New Dishwasher Smells – Top Causes

Shopping for a dishwasher is one of the most exciting experiences. You could hop from store to store looking for the perfect dishwasher with specific features.

Why does my new dishwasher smell

After a long day of searching, you find the dishwasher of your dreams and take it home. After installing the appliance, you notice that it smells and starts panicking.

Although it is frightening, it is normal for new dishwashers to smell. We will tell you the causes of the smell, and the possible solutions, so relax.

Reasons Why Your New Dishwasher Smells

New dishwasher smells can be due to various reasons. One of the common reasons for the smell is stickers left on the appliance.

The other cause of smell in a new dishwasher is chemical odors and varnish, a substance used to treat the motor. These smells take a few weeks to disappear.

If they do not, contact your dishwasher manufacturer or specialist for assistance.

Check out some reasons your new dishwasher smells.

Stickers Left In The Dishwasher

Dishwasher manufacturers display some information about the appliance on stickers. You can find these labels outside or inside the machine.

While some are placed in open places like on the door, you must search for other small stickers behind the racks or on the machine’s upper part.

Some manufacturers use vinyl stickers that are fireproof. However, other labels are low quality and can melt due to high temperatures.

Bringing home the dishwasher of your dreams can be exciting, and most homeowners forget to inspect the machine to remove any foreign substances.

When you use your new dishwasher with the labels, they will burn and produce a burning smell. It is frightening because you don’t expect your new appliance to be faulty.

Luckily, it won’t cost you money to repair.


Check for any labels in your dishwasher. Look at the door and around the edge and remove any stickers.

Explore the machine’s top, sides, and bottom parts to ensure there are no stickers. Waterproof stickers won’t cause harm to your device.


First, read the information on the sticker before disposing of it. Some carry information about the machine’s annual energy consumption and capacity, which is essential.

Varnish Smell

As excited as you are about your new dishwasher, you might be unable to stand its smell. Most electronics have a fresh smell due to the chemicals used during manufacturing.

Varnish is a coat used to treat the parts of the motor.

Varnish strengthens the machine’s aluminum parts and the engine. It also electrically insulates coils to prevent melting.

Without the varnish, your dishwasher might not last as long as it should and could incur maintenance costs.


Varnish causes the new dishwasher to smell, but the smell is not permanent. Ensure you regularly use your appliance after installing it.

The odor will slowly vanish within a month. You can also clean the dishwasher with vinegar and rinse it with baking soda.

It will take out the smell fast.

When cleaning the machine with vinegar, follow this simple procedure.

  1. Pour a cup of white vinegar into a dishwasher-safe cup and place it on the top rack. Alternatively, you can pour the vinegar into the dishwasher drain.
  2. Start a warm or hot short cycle to sprinkle the vinegar around the machine.
  3. Rinse with baking soda to keep the dishwasher smelling fresh. Sprinkle a cup of baking soda across the machine and run a short warm or hot cycle.


Washing your dishwasher with vinegar and baking soda leaves it sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Therefore, most homeowners find themselves doing it often.

However, vinegar has acidic properties that can damage your appliance, so avoid using it regularly.

New dishwasher smells

Chemical Odors

There are many processes used during appliance manufacturing. The new pipes, racks, control pads, spray arms, and silverware baskets are all made using different chemicals.

Since they are new, the chemical smell will be vital when you buy the dishwasher.

As annoying as the chemical smell can be, it is normal. Owners of other appliances like ovens, microwaves, and washing machines also experience the odor.


Run the dishwasher through several cycles using detergent. The smell will disappear after a month or less.

If you still notice a weird odor after a month, your machine could have other mechanical damages, so call a professional.

Dirty Water

If, after removing the stickers, running regular cycles in the dishwasher, and cleaning it with vinegar, you still notice a smell, check the condition of the water.

Sometimes the problem your new dishwasher smells is not the appliance but dirty water.

Backed sewage lines and contaminated well water cause smells in the machine, causing anxiety to the owners. The water could have too many minerals or bacteria.

Besides causing a bad smell to your dishwasher, contaminated water can lead to health problems for your family.


Contact the water supply authority and inform them of the problem. Water supply authorities could treat the water using chemicals like chlorine, depending on the cause of the water smell.

The municipal water supplies should also correct the mineral problem in the well and kill bacteria using safe chemicals.

If there is a problem with backed sewage lines, contact a licensed plumber for an inspection. They will identify broken sewage lines and repair them to ensure no smell is transferred to the clean water.

If the damage to the pipes is too much, the plumber will fix them.

Machine Problem

Sometimes your new dishwasher could smell for over a month. It happens even after running washing cycles and cleaning the appliance with vinegar and baking soda, which can be frightening to the owner.

If the smell does not stop for over a month, your dishwasher could be faulty. Most mechanical problems don’t resolve themselves.

If left untreated, minor damages could lead to more extensive and expensive repair damages.

Besides, a faulty machine uses a lot of energy. The mechanical parts work harder to run the system, using too much power and resulting in high energy bills.

These parts could overwork and break down, causing complete damage to the machine.


Some mechanical problems causing your new dishwasher to smell are easy to troubleshoot. The reason could be a wrongly fixed wire or wrong usage of your machine.

Read the dishwasher manual to know how to fix these problems.

If everything seems correctly installed, but there is still a weird smell, contact a dishwasher expert. They have a lot of experience with appliances and know the most common causes of problems.

The expert will inspect the dishwasher for any defaults and fix them.

Sometimes the problem is the manufacturer. They could make low-quality appliances, and you could be unlucky to buy a faulty dishwasher.

Since your machine is new, contact the manufacturer and inform them about the problem.

The warranty will take care of the repairs. The manufacturer could also replace the dishwasher with a quality one.

The company can recall the products if there are many complaints about the specific dishwasher.

Final Words

Noticing your new dishwasher smells is frightening to the homeowner.

These appliances are expensive to buy and repair, and most people are not ready for repair expenses, especially when the machine is new.

Luckily, most new dishwasher smells are usual and disappear by themselves. If the odor lasts longer, contact a professional for assistance.

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