How To Use Samsung Air Fryer Oven

If you like crispy foods like French fries or chicken wings, you probably have been thinking about buying an air fryer.

Using Samsung air fryer oven

Air fryers use hot air circulation for cooking food; the results are crispy, delicious-looking crispy potatoes. Although these devices are small, they take up kitchen space.

Luckily, Samsung has come up with an air fryer fixed in the oven, which is cost-effective and saves you on space.

But do you know how to use the air fryer oven? We will guide you on using the Samsung air fryer oven and mention everything else you should know.

Understanding What An Air Fryer Oven Is, And How It Works

Air fryers replaced traditional food frying methods. They were mostly bought as countertop appliances not so long ago.

Today, oven manufacturers install air fryers in the oven. You can buy a gas or electric air frying oven to save on space and costs.

Air fryers cook food by circulating hot air in the oven at high speed. The appliance uses convention fans to make crispy and delicious chicken wings.

The device’s food browns evenly using less oil than you would when deep frying.

Cooking with an air fryer oven is easy. Start by preheating the oven before setting the food in.

It ensures the food gets warm fast after it is taken from the fridge to avoid attracting bacteria. Preheating also speeds up the cooking process because the food starts burning immediately.

You should know the best temperatures to cook your food in the air fryer oven for perfect results. If baking on a single oven rack, you can program the air fryer between 170oF and 550oF.

The temperatures vary with the food you are cooking. Check the package for directions.

You can also ask a Chef or food expert about certain food conditions. Another factor to consider when choosing the heat is the quantity of the food.

Safe And Unsafe Foods To Cook In The Samsung Air Fryer Oven

Before hopping on to the Samsung air fryer oven trend, you must first know the safe and unsafe foods to cook on this device.

Although you can make almost anything using this device, refrain from cooking butter foods, cheese, and whole roasts.

Safe Foods Cook In The Air Fryer

French Fries

French fries are the most common food to cook in the air fryer. Cooking French fries with this device uses little oil, making the food healthier.

Besides, these small potato pieces are crispy and fluffy inside, which is what we all want.

Fish And Chips

This combination is not the best if you are trying to live healthily, but the food is delicious. Cooking fries in the air fryer is the best decision, and adding fish to the menu makes it perfect.

Your crunchy fries and flaky fish will be delicious.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are probably why you bought your Samsung air fryer oven, so don’t worry because they are safe to cook in the device. Get the best chicken wing pieces and prepare them before air frying.

The cooking takes less time than ordering the meal.

Roast Beef

Sundays are chilled days and the best time to make your meals effortlessly. Season the hunk of beef and push it into your Samsung air fryer.

Set the correct temperatures, and it will be ready in about an hour.

Cauliflower Tots

The list of safe foods to fry in the Samsung air fryer oven could not be complete without this snack. Most people avoid cauliflower because they are rich in carbs and fat, which is unhealthy.

However, frying them in the air fryer uses less oil, making the snack healthy.

Foods To Avoid Cooking In The Samsung Air Fryer Oven

Battered Foods

You might be forced not to use the frying pan if you like applying batter to your food. The batter leaves the air fryer messy and denies the food the crunchy shell.

Coating them in flour or bread crumbs is one secret to adding crispness to your chicken wings.

How to use Samsung air fryer oven

Fresh Greens

As healthy as fresh greens are, you should avoid cooking them in the air fryer.

Since the air quickly blows the leaves, they are hard to cook—the best vegetables for an air fryer are those with some weight, like broccoli and Zucchini.


Like batter, cooking cheese in the air fryer is a bad idea. Once placed inside, the cheese melts into a puddle, making the area messy.

To avoid this, you can coat the food with cheese.


You probably have seen many kitchen hacks praising air fryers for making good toast.

However, since the hot air in the air fryer has high pressure, it will only make the bread move around, throwing bread crumbs all over. Use a bread toaster to get the best toast.

How To Use The Samsung Air Fryer Oven

Now that you know how an air fryer works, what to cook in the device, and what you cannot cook, it is time to learn how to use the oven. You will need an air fryer tray with the Samsung oven.

If your model does not have a tray, you can purchase it.

It would help if you also had a baking sheet or tray to prevent fats from dripping into the oven. Once you have everything ready, follow this step-by-step guide on how to use the Samsung air fryer oven.

Step 1: Prepare The Air Fryer Oven For Cooking

Place the air fryer tray on the third rack from the bottom of the oven. If your model has twin cooking, ensure your air fryer oven is in the Single oven mode.

Step 2: Put The Baking Sheets Underneath

The baking sheet or tray holds the drippings or fat from your cooking food to ensure the oven stays clean. Place the tray on the lower rack under the air fry tray.

The sheets add some air to the baking to reduce smoking.

Step 3: Select The Air Fry Mode

Use the dial knob on the air fryer oven to set the air fryer mode. It would help if you also preheated the oven to prepare for the cooking.

Step 4: Set The Temperatures

Read the correct temperatures to cook your food on the packaging and set them in the oven using the dial knob. The temperatures should be between 350oF and 500oF.

Note that foods have different frying temperatures, depending on the quantity too.

Step 5: Set The Cooking Time

The Delay Start setting is one advantage you will enjoy with the Samsung air fryer oven. It allows you to set a specific time when you want your food to start cooking or set it to stop at a particular time.

Set the time using the knob. You can skip this step if you want to start cooking immediately.

Step 6: Tap The Start Button

Once you have arranged the food in the air fryer oven, tap the start button and start cooking. Wait until the food cooks thoroughly.

Step 7: Tap The Off Button

Once your food cooks thoroughly, tap the OFF button to stop cooking. Pull your chicken wings or french fries and serve them with some sidings and a cold drink.

Final Words

Having an air fryer is a dream for most homeowners. To make the best use of the device, you must first know how it works, the food you can and cannot cook in the machine, and how to use it.

Hopefully, our guide on using the Samsung air fryer oven will help you make the best and most crispy French fries and chicken wings!

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