Replacing Dishwasher With Cabinet – All You Need To Know

Remodeling the outlook of the kitchen is a big project that requires a lot of changes. One such changes include replacing your old dishwasher with a cabinet.

How To Replace Dishwasher with Cabinet

This replacement sometimes becomes necessary due to moving into a new apartment. Irrespective of the reason, it is a step that requires proper consideration.

Here is all you need to know about replacing dishwashers with cabinets.

Is It Good To Replace Dishwasher With Cabinet?

Replacing a dishwasher with a cabinet is a type of significant remodeling that you can consider permanent or challenging to alter.

Hence, it is advisable to consider all factors before deciding on this fact. There are some essential advantages and disadvantages when looking to replace your dishwasher with a cabinet.

Considering the upsides and downsides will help determine if it is a good idea.

More Kitchen Space Use

Cabinet shelves give you additional space in the kitchen. The added space means you can add more exciting features to the kitchen.

A cabinet big enough to replace a dishwasher can serve multiple functions at home.

These kitchen functions include space for deep drawers for more extensive cookware, utensil candles, spices, oil cabinets, and trash cans.

These are some of the features and roles that the new cabinet could fill.

Hence if you want to replace a dishwasher with a cabinet, this is one of the things you get to enjoy from this remodeling.

Unifying Design

Most times, dishwashers usually take up space in between a set of cabinets. Removing and replacing them with cabinets leave room for a unifying design in the kitchen.

With this design, all the cabinets form a long rack.

In some other designs, the dishwasher was formerly between the wall and the last end of the cabinet. You can install a cabinet here to extend the cabinet to the wall.

Additional Kitchen Tabletop Space

Another advantage that replacing a dishwasher with a cabinet offers is more tabletop space for cooking and placing tabletop items.

You cannot use the top of a dishwasher for other activities to avoid damaging the appliance.

But a cabinet offers you space on the shelves, and with the right design, you can add a marble top to enjoy more real estate in the kitchen.

Permanence Of Design

The only apparent downside of installing a cabinet is its permanence. Cabinets are more like a permanent solution to the space issue.

It becomes difficult to remove the cabinet in the nearest future. Hence, if you are unsure of future changes in the kitchen, it is best to wait or fill the space with something else.

How To Replace Dishwasher With Cabinet

The process is straightforward and can require different roles depending on the options before remodeling.

However, before placing the cabinet, there is a need to remove the plumbing works that were a part of the dishwasher.

However, if removing the plumbing seems too much, you can seal it off to prevent water from spilling into the new space.

After sealing off the plumbing works, here are some suggestions for installing the cabinet.

From The Existing Cabinets Manufacturer

If the new cabinet is going to be a continuation of the old one, then you can contact the manufacturer and order a cabinet that fits into the space of the dishwasher.

This option gives the entire cabinet a unifying look.

If you don’t have the manufacturer’s contact, pull out the drawers or the doors of the existing cabinets and check for the manufacturer’s tag. You can then contact the manufacturer.

Measure the space and buy the cabinet that is closest in width.

The significant advantage of contacting the manufacturer is that it increases your chances of getting a cabinet with the exact design, material, and color as the old one.

The uniformity in design adds class to your kitchen. You can use plywood to occupy any small space between the cabinets or walls.

If the manufacturer contacts are unavailable, there is another option to explore.

Replacing Dishwasher with Cabinet

Making A Custom Cabinet

This option is a good backup plan if the original manufacturer is not available. You can invite a local manufacturer to check out the cabinet and build another based on the design and material.

Alternatively, you can use one of the cabinets to search for or describe a suitable cabinet.

If you have enough expertise, you can make this a DIY project and build a new cabinet at home. You will need essential carpentry tools and proper materials for the project.

One advantage of replacing a dishwasher with a custom cabinet is that it allows you to get the exact size required leaving no space for extra improvisation. Fasten the new cabinet to the new one using the proper nails.

Adding A Suitable Top

Most cabinets have a concrete top installed. This cabinet top serves different purposes ranging from cooking to utensils placement.

After fitting in the cabinet, extending the concrete top from the existing cabinets to the new ones is best. Some designs make use of wooden tops, while some make use of marble tops.

Your choice will depend on the existing structure.

Possible Role For The New Cabinet

Your new cabinet can serve various functions in the kitchen. Depending on the design, it can be ample space for more extensive kitchenware or a lateral space to store the intangibles.

If you are short of ideas, here are some popular cabinet functions.

  1. Old-fashioned deep drawers with ample spaces for pots and pans
  2. Lateral cabinets for spices, oils, and other cooking ingredients
  3. Drawers for kitchen cloths such as napkins, mats, and tablecloths
  4. Cabinet spaces for trash bags and bins
  5. Storage for cutting boards and rods

These are some of the ideas for the new cabinet. It is better to determine what role the new cabinet would serve before purchase.

This choice helps to streamline your search while allowing you to use the new addition maximally.

If you are getting a custom fit, you can quickly build it to your taste when you decide what function it will serve in the kitchen.

Things To Consider When Replacing Dishwasher With Cabinet

Cost Of Replacement

One major factor to consider is the number of dollars going into replacing the dishwasher with a cabinet. Several steps involved in this replacement come at a cost.

The price might also differ if you contact the old manufacturer or get a custom fit.

When considering the cost and the reason for remodeling, some opt for replacing the dishwasher with a newer dishwasher. It all depends on your basis for the project.


Permanence is another factor to consider. If the project is not changing in a few years, then choosing a cabinet is a good idea.

However, if there are still major kitchen projects in the future or you will be changing apartments soon, it is best to seek other smaller options.

Final Thoughts

Replacing your dishwasher with a modern cabinet can be a good idea. Knowledge of what it entails helps you make informed choices.

If your remodeling is permanent, then a cabinet is a good idea. The good part is that this new cabinet can serve several purposes.

You can determine why you need the cabinet and map the design accordingly.

You enjoy your new cabinet space with the right design, reasonable cost, and proper management.

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