Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

Nearly every household in the US has a microwave. Thanks to its versatility and pretty low price point. But not many regular microwaves are convenient for left-handed people.

Recently, we’ve tested over 25 models to determine which left-hand microwave works best and where to buy it.

3 Top Picks For Left-Handed Microwaves

#1 Sharp KB-6524PS

Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

#2 Sharp SMD2470AS

Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

#3 Samsung MS14K6000AS

Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

Today, microwaves do so much more than reheat leftovers or cooking pizza.

Read the reviews for our list of best microwaves for left-handed people to understand the benefits of every feature.

Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

1. Sharp KB-6524PS 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven

Everyone loves to fix things fast. Sharp SMD 2470 AH is a feature-rich microwave quite suitable for left-handed users. 

With a beautiful design and ease of use, you will have a wonderful time as you heat or cook your food.


  • It comes with 12 levels of cooking so that you can cook pizza, potatoes, popcorn, etc.
  • The keep-warm feature of this microwave ensures that your dish remains warm and delicious for up to 30 minutes.
  • It has a stainless steel finish that can match your kitchen setting
  • It has spacious interiors, allowing you to cook the meal whole


  • Large spacious interiors mean you will spend more time cleaning it

Like other models, the manufacturer crafts it with a powerful performance in mind.

The modern features like defrost, popcorn buttons and specific pizza reheating buttons make it worth your consideration.

Its stainless steel finish will greatly match your cabinet, countertop, and kitchen door. This makes the device very cheap to clean as well. 

With a 1.2 cu. ft. capacity, this microwave drawer is large enough to cook a whole pizza. Fit enough for your large family.

The 12-sensor cooking options are another plus. I found it easy to use As I cooked my favorite food perfectly.

While testing, our experts found it’s possible to install the microwave below any electric or gas wall oven or, either way, into a kitchen island. 

Its front-mounted touch controls are angled for easy viewing while cooking. You don’t have to operate it while bending over, therefore.

Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

2. Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven

Cooks can concur with me when I say Sharp is a reputable brand that provides you with the best kitchen appliances. 

Sharp SMD2470AS has a set of valuable features to rave about. It is simply the best alternative to left-handed microwaves you can buy now.


  • Its spacious interiors allow you to cook your meal whole
  • You can prepare your favorite foods, from pizza and popcorn to potatoes and more
  • Easy to use just with a touch of a button
  • Its stainless steel finish makes it more long-lasting


  • Some customers complained that its large size was unsuitable for their small countertop kitchen spaces.

It allows you to open the door with a pull of the handle or a touch of the AutoTouch key, so I believe it should be convenient and accessible for left-handed persons.

The control panel on top of this microwave drawer simplifies everything related to its use.

I liked its stainless steel finish as it makes the unit long-lasting and cheap to clean. With this gadget, you’ve ten different time settings to choose from. Whether you want to prepare pizza, popcorn, or grill, it’s for you to decide.

It means that you can cook different foods in it. Unlike other Sharp 24-inch models, it has larger interiors to hold your meal whole.

This model is an excellent choice for family use as well. I believe 950 Watts of cooking power is simply the ideal heating power you require for all your cooking needs.

Most customers were elated by the sensor cook technology with the 11 sensors presets. Cooking by guessing was no longer an aspect of their kitchen spaces.

Again, Sharp KB-6524PS is made from top-quality material, hence a durable choice. I like its interior and exterior finish as it looks so unique. Do not be hesitant to add it to your kitchen cabinet today.

Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

3. Sharp MS14K6000AS/AA MS14K6000 Countertop Microwave

Are you looking to save a few bucks on your budget? The Samsung MC12J8035CT is a more affordable choice for lefties that still performs amazingly. 

Designed with a drop-down door and a control panel on top, it’s also surprisingly comfortable for left-handed people to use conveniently.


  • Featuring 10 auto-cook options, the microwave enables you to prepare over 6 of your perfect meals.
  • The ECO mode is energy-saving, and this reduces your monthly electricity bills.
  • A touch sensor setting makes it easy to use
  • It features an LED display which provides clarity of the settings


  • It tends to be more complex to use compared to other microwave oven models

Contrary to most microwave ovens, Samsung MC14K6000AS can work as a countertop microwave and a built-in microwave. 

If your countertop space is adequate, you can place it on the countertop for easy access. However, it can also be installed with a trim kit to achieve a built-in look.

Are you looking for a microwave oven with glass touch controls and a large Ice Blue LED display? The Samsung brand is the way to go. 

I was more satisfied with its seamless design without forgetting the clear view of the settings.

Its Ceramic Enamel Interior protects the microwave against scratches. This Ensures easy cleaning. Again, it’s a great deal by any measure. 

Your microwave, therefore, stands the test of time by maintaining its new look every day.

When buying my kitchen appliances, I prefer going for the versatile ones because of their range of features. 

I’d readily confirm that this left-handed alternative is fully versatile, offering Slim Fry and Powergrill Duo features, among others.

I would also say that I loved the grilling element with a metal round rack. A ceramic plate also allows you to achieve a brown and crispy cooking result. 

The Slim Fry option ensures you enjoy deep-fried foods without using oil.

In all, the Samsung MC12J8035CT would be the perfect addition to your kitchen if you’re looking for a microwave oven for left-handed people.

Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

4. Sharp SMD3070ASY Microwave Drawer

The Sharp SMD2470AS microwave drawer oven is another long-standing appliance you would want as a left-handed user. Its sleek-looking will match your kitchen décor. 

The drawer design is ideal for its incredible convenience without taking much of your counter space in your kitchen.


  • 1000-Watt cooking power makes it among the fastest microwave ovens to cook
  • Its concealed control panel makes it easy to use by minimizing contact between your head and the controls 
  • Its large size allows you to prepare large meals for large families
  • Its stainless-steel finish gives your kitchen a premium look


  • Cleaning the microwave is a bit cumbersome due to its large interior

You will love the exclusive Easy Touch Automatic Drawer System that allows easy opening and a hands-free closure when your hands are full. Is this not simply fantastic? 

On the other hand, the control panel is concealed, and its 45 degrees of operation ensure that you don’t bend over with your head towards the controls while using it.

The microwave drawer stands at 1000-Watt cooking power, which is powerful enough to prepare big meals in a short time. 

I’m so excited that I can use the programmed menu for my favorite meals.

With six auto defrost settings, you can defrost if you wish to. Again, this microwave is accommodative as it can easily cope with your cooking requirements with its large interior space.

The Sharp SMD2470AS is the best alternative for lefties as it is easy to use.

Best Left Hand Microwaves (Perfect For Lefties)

5. Siemens HF25GR2 Microwave

Great for cooking and reheating food, the Siemens HF25GR2 oven is another option lefties can use effortlessly.


  • Child safety lock offers more protection
  • With 10 settings, you can make a variety of your favorite dishes.
  • The power-saving eco mode saves on energy reducing your electricity bills


  • It tends to be a bit noisier

The 1100-watt cooking power appliance is ideal for your budget and immediate cooking needs.

I’m more than impressed because, with this gadget, I was able to prepare pizza, potatoes, and vegetables, among other popular dishes.

Like other popular microwave brands, this one comes with a touch popcorn button and two custom defrost settings. 

You don’t have to suffer again from your electricity bills being high all the time. The power-saving eco mode saves on energy.

Despite being one of the best alternatives for left-handers, it has one drawback. It tends to be a bit noisy. This shouldn’t alarm you, though. 

To mute the microwave buzzer, press the ‘8’ microwave door switch for 3-5 seconds. The buzzer hearing a beep turns it off automatically.

Are There Any Left-handed Microwaves?

You’ll definitely find left-handed microwaves, but they’re very few in the market. These appliances feature doors that swing left to the right, thus ideal for lefties.

Left-handed microwaves are rare because companies don’t attract many sales from them. They have few fans, so there’s discounted production.

What Makes a Microwave Ideal for Lefties?

A suitable microwave for left-handed people is one whose hinges are on the right-hand side, swings from left to right, and the control panel is designed on the left.

Be that as it may, these appliances are uncommon, so a microwave with a pull-out drawer or drop-down door with a control on top can be an alternative for lefties.

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Final Verdict

If you thought left-hand microwaves didn’t exist, now you know they’re available in the market, although in few numbers.

In this post, we’ve covered just a few of them. Every recommendation is tested and reviewed by our experts to ensure accurate information.

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