Best 5 Microwaves With Toaster (Top 5 Picks)

It’s easier to see why the best microwave with a toaster is a great treat for every household. Touted as a multifunctional machine, the appliance combines the functionality of a microwave and toaster.

We tested over 30 models to determine which ones perform the best.

Out of all the best microwaves with toasts we’ve tested, you can air fry chicken breasts, bake a pizza, or toast slices of bread in no time.

A good microwave with a built-in toaster does all this faster and more efficiently.

Top 3 Picks

#1 Galanz GTWHG12S1SA10 #2 Toshiba EC042A5C-SS #3 GE Mechanical Oven

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Top Benefits of Using Microwave with a Toaster

Here are the benefits you can expect to get from a microwave with a built-in toaster:

More convenient

A microwave with a built-in toaster allows you to toast bread.

You don’t have to wait for the toaster to cool down before you can use it again, and there’s no need to switch on two separate appliances.

Space Saving

If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen, then a microwave with a built-in toaster is ideal. They occupy less space than two separate appliances and fit on the countertop or inside a cabinet.


Since this appliance can function as a microwave and a toaster, it certainly helps you save money. You won’t have to buy a standard microwave and a toaster separately, which can be costly.

Faster Cooking

In a microwave and toaster combo, every cooking function influences one another. The microwave function speeds the cooking process using the oven or toaster options like broiling or baking.

With this type of conventional oven, expect to prepare your meals 30 to 50% faster than a regular oven.

Best Microwaves with a Toaster Reviewed

1. Galanz GTWHG12S1SA10 4-in-1 Microwave Oven

Basic Information:

  • Dimensions: 21.25 x 22.25 x 12.56 inches
  • Item weight: 40.2 pounds
  • Capacity: 1.2 cubic feet
  • Energy consumption: 1000 watts
  • Material: Stainless

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Galanz GTWHG12S1SA10 4-in-1 microwave is a must-have appliance for fans of pizza, cookies, chicken, and other favorite dishes.

Thanks for its versatility. As a 4-in-1 multifunctional unit, the appliance offers you a microwave, an air fryer, a toaster oven, and a convection oven, all at once so you can reheat, air fry, roast, bake and roast your favorite foods to perfection.

Apart from that, the 1.2 cubic feet capacity is more than enough to hold relatively large dishes. That makes it a suitable choice for cooking for the whole family or guests without worrying about space.

I loved how easy it was to clean this microwave, achieved by a non-stick interior. All you do is use a piece of damp cloth and easily wipe off any spills or splatters.

You also get a removable turntable that ensures an effortless cleaning process. With a wattage of 1,000 watts, you’ll love how powerful this unit is. It means that Galanz will cook your food evenly and quickly without compromising the taste.

Again, the 12 pre-programmed settings let you prepare any meal without a fuss. So, you can make popcorn, pizza, or your favorite meal with just a tap of a button.


  • Numerous functions allow for versatile and convenient performance
  • It features all the accessories you need for better cooking results
  • A patented smart sensor simplifies the cooking process
  • Inverter Technology allows for even cooking results


  • The 10-second time increments may be too much for some foods
  • It lacks a glass turntable

2. Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Microwave Oven

Basic Information:

  • Dimensions: 21.77 x 21.50 x 12.99 inches
  • Item weight: 30.3 pounds
  • Capacity: 1.5 cubic feet
  • Energy consumption: 1000 watts
  • Material: Stainless steel

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Toshiba EC042A5C-SS microwave oven is the most convenient option for large families.

We appreciate its large capacity of 1.5 cubic feet. The appliance can easily accommodate a dinner plate and more. Some microwaves with large capacities often cook large meals poorly and unevenly.

However, the Toshiba microwave isn’t one of them. It comes with a 1,000 wattage power that helps you cook your food fast and get top-notch results.

What’s more? This microwave oven features a convection mode that cooks food faster and better than traditional microwaves. I used it to reheat frozen pizza in just 20 seconds – very impressive.

The best part? Toshiba offers a smart sensor that ensures that you get excellent cooking results. That’s because it automatically detects your food’s humidity levels and adjusts the cooking time and temperature.

Forget about guessing how much heat or time your meal needs to cook to perfection, as this unit comes with 13 preset menus.

Expect to enjoy the unit’s versatility for a lifelong as the stainless steel finish is durable and easy to maintain.


  • Spacious microwave ideal for serving large families
  • Quality design and non-scratch stainless steel ensure durable performance
  • 13 preset menus allow you to cook a variety of foods conveniently
  • It comes with handy features at an affordable price


  • Some users claim that the microwave takes a long time to cook Instructions

3. GE Mechanical Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Basic Information:

  • Dimensions: 15.8 x 20.7 x 12.2 inches
  • Item weight: 33.7 pounds
  • Capacity: 1.1 cubic feet
  • Energy consumption: 1000 watts
  • Material: Silver/stainless steel

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The unit has a built-in toaster suitable for busy students and professionals. It can also be ideal for apartments and homes with compact kitchen spaces.

While this microwave oven isn’t a top-of-the-range appliance, you’ll still find it super functional. It’s, therefore, a worthwhile appliance you can buy today and never regret your decision.

One of its essential functions is the FlashXpress broiler function which provides faster and more even cooking. It provides a 1000-watt cooking power to heat your food in the shortest time possible. Inverter technology is the other bonus.

These combine to offer you delicious taste, crisp texture, and well-cooked dishes. I liked how perfectly the Broil setting worked as I could toast my two muffins quickly. I did bake four slices of bread, too.

The 18 pre-programmed settings give you all the freedom to cook a vast range of foods with a touch of a button.


  • Smart sensor removes the guesswork from your cooking process
  • Broil function offers crispy and excellent results
  • Compact design makes it ideal for small spaced kitchens
  • Multiple pre-programmed settings enable you to cook various foods with ease


  • Slim control buttons and fine print makes it harder for some users to read and operate
  • The glass door restricts you from watching your food as it cooks

4. Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Convection Toaster

Basic Information:

  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 18.5 x 11 inches
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Capacity: 1.5 cubic feet
  • Energy consumption: 1800 watts
  • Material: Brushed Stainless steel

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Breville BOV800XL microwave toaster oven is ideal for individuals looking for speedy cooking results while enjoying toasting, baking, broiling, and other cooking functions.

What impressed me was its high wattage power of 1800 watts, which 5 quartz heating elements produce.

I enjoyed how efficiently this microwave cooked my frozen chicken. The unit comes with a convection setting that reduces cooking duration by 30%. It won’t compromise your cooking results.

The inbuilt fan helps cool off the interior parts while cooking if it starts overheating.

Breville offers a generous optimum interior capacity that can hold 6 slices of bread, a 13-inch pizza, and a 6-cup muffin. So, you can confidently prepare a meal for up to 6 people to perfection without worrying about cooking space.

Unlike some convection ovens, Breville boasts an impressive backlit LCD. That means you can effortlessly program, operate, and watch the timer countdown as your food cooks.


  • Nine cooking functions make it a versatile appliance
  • Offers incredible cooking performance thanks to the 1800 watt facilitated by the ELEMENT IQ SYSTEM
  • Non-stick coating on the interior allows for easy cleaning


  • The exterior may overheat while cooking

5. Sharp SMC1585BB Convection Microwave

Basic Information:

  • Dimensions: 24.7 x 19.0 x 14.9 inches
  • Item weight: 60 pounds
  • Capacity: 1.5 cubic feet
  • Energy consumption: 1100 watts
  • Material: Stainless steel

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Sharp SMC1585BB microwave is a 2-in-1 appliance, providing you with the benefits of a convection microwave and a toaster.

It’s suitable for countertop applications. While it perfectly fits on a countertop, this microwave boasts a large capacity of 1.5 cubic feet.

That’s quite an ample interior space to prepare a meal for your relatively big family. It gets all that power from the 900watts and 1100 watts, which you can select to suit your needs.

The precise cook sensor technology helps you cook dishes efficiently for incredible results. Sharp comes with a touch control panel fitted with a white display to give you an easy time operating.

And with 12 one-touch options, you can auto defrost your meat, make popcorn, reheat pizza, and more easily.


  • Stainless steel interior ensures durability
  • An intuitive display allows you to keep an eye on your meal while cooking
  • Versatile and multifunctional microwave designed to offer you value on your investment
  • Convection technology provides you with excellent baking, browning, and roasting results


  • Some users claim that the microwave stopped working well after several years

What is a Microwave with a Toaster?

Just by the name, a microwave with a built-in toaster is a microwave oven with a toaster built into it. It combines two kitchen appliances in one unit; a microwave and a toaster.

There are two types of microwaves with a toaster available on the market. The first one features a toaster function, and the Galanz GTWH12BKSA10 is a good example.

It’s our top pick and can perfectly toast your bread, rolls, and bagels.

The other type involves microwaves that come with a broil or grill function. They may not toast slices of bread like a traditional toaster oven. But, this cooking function works precisely like a toaster.

What to Look for in a Microwave with a Toaster

Below are some of the critical things to look for when shopping for a microwave with a toaster:

Size and Capacity

The size of the microwave is a crucial factor to consider. That’s because it determines how much food you can cook at once.

A large family might need a larger microwave. A smaller family may be fine with a smaller one. So, consider a unit that will suit your family’s needs.


The wattage power of a microwave toaster determines how fast your food cooks. Most microwaves have a power input of 700-1000 watts.

Bet that as it may, you can find a few options with higher wattage power to 1800. A more powerful unit will cook your meals pretty fast.

But make sure you consider the type of foods you’re preparing. That’s because different foods have different cooking temperatures.

Automatic Cooking

Some microwaves come with pre-programmed settings for specific foods.

If you want to defrost a frozen dinner, select the frozen dinner setting, and your microwave will automatically set the time and power level for you. Pre-programmed options allow you to cook any meal with accuracy.

Ease of Cleaning

Most microwave ovens are effortless to clean. However, some come with a quick clean feature that allows you to wipe the interior with a damp cloth.

This is especially useful if you are in a rush and need to clean up after cooking something messy quickly.

Safety Features

You probably have children in your home. So the microwave oven you select should have safety features. These include a child lock and auto shut off.

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A microwave with a toaster combo is a wonderful yet worthwhile appliance for any kitchen must-have. It is a suitable addition to your kitchen, saving you from buying a separate toaster. It is easy to use and very convenient.

If you’re looking for a microwave with a built-in toaster, Galanz GTWHG12S1SA10 4-in-1 microwave oven is the best option. It saves you from using two appliances to prepare your food. You can also make use of it to reheat your food.

It’s multifunctional and space-saving. You’ll be thrilled with it! You can also consider other microwaves with built-in toasters reviewed above.

They are worth your money and will give you excellent cooking, toasting, baking, broiling, and roasting results.

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