DIY Pull-Down Kitchen Shelf – A Step-By-Step Guide

As a homeowner, when you face the challenge of dragging a stool to your kitchen so you can reach the top of your shelf, there’s a pull-down kitchen shelf to your rescue.

To DIY pull down kitchen shelf, you’ll need a saw to cut the wood. The best type of wood to use is plywood because of its smooth texture.

DIY Pull Down Kitchen Shelf Step By Step Guide

You’ll also need nails and a driller. Once you join the woods together with the wood screw and attach your swinging handles, your pull down kitchen shelf is ready for use.

This guide explains the step-by-step process for a DIY pull-down kitchen shelf.

Tools Required for DIY Pull-Down Kitchen Shelf

Drill or Screwdriver

For these tools, you can choose to use anyone. Both perform the same function of helping you insert the nails into the hole point.


With the saw, you can cut out the excess wood part you don’t need.

Wood Screws (Nails)

The wood screw will help fasten the pieces of wood to each other.

Pieces Of Plywood

Plywood is the best wood type to use when making a kitchen shelf. The reason is that it has multiple layers of veneer that give it a soft and smooth texture.


The glue makes it easy for the pieces of wood to stick together before you attach a nail.

Measurement Tape

This tool helps you measure the edges and body of the wood to ensure that they are even.


This tool makes it easy for you to smoothen the edges of the wood after sawing. However, you’ll need a sander to enable you to use it.


This tool comes in handy when you need an extra cover for your shelf. It also helps hold the pull down kitchen shelf in place.


The knob provides security for your kitchen shelf and keeps your items safe in the lock.

DIY Pull Down Kitchen Shelf | Step-By-Step Process

There are two materials you can use for a DIY pull down kitchen shelf; plywood and a steel rack.

Method 1 – DIY Pull Down Kitchen Shelf with Plywood

Step 1: Creating the Shelf

Creating a shelf for this process is necessary because it is the place you’ll keep your utensils. To fix it, you won’t just make any type.

Ensure that the inner space is large enough to contain the items you want to put in. An average kitchen shelf is usually 36 inches.

To fix this;

  • Place four pieces of plywood on your work surface.
  • Form a box by attaching the edges of each piece of wood to the other with glue, then screw in nails on each edge to make it tight.
  • You’ll likely want to create a partition to enable you to have different spaces for different items. So, take another piece of plank and measure it with the shelf to ensure that it is not longer than the shelf.
  • Apply glue on both edges and insert it into the shelf either vertically or horizontally (depending on your choice). Also, if your DIY pull down kitchen shelf is large, you could have up to three partitions.
DIY Pull Down Kitchen Shelf Guide

Step 2: Attaching the Pull Down Hinges to the Shelf

This type of hinge is specific because it has wheels that enable your shelf to pull up and down.

Each hinge has two ends. You’ll attach one end to the shelf and the other to the wall.

For this process;

  • Drill hole points on each side of the kitchen shelf you’ve created. The number of holes you’ll drill on the shelf will depend on the number of hole points on the hinges.
  • Take one end of the hinges, and place it to each hole point, then insert the wood screw.
  • Use a screwdriver to turn the screw and tighten it.
  • Repeat the process until you’ve attached both hinges to the sides of the pull-down kitchen shelf.
  • Once done, test-run to see if the hinges will pull up and down by raising them.

Step 3: Assemble

Attach your DIY pull down kitchen shelf to the wall by;

  1. Measure the wall with the other end of the swinging hinges to know the right spot to drill the hole.
  2. Drill two holes each on the right and left sides of the wall to insert the hinges you already attached to the shelf.
  3. Place the other end of the hinges on each hole. Ensure that the holes on the pull down shelf hinges align with the hole points on the wall.
  4. Insert one wood screw each into the holes. For this process, you’ll need someone to assist you with holding the shelf. But, in a situation where no one is around;
  • Place a thick piece of wood on the wall and tighten it with a wood screw.
  • Use a ladder to climb up the DIY pull-down kitchen shelf. Then, place the kitchen shelf on the top part of the wood.
  • Attach your fasten your hinges to the wall with a wood screw.
  1. Ensure that the hinges hold firm to the shelf and the wall.

Step 4: Finish Up

  1. Take a small piece of wood and apply glue on one edge.
  2. Place it in the middle of the shelf and screw in a nail. Doing this will serve as the handle of the kitchen shelf.
  3. Fix springs to the sides of the hinges to create extra friction for the swinging.
  4. Finally, test-run your project by pulling it down and up.

If you don’t want your shelf to stay open, you can attach an extra piece of wood to the shelf opening. To fix this,

  1. Measure the piece of wood and ensure it fits into the shelf opening. The wood should not be larger or smaller than the opening space to create balance.
  2. The number of hinges you’ll need will depend on the length of the shelf. Once that is sorted out, attach the extra wood to the pull down shelf with hinges. For the average, you will need two hinges.
  3. If you want to be able to lock the shelf, attach a doorknob to the side without the hinges.

Method 2 – DIY Pull Down Kitchen Shelf with a Steel Rack

The steel rack method works best when you already have a shelf attached to your kitchen wall. To fix it;

  1. Measure the width of your kitchen shelf to know the length of the steel rack you’ll need. An average kitchen shelf is usually 36 inches.
  2. Take your driller to both sides of the shelf and drill holes. The number of holes will depend on your type of steel rack. Some steel racks have up to 6 hole points for wood screws.
  3. Place the hinges of the steel rack into the holes on the sides of the shelf. Ensure that both hole points align.
  4. Fasten the steel rack to the shelf with a wood screw and ensure it is tight.
  5. Finally, pull the rack up and down to ensure it is well-fastened.


A pull down kitchen shelf makes getting kitchen items hassle-free. You don’t have to climb a stool to reach the top of your kitchen shelf.

You can pull down your kitchen shelf, pick out an item, and pull it back without stress. There you have it—a quick, affordable fix for your kitchen storage problems.

Here’s hoping this DIY pull-down kitchen shelf will make your kitchen a little more functional!

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