Is Polypropylene Microwave-Safe?

Is Polypropylene Microwave Safe

Microwaves are considered one of the most essential kitchen appliances. Microwaves are mainly used to reheat food to ensure they are edible. This process involves putting food in a container before heating them up. That said, it is vital to consider the type of container used. A Polypropylene (PP) container is one of the most … Read more

Are Plastic Plates Microwave Safe?

Are Plastic Plates Microwave Safe

We often use plastic plates to serve food while eating and also preserve food in deep freezers. Due to the usefulness of plastic plates, there’s the option of using them to microwave our food. If you’re going to microwave your food with plastic plates, it’s important to get informed about plastic microwave safety. Hence, the … Read more

Cooking a Turkey in a Microwave – All You Need to Know

Cooking a Turkey in a Microwave

Can you cook a turkey in a microwave? This is a question so many people have been asking, especially on thanksgiving days. With so many ways to cook the stuffed bird, you can guess how most people react to this question. Some children have been pranking parents on social media, asking them steps to microwave … Read more