Zephyr Hood Lights Blinking – Things To Check

As much as we love Zephyr hoods, the device can sometimes cause the owner great stress in its usage.

Although the guarantee is good and the user support system by the company is top-notch, users still prefer to solve the puzzle by themselves.

Zephyr Hood Lights Blinking What To Do

On spotting this trend, we bring some causes and solutions to the unusual blinking of zephyr hood lights so you can always fix the situation on your own.

The Indicator Lights Are Not In Good Condition

A lousy bulb might cause blinking and flashing. The function of the indicator lights is to tell the user if anything is to give signals to the Zephyr hood lights user.

When the bulb is bad, it will surely malfunction and send the wrong signal. Hence, it would be best if you were sure the bulb is not faulty.

If you notice the bulb is flickering, then there is a good chance it is defective and due for replacement.

Check Again. Is It Blinking?

As we advance, you need to understand that the Zephyr range hood could also flash asides from blinking. Hence it is vital to ask yourself, is it blinking or flashing?

Your Zephyr range hood might not be blinking. Instead, chances are it is flashing.

Hence, it is vital to ascertain if it is blinking or flashing, as the fix for both situations is different.

Why might the Zephyr range hood be flashing? Most of the time, a Zephyr range hood will flash when the filter needs cleaning.

In some other instances, a switch assembly that is faulty or poorly made might also make the light flash.

Electronic Glitches

Being an electronic appliance that depends solely on electricity supply, makers of the Zephyr range hood anticipate frequent blinking, flashing, or flickering caused by electronic hiccups.

If the light is flashing when the filter is clean and the range operates correctly, you have a good case for thinking there is an electronic fault.


Electronic glitches could happen in the event of a power surge or breakdown in the electricity supply due to a storm.


Manufacturers have provided a reset button on the Zephyr range hood. Hence, a device reset can fix electronic hiccups by resetting the device.

According to the manufacturer, the consumer should reset the range hood to stop flashing lights.


Users who have approached the manufacturer’s customer service about their flashing lights discovered that some Zephyr ranges’ lights flash to indicate that the appliance is shielding itself from a power surge.

However, this is not a proven assertion.

Zephyr Hood’s Blue Light Blinking

Sometimes, you may find the blue light blinking. There are a few things you need to understand about this situation.

The blue light will flash if Bluetooth pairing mode is on until the hood is connected, which is perfectly normal. Only if a light is blinking continuously should you be alarmed.

Else, blinking is safe.

A good example is in the process of syncing a remote control with a range hood. The fact that the light will eventually blink makes this process important.

Hence, the following steps.

  • Turn off the range hood. Hold the remote’s “Power” and “Delay Off” buttons for four seconds. In response, the ‘Delay Off’ sign will turn on.
  • For four seconds, keep the “Delay Off” button depressed. This process will verify the connection. The “Delay Off” icon will blink if you are successful. Because the blinking only happens three times, it is harmless in this instance.
Zephyr Hood's Blue Light Blinking


According to a picture on Zephyr Online, the “Lights” button on a different remote must be held depressed to make the LCD screen flicker.

Also, it is necessary to consider that the blinking light is a caution to the user to clean the filter if you haven’t engaged any features or functions.

Error Code Blinking For Zephyr Hood

Asides from the general blinking of Zephyr hood lights, there are a few error codes that need to be understood by users.

Zephyr Range Flashing The Letter “A”

Whenever there is a need to clean the filter, a Zephyr range will flash the letter “A.” The manufacturers understand that the user might be so busy that they don’t clean the device.

Hence, the need for a reminder.


The Zephyr user manual further explains that manufacturers put metal filters in their purifying appliances at production. Therefore, it is vital that clean up the metal filters which the range hood employs.

That way, they will filter out the cooking residue, and the appliance will keep operating at its best.


It is advisable to clean the device filter every 30 hours. Having done this, the flashing of the letter “A” will stop.


However, if yours is particularly filthy, you can soak it in a grease-removing solution. You can disregard the light, but doing so is not advised.

The Zephyr Hood F Code

The “A” error code is like the “F” one. The user is cautioned to clean the filter.

This conclusion was arrived at by technicians who reached out to Zephyr customer service after discovering the “F” error code on some models.

Then, they found that the ‘A’ code had been substituted with the ‘F’ code in the instructions.

Hence, seeing the “F” code indicates that you haven’t cleaned the filters in more than 30 hours if you see it on your appliance. Consult a specialist if you cleansed the filters but still notice the error code “F.”

They can locate the error that caused the error code.

Zephyr Hood Light Completely Goes Off


It is often caused by a malfunctioning indicator light and can also be a subset of the indicator lights not being in good condition.


Replace the bulb if the light had ceased working, wildly if it was flickering before it went out. However, some individuals mistake the light’s reflections for flickering.

Hence, you need to pay attention to the indicator light to see what is happening.

If you are sure that the light is no longer functioning, take the following actions:

  • Check to make sure the bulb is securely seated in its slot. You can try to tighten the bulb by turning the clock wisely and see if that helps.
  • Loose enough to remove it from the socket. To do this, touch the bulb and rotate it counterclockwise while applying pressure.


For safety reasons, get rubber gloves if you decide that your range requires a new bulb.

Also, avoid removing the bulb if it feels warm to the touch (if it was constantly on for a long time before it finally went off). Before handling the bulb, turn the circuit breaker off and make sure it is cold.


A lot of things could go wrong with the Zephyr hood light. It is an indicator for the device, hence, the need for users to understand the possible situations, signs, and solutions.

With the forgoing details, you can better understand and fix Zephyr hood light issues.

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