Keurig K-Duo Plus Lid Won’t Stay Closed – Solved

The Keurig K-Duo Plus is an excellent coffee-making device that gives you many options in brewing. It has several features that make brewing easier.

Keurig K Duo Plus Lid Won't Stay Closed

One exciting option automatically allows the user to set a reminder for fresh brewing within 24 hours.

However, it can develop faults due to use and accidents. An example is when its lid won’t stay closed.

Because you need the cover to close before other functions allow for brewing, this issue is a significant cause for concern. Hence there is a need to identify the reasons for this problem.

Reasons Why Keurig K-Duo Plus Lid Won’t Stay Closed And Possible Solutions

Several reasons your Keurig K-Duo Plus lid is not closing even after repeated attempts. Some are a result of falls or mishandling.

Some others are due to issues relating to everyday use. Users’ reviews and complaints indicate that some errors are more common than others.

Here are some of those reasons:

Faulty Microswitch

The micro switch is a small but essential unit in the top compartment of your coffee maker. It is responsible for changing the lid system functions from open to closed.

Because this switch is needed for coffee making to start, the microcontroller must be in optimal condition. If it is not, your Keurig lid won’t stay closed.

Hence, the control buttons will not function.

The microswitch can develop faults due for several reasons. Constant opening and closing can cause the microswitch to develop faults.

Also, when the coffee maker falls on its head due to mishandling, this can damage the microswitch.


You need to replace the unit when a faulty microswitch is the suspected reason your Keurig coffee maker’s lid is not closing.

Indeed, this brand of coffee maker does not have many serviceable parts, but you can still replace this unit.

This process, however, will require expert services, but it involves unscrewing and exposing the lid closing mechanism. Doing this at home can lead to further issues that might compound the problem.

In some cases, the microswitch is still operational. Still, the micro switch’s cable to the control panel is severed.

Reconnecting the line will solve the issue in this instance meaning there is no need to buy anything.

Clogged Needles

Debris and dust from coffee beans can find their way into different parts of the machine. The Keurig lid might not stay closed when the dust settles on the lid receiver.

The K-cup compartment has upper and lower needle holes. They need to be cleaned for the lid to close properly.

When this doesn’t happen due to dust, the control buttons stay on and don’t respond to touch, meaning the cover is still open.


The immediate solution is to wash the compartment thoroughly. Use a small paper clip to probe the holes in the holder that is in the top compartment and ensure they are free of debris.

The paper clip goes into the K-cup hole from the bottom. The bottom is the only way it will enter the compartment.

The holes around the upper needles are hard to clean using a paper clip. Repeated flushing can help remove the debris.

Allow water to pass through the spots without brewing to unclog the upper holes. Be careful of the sharp needles.

This step is another way to fix the lid of your Keurig K-Plus Duo not staying closed.

Reasons Why Keurig K Duo Plus Lid Won't Stay Closed

Inner Lid Compartment Stuck

The lid has two separate covers. The minor inner cover for the K-cup and the outer lid covers the entire compartment.

If the inner lid tucks inside the bigger version, this causes problems when closing the coffee maker. Hence the top of your Keurig K-Duo Plus gets stuck and won’t close.

In some scenarios, the lid fails to go down, meaning the machine stays open.

The design of the top part varies depending on the model. The pod holder tray’s inner lid maintains a certain distance from the outer cover.

Based on the design of the internal mechanism, two small flexible plastics help to maintain this distance. It also keeps the tab in place.

Due to the elastic demand on the plastic, it usually breaks off, especially when you close the lid with considerable force.

Sometimes, the plastic breaks due to poor design, and the tray gets stuck inside the upper cover. The two compartments move together without space when the inner lid gets attached.

It is a common reason why your Keurig lid fails to stay closed.


You have two options when dealing with this particular issue. The simple temporary fix does the job until the next time you need to brew.

The second option is a permanent one and requires a bit of work. They are as follows:

Temporary Fix

There is a temporary solution to this problem. But it is monotonous for many users because you must do it every time you open the coffee maker.

For many, it can be annoying, but some customers do not mind as long as it fixes the problem. There is a small hole on the left side of the inner lid.

This hole in the inner lid is about finger size; you can pull the lid down using this hole before closing it.

Once you pull it down, it unstuck from the upper lid. You can then close it.

However, closing it means the lid gets stuck again while it is closed. The coffee maker will work just fine in this state.

But you must repeat the process when you open the lid and want to close it again. This step is a temporary fix.

Permanent Fix

You might want to fix the problem permanently, which is achievable. It will require a bit of expertise.

You will need tools to disassemble some parts of the Keurig coffee maker.

The main goal is to replace the broken plastic with a material with a bit of flexibility. Several materials could work as replacements.

However, one that works adequately is the clear plastic bumper. They are available in two forms, the flat head and the circular.

The flat head is better for this procedure.

Once you have a clear plastic bumper in hand, the next step is to search for the location of the broken plastic. This search requires unscrewing some parts of the lid and removing the K-cup holder.

Here is the stepwise guide to replacing the plastics:

  1. Unplug and open the Keurig lid.
  2. Remove the two screws under the upper part of the lid using the proper screwdriver. This step should allow you to remove the plastic on the buttons under the ring.
  3. Press the sides of the plastic to push it out.
  4. Next, remove the K-cup holder so it doesn’t get in the way.
  5. Go to the lid’s inner part, where a metal rod holds the inner cover.
  6. There should be a gray plastic area at the corner of the rod showing the space vacated by the broken plastic.
  7. Cut the plastic bumper to the appropriate size and insert it into this space using a small plier.
  8. Once it is firm, close the lid to test its functionality.
  9. Reassemble the lid and return the K-cup holder.

The space created by the plastic bumper will ensure the lid of your Keurig stays closed without having to pull the lid down.

Final Thoughts

A working Coffee brewing machine at home is the fastest way to get that morning coffee. That might be what you need to start the day.

Hence, keeping the device in optimal condition is essential. However, starting the morning becomes difficult when you cannot brew because the Keurig K-Duo Plus lid won’t stay closed.

The possible reasons and tailored solutions give you the needed information to restore the coffee maker to optimal working conditions.

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