150 Grams To Cups: Here’s How To Convert

If you are trying a new recipe to cook or bake something but don’t have a kitchen scale, you might wonder how much 150 grams is to cups. 

150 grams of water is 0.634 cups, while flour is approximately 1.06 or 1 1/4 US cups. The difference in the value is due to the varying density of the substance or the ingredient. To figure this out better, use the conversion formula for weight to measure all values for various densities accurately.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the value of 150 grams to cups for water, flour, sugar, and other ingredients to help you accurately measure the items.

How Much Is 150g In Cups?

How Much Is 150g In Cups?

As a general rule of thumb, 150 grams is approximately 0.634 cups, but this value might differ when using the formula due to the density of the substance or ingredient you are measuring. The general equation is:

Weight (grams) = cups x cup size x density of the ingredient

Since we have to find the value for the cup, the formula will convert to Cups = grams/ (236.588 x density of the ingredient)

Here 236.588 is the standard US cup size in milliliters. Now, if you want to convert 150 grams of water, the equation would be:

Cups = 150 /236.588 x 1(water density)

Cups = 0.634 or ¾ cup of water


If you calculate the value of 150 grams of all-purpose flour using the above formula, the result is 1.06 or 1 1/4 US cups. 

But this value also depends on how firmly you’ve packed the flour in the cup. 

measuring 150 gram flour in cups

Below is the conversion table for 150 grams of other varieties of flour: 

Flour150 grams to cups value
Almond flour1.56 cups
Cake flour1.5 cups
00 flour1.18 cups
Chestnut flour1.67 cups
Bread flour1.18 cups
Buckwheat flour1.25 cups
Cornflour1 cup
Pastry flour1.39 cups
Rye flour1.47 cups
Coconut flour1.34 cups
Gluten-free flour1.23 cups
Whole wheat flour1.16 cups
Semolina flour0.9 cups
Tapioca flour1.23 cups
Self-raising flour1.2 cups

Nuts and Seeds

The formula for measuring 150 grams of nuts and seeds in cups is the same as for flour. 

However, the density of nuts and seeds can differ depending on their type, size, moisture content, and shape. For instance, 150 grams of almonds equals 1.05 cups, but the same amount of chia seeds is only 0.92. 

The 150 grams to cups values of other nuts and seeds are given below: 

Nuts and Seeds150 Grams to Cups value
Chopped Walnuts1.28 cups
Brazil nuts1.13 cups
Whole Hazel nuts1.09 cups
Hazel nuts meal1.3 cups
Cashew nuts1.05 cups
Shredded Coconut1.61 cups
Macadamia nuts1.12 cups
Whole Walnuts1.39 cups
Peanuts1.03 cups
Poppy seeds1.07 cups
Chopped Pecan1.38 cups
Whole Pecan1.52 cups
Pistachios1.22 cups
Flax seeds0.89 cups


Liquid density varies based on its type, properties, and composition. Therefore, 150 grams of buttermilk is 0.61, but whole milk is only 0.62 cups.

measuring liquids from grams to cups
Liquids150 grams to cups value
Goat milk0.61 cups
Condensed milk0.49 cups
Whipping cream0.63 cups
Heavy cream0.65 cups

Some recipes might even require weighing a gallon of milk in pounds or kilograms. 


Fats are lipids composed of three fatty acid units, glycerol and trihydroxy alcohol. They can be solid or liquid at room temperature, depending on unsaturation degrees and the number of carbon atoms. 

Since the density of fats is based on their type and state, 150 grams of butter is 0.66, while that of virgin olive oil is 0.704 or ¾ cups.

We’ve listed down the value of other fats in the table below to help you accurately measure them using a cup and make the perfect dish: 

FatsGrams to cups value
Coconut oil0.69 cups
Ghee0.68 cups
Avocado oil0.7 cups
Virgin Olive oil0.68 cups
Sesame oil0.69 cups
Peanut butter0.58 cups
Peanut oil0.68 cups
Vegetable oil0.67 cups
Vegetable shortening0.79 cups
Sunflower oil0.68 cups
Grapeseed oil0.7 cups
Macadamia oil0.7 cups

Leaveners And Smalls

Leaveners cause the dough and batter to rise by producing gas bubbles. In contrast, small ingredients are used in fewer quantities in baking. They can be dry or wet ingredients, such as salt and vanilla extract. 

Although Leaveners and smalls are mostly required in tablespoons or teaspoons, you might have to make a large batch of the dish for a party where you need to measure in cups or double ⅔ the ingredients.

So, 150 grams of salt is usually 0.55, while the vanilla extract is 0.72 cups. Let’s take a quick look at the conversion of other Leaveners and smalls:

Leaveners and Small150 grams to cups value
Baking soda0.68 cups
Pink salt0.56 cups
Baking powder0.68 cups
Ground coffee1.17 cups
Powdered Gelatin1 cup
Cocoa powder1.27 cups
Instant Yeast0.99 cups
Fresh Yeast1 cup
Cream of tartar0.93 cups
Active dry yeast1.1 cups

Sugar and Sweeteners

Sugar and sweeteners add sweetness to your food or drinks but have different properties and densities with varying 150 gram to cups values.

measuring 150 grams of sugar

For instance, 150 grams of granulated white sugar equals 0.75, but honey is almost 0.44 cups. Here’s the table listing the conversion of other sugar and sweeteners:

Sugar and Sweeteners150 grams to cups value
Powdered sugar1.2 cups
Icing sugar1.2 cups
Brown sugar0.75 cups
Caster sugar0.67 cups
Light corn syrup0.46 cups
Maple syrup0.47 cups
Treacle syrup0.46 cups
Golden syrup0.45 cups
Molasses0.43 cups


This article discussed the value of 150 grams to cups for different cooking and baking ingredients that will help you give a complete overview of the conversion values. 

Remember that if you want precise and accurate results in your cooking and baking, you need to convert the values based on the ingredient you are measuring using a conversion formula.

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