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All Clad 4112 Vs 41126 Fry Pan– What To Choose

A stainless-steel pan or skillet has unique characteristics that separate it from other frying pans out there. Splendid and versatile, it’s a workhorse that is capable of cooking nearly anything you like eating.


Many people, both from home cooks to beginners, claims to know the difference between the All Clad 4112 Vs 41126 cookware.


I tested these two brands from All Clad to debunk their similarities and differences. Along the way, I ‘ll discuss the pros and cons to each cookware. 

All-Clad 4112 stainless steel tri-ply 12-inch

All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware Model:41126

Since both come from the same line of All-Clad D3 products, it isn’t the easiest thing to tell their differences. Which one is the best pan for the money? And where does each skillet perform the best? Do they make a difference in cooking experience?


After I had a ton of fun searing steaks and tossing vegetables, and having compared them against each other, I’ve nailed down comprehensive information to share with you.


You’ll agree with me that the kind of raves these All-clad frying pans receive is so genuine and promising. When testing, I considered the overall shape and design, the weight, the handle angle, and the construction.


Without further ado, I’ll curate their similarities, differences, pros, and cons. Well, you’ll be able to choose between All-clad 4112 and All-Clad 42126.

I used these

criteria to compare and contrast the two products:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Handles and lids
  • Cooking performance

Let’s begin!

From the same line of product, 4112 and 41128 frying pans offer a wide range of cooking applications. The adoption of new cooking styles has brought everything in the kitchen into a standstill. But the two deliver what the novice cook call ‘the best meals results”.

All Clad 4112 Review (All-Clad 4112 stainless steel tri-ply 12-inch fry pan)

All Clad 4112 12-inch fry pan is a true kitchen staple, ideal for browning, searing, and pan-frying meats, eggs, or everything. This fry pan has a broad flat base (bottom) and flared sides making it easy to toss foods effortlessly. Also, the base allows an easy turning of eggs with a spatula.


Plus, the pan is perfect for cooking at higher temperatures with oils, resulting in flavorful, colorful, and crispy textured food. With 3-ply bonded construction that consists of a sturdy aluminum core and stainless steel, the kitchenware allows even heat distribution throughout.


The super polished cooking surface, featuring a starburst finish, ensures stick resistance as well as little maintenance. The surface is well-made, not to react with ingredients or food. Along with that, it possesses contoured stainless steel handles. The handles are further secured with rivets.


Of all, 4112 is broiler and oven-safe up to 600 degrees. Made in the USA, this compatible induction pan is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It’s a pretty classic choice for those who are in love with their kitchen.


However, the cookware doesn’t come with a lid. Remember that lid keeps moisture together with heat inside after searing or browning.

  • Durable construction
  • Wide applications like browning, searing
  • Diffuses heat consistently
  • Broiler, oven, dishwasher-safe
  • Stable flat base
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Slightly expensive than other pans

All Clad 41126 Review (All-clad 41126 stainless steel tri-ply 12-inch fry pan)

The All-clad 41126 looks much like 4112. The 12-inch fry pan comes with a versatile low-profile shape and a wide flat bottom. It takes a substantial tri-ply construction, allowing it to transfer and distribute heat evenly.


If you want to sear meal with zero risks of burning, this product is a decent choice. Another feature is its lightweight design and sturdy stick handle that allows a handgrip. Its design is the reason why it maneuvers when you’re transferring it or sautéing.


Out of All Clad frying pans, this model is equipped with a stainless steel exterior. This makes it more resistant to discoloration from excessive heat over time of regular use. Thanks to the generously sloped sides that make it easy to pour and whisk pan sauces.


Uniquely, 41126 is one of the fewest pans packed with a lid, which allows extra variegated usage. So, you can cook your meals quickly by using more heat. The installed moisture takes charge of this.

  • Sturdy 3-ply construction
  • Comes with a lid
  • Comfortable handle
  • Sloped sides for easy pouring
  • Evenly heat distribution
  • No food burning
  • Pricey

All Clad 4112 Vs 41126 In-Depth Comparison


  • All Clad 41126 vs 4112 frypan – both come from the All-Clad D3 line of products
  • They feature the 3-ply construction ( a stainless steel cooking surface, an aluminum core, and magnetic stainless steel exteriors)
  • Both diffuse heat evenly, quickly, and consistently
  • The cookware quit look-alike with a flat-bottomed base and flared sides
  • The two fry pans are collectively compatible with almost all cooktops
  • They are dishwasher safe. However, hand-washing is the best method of cleaning them
  • Each product is 1.75-inches in depth


  • The primary difference between All Clad 4112 and 41126 is the fact that 41126 features a lid while in 41126, no lid is included. As such, you can use 41126 to cook meats in an oven or on a stovetop.
  • Additionally, 41126 is only available in two size options; that’s 10-inch and 12-inch. On the other hand, 4112 comes with four size choices in the market, with the addition of 8-inch and 14-inch.

What’s The High-Quality Alternative Skillet?

While some may find it hard to afford All Clad cookware, you can always consider an alternative that’s equal to the task. At present, Tramontina products have emerged to be runners-up and the best alternative.

Tramontina Gourmet Tri-Ply Clad 12-Inch Fry Pan Review

Though the Tramontina 3-Ply Clad appears to have a small cooking surface as compared to 4112 or 41126. Its comfortable handle and even heat distribution has won the hearts of many cooks. The Tramontina 12-inch fry pan delivers an impressive performance.


The cookware can brown chicken skin, chicken breast as well. Besides that, its stable weight and a rounded, ergonomically shaped stick handle is always a pleasure to hold. The surface releases the cooked food easily. The only drawback is that Tramontina develops some discoloration underside on the fry pan and the surface. At times, you might get it wrong if you throw it in a dishwasher.

What Cookware Is Comparable To All Clad?

Cooking a delicious meal is what you should go to all the time. All-Clad skillets are well made and sturdy, easy to clean, and cook evenly. Calphalon Tri-Ply could be the best alternative to 4112 and All Clad 41126. It offers at most everything your desire.

Wrap Up

Discover what it is to cook with All Clad cookware. Their most popular cookware collections will do better for those who love cooking big things. The difference between All clad 4112 vs 41126 comes down to clarity. Made of high-quality materials, the cookware heat evenly and quickly and rapidly responds to temperature changes.

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