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Can You Make a Fried Egg in Microwave? (It’s The Easiest Way)

Who doesn’t love eggs? I find happiness in this diet as it’s sweet, rich, and easy to cook. Cooked eggs are simply a nutritious and yet delicious component that you can’t miss for breakfast.


In all seriousness, though, cooking eggs on the stove is complex than you may think. You have to get your eyes off the stovetop and cook your eggs. Many people will seek other better methods of cooking eggs. So, can you make a fried egg in microwave?


The answer is yes. You can definitely fry an egg in the microwave very effectively. Microwaving eggs is the easiest way to get your eggs ready.


I’ll take you through the process of frying eggs in the microwave without ruining the delicacy.


Why Do People Prefer Using a Microwave to Cook Eggs?

  • A microwave takes the least time to cook. I believe that the majority of you would go for that appliance that gets your food ready over a brief time. In two or three minutes, your eggs are ready.
  • When using a microwave, most of your utensils aren’t susceptible to getting dirty. This reduces the cleaning tasks of these utensils.

How Do You Prepare Microwaved Eggs?

Microwave poached eggs are nearly as good as stove poached eggs and probably way better. They’re much easier to make and come out looking round – without scraggly edges.


Frying your eggs in the microwave, however, does not change their texture and flavor.


Even so, you’ve to have it in mind that the cooking times are variant depending on:

  • How effective your appliance is
  • Number of eggs you use
  • Size of the microwave

This should not worry you, though.


Whatever the case, microwave-cooked eggs are a very convenient and bonafide preparation. They take a minimum of two to three minutes.


They’re often cooked on the equivalent plate that you’ll consume them in, relating to fewer dishes.


Microwaving eggs was one of the primary microwave recipes I learned and that I believe shouldn’t be hard for you too.


It’s advisable to always pierce the yolk with any utensil like a fork periodically to penetrate its skin while preparing whole eggs in the microwave. After piercing it, cover it with a paper towel.


I came to realize that if you skip this step, an explosion is susceptible to occur. The egg will splatter itself all over the inner walls of the microwave.


To cook fried eggs in the microwave, follow the steps below:


You’ll Need:

  • Microwave safe bowl
  • 1 fresh egg
  • A sheet of paper towel
  • 1 Tablespoon of cooking oil

Step-By-Step Guide (Method)

Before you begin cooking, set your microwave’s power to get the correct timing. A power setting of about 900 W will be good enough.


We expect the total cooking time to be 1 minute. Pretty fast, right! That moment I learned to cook eggs with a microwave, my cooking has never been the same again.


Below is the procedure:

  • Pour oil into your bowl and spread it evenly on all sides. You can do this by swirling.
  • Get your egg, and using a spoon, crack it into the bowl to break loose the yolk. At this point, you can add enhancements like salt, pepper, tomato sauce, and other additives based on your preference.
  • To improve the results of microwaving, add 2 tablespoons of water to the sides of the egg.
  • Cover the bowl with a suitable cover like a paper towel. Breaking your eggs is very important as intact eggs will end up exploding. The intense heat that a microwave produces sends your egg out of your microwave explosively. Cover your eggs all the time.
  • After covering your egg, place it in the microwave. Set your microwave on full power, which equates to 900 W for a time span of one minute maximum. Your egg will be ready in less than a minute.
  • Let your egg remain in the microwave for one minute before getting it out. This will allow the pressure accumulated in it to reduce.

Microwave Fried Egg Tips

As I promised you from the start, frying an egg in the microwave is among the easiest and cheapest ways of cooking eggs.


And if that is not enough, I even have some insightful tips for you to make sure that your cooking experience is remarkable. I know that you all can’t hold back your curiosity.


Here are the tips;

  • If you find out that your fried egg is too runny and you don’t like it this way, go ahead and add 10 seconds to your cooking time. When I talk about 10 seconds, I mean 10. However, your egg will be nothing but a mess.
  •  Most of you prefer having their fried eggs with soft yolks. Reduce your cooking time to 40 seconds in your microwave.

Is it Safe to Eat Microwave Fried Eggs?

Microwave fried eggs are not unhealthy for your consumption. However, there is one regulation to this. Make sure that the egg yolk is properly cooked and rather not runny.


You all know that when cooking your egg on the pan, you have the opportunity to flip it over to ensure the upper side cooks too. When microwaving, the top of the egg cooks gently. The heat is evenly distributed all around and not focused on the bottom only.


A runny yolk can cause food-borne illness, irrespective of this runniness. Some eggs contain salmonella, and this bacterium won’t be killed if the egg is not cooked properly.


As we all know, any process has got to work under some control measures. Microwaved eggs are of no difference. Which are these measures to follow to get a remarkable microwaving experience?

  • Cook your egg in the microwave only after cracking it. This ensures that the yolk doesn’t pop.
  • Introduce your egg into the open 20 minutes before cooking. This ensures that the egg obtains the prevailing room temperature. Its cooking becomes fast, therefore.
  •  The microwave-safe dish you use should be one with shallow sides
  •  Preheat the plate you are going to use in the microwave.
  • Cover the egg with a microwave cover or paper towel. This is to trap the steam and cook the top surface of the egg.
  • To ensure that your egg does not explode, break the yolk’s surface by piercing it at the centre using a fork or a toothpick if the fork is not at your disposal.

Final Thoughts

Let’s now join hands and agree that there’s nothing as easy as frying your egg in the microwave.


The fact that you can even prepare your egg in the office makes it even more fascinating.


Great things as you introduce this recipe in your cooking space!

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