F2E1 Error Code on Whirlpool Oven – Causes & Solutions

Whirlpool ovens show error codes on the display when there is an issue. The codes let you know where the problem is so that you can take appropriate action.

There are various error codes for different faults. A user needs to understand them to define the issues, troubleshoot, and fix them correctly.

F2E1 Error Code on Whirlpool Oven Explained

Once you understand the displayed code, you will know which component is problematic and what approach to take.

In this guide, we will dwell on a common 4-letter error code – f2e1.

What Does F2E1 Mean?

Manufacturers use codes to define specific common issues on their products. These codes are normally numbers and letters. They are often stated in the user manual, letting you know the problem and its solutions.

Whirlpool ovens manufacturer uses a similar process to define these errors. F2E1 is a common problem that you might encounter several times during your engagement with the machine.

The code is a combination of two factors:

  1. Fault code F2: This means the general fault is under code 2 of the issues related to the Whirlpool oven and related products. The fault explains what is happening, for instance, that there is a lack of connection somewhere.
  2. Error Code E1: This code defines the specific error. The exact component has failed, not the general fault. This tells you where to look and how to fix it. For instance, you need to check the keypad connector and ensure it has a firm connection.

Together, the two codes make a complete error F2E1. The computerized system within your oven will display this code as soon as a problem is discovered.

The codes simply mean something is wrong with your oven, and it’s blocking it from operating well.

A new owner might get worried that their appliance is broken. But this is a widespread error that you will find very easy to fix.

What Causes F2E1?

F2 Fault

Let’s look at the general F2 fault and its meaning. The code represents “oven over temp” issues. The oven’s temperature has risen over 590F when the door is unlocked and 990F when the door is locked.

If the temperature is not the issue, try checking the welded relay contacts. It could also be because of the high resistance connection.

The fault comes when there is an issue with the oven temperature sensor circuit. Whether it’s because of a high temperature, or a problem with the connection, you can use this code to troubleshoot your oven.

Other causes of F2 fault include:

  • An issue with the thermal switches. The oven temperature has exceeded the normal cooking or clean mode setup.
  • The control has sensed a temperature rise close to 1000 degrees F under closed doors.
  • The control has sensed a temperature rise to 650 degrees F under the open door.
  • A problem with the cooling fan or airflow.

So, fixing this error starts by understanding the exact cause. If there is a connection problem, you can simply work around it by restoring the connection.


Error F2E1 message appears when there is a poor connection between the touchpad and the oven’s control board. You need to check your connections keenly and ensure everything is as it’s supposed to be.

As seen above, conditions the issues that cause F2 fault occurs, the system will try to give you a more detailed analysis. And that is where the error code E1 comes in.

It means your oven has exceeded its normal temperature setup because of the connection problem. You need to check if the connections are okay. You may require parts to fix some of these issues, which could be very expensive.

You will find different explanations for this error. The most common ones include the following:

  • The keypad is not very well connected and requires proper checking
  • The keypad cable is unplugged. Checking and securing this cable will bring your appliance to its maximum performance.
  • Wiring issues in the user interface or similar areas.

You will see the error code on display immediately once detected. Do not panic because it could be something very simple.

Take your time to check the oven carefully and then try the recommended procedures.

Meaning Of F2E1 Error Code on Whirlpool Oven

How to Fix Error F2E1 on a Whirlpool Oven

Fixing error F2E1 on your Whirlpool oven should be easy since you have identified the fault and know well why it causes it; this should not take long.


Follow these steps:

Step 1: Power your oven off

The first thing is to ensure that your oven is completely powered off. You can do this by turning off the circuit breaker for about one minute.

The idea is to reboot the oven, which starts by turning everything off. So, by turning off the circuit breaker, you are deleting the current setup so that the machine powers on with new features.

Step 2: Power it on

After one minute, you can now power on the circuit breakers. Consider how you turned it to off and ensure it comes on exactly the way it was before.

Once the unit is powered on, it should start performing normally. You should already know how the oven works by now, so anything less should be easy to notice.

If the unit does not have power on immediately, check the power outlet, ensuring it’s well connected. If the problem persists, consider calling in an expert.

Step 3: Monitor the oven for about one minute

Even if the unit turns off well, you should not assume that it’s perfect. You need to confirm that it’s fixed before you use it normally.

Hence, monitor it for about one minute. If the code error does not appear again, you have successfully fixed it. But if it comes back, you will need to do another reset or call in an expert to fix it.

Step 4: Verify

The last step is to verify and confirm that your oven is now working perfectly. There is always something that might go wrong, which is why you must verify.

The aim here is to give your oven more time to operate well. You can take the time to troubleshoot other faults that may cause the same problem.

Fixing the connection or replacing the touchpad

  • Check the oven’s connection between the keypad and the clock. Ensure it’s well-fixed and secure.
  • Click on “cancel” and wait for approximately 60 seconds. The error should disappear.
  • If you still see the error, you might need to replace the keypad and the clock. We realize this might be expensive, but it’s a solution because the timer is the problem.

Whirlpool oven error code F2 is associated with too much temperature. The steps discussed above will get it up and running in no time.


The most important step in fixing any error on your Whirlpool oven is to understand what it is and its causes.

With that in mind, you will find the right method to clear, check, troubleshoot, and fix the problem. It also means you will know the exact parts too and where to find them.

If the problem persists, seek expert advice. There are many services in your area that will be willing to assist.

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