How to Cook a Canadian Goose – Full Guide

Cooking A Canadian Goose

When cooked the right way, Canadian Goose is a tasty meal that leaves you wanting more. Some who have enjoyed this meal have compared it to the ultimate beef. However, extra care is needed if you are to get the right taste and pleasure. The truth is that the Canadian goose is different from the … Read more

How to Use Silicone Egg Rings – All You Need To Know

How to Use Silicone Egg Rings

Cooking is an art for kitchen enthusiasts. When preparing a meal, they will take their sweet time, focusing on every little detail to ensure perfection. And when it comes to cooking eggs, there are a million ideas to make them not only sweet but appetizing too.   An egg ring should be one of the … Read more

Cooking a Turkey in a Microwave – All You Need to Know

Cooking a Turkey in a Microwave

Can you cook a turkey in a microwave? This is a question so many people have been asking, especially on thanksgiving days. With so many ways to cook the stuffed bird, you can guess how most people react to this question. Some children have been pranking parents on social media, asking them steps to microwave … Read more