink under their window. They think it’s hard. And yet, you can easily do such a task during your free time. Vents play a crucial role in your home. Whether in the toilet, bedroom, or garage, they all play an essential role in letting air … Read more

How To Cook A Turkey In A Disposable Pan

How to cook a turkey in a disposable pan

Thanksgiving is almost here, and you want to prepare a juicy, tender, and soft-with-little-spices turkey for your family. Before buying the bird, you realize you don’t have a roasting pan. Don’t worry because we have a solution. Our turkey cooking guide will teach you how to prepare it in a disposable pan. We will include … Read more

Panasonic Microwave H97 Code – Explained

Panasonic Microwave H97Code

It is no surprise that the Panasonic microwave has proven to be one of the most vital appliances available in every household. It is a common appliance used to cook and reheat food. Many individuals worldwide use it to heat all kinds of food many times a day. However, the consequences could be severe if … Read more

Fridge Water Dispenser Is Slow – Top Causes

Fridge water dispenser is slow

You just got home from the gym, and your body desperately wants water. You quickly get a glass and push it against the actuator for cool, fresh water from the fridge water dispenser, only to get sputtering or tiny water droplets. It happens when the fridge water dispenser is slow. It can be annoying at … Read more

Dishwasher Smoking – Causes & Solutions

Dishwasher Smoking Causes

Seeing a cloud of smoke coming from your dishwasher can be frightening. Most homeowners who experience this are scared because it is a fire sign. It could also mean a new expense because you will pay for repairs or buy a new appliance. However, although most faulty electronics pose a fire hazard, your smoking dishwasher … Read more