Panasonic Microwave H97 Code – Explained

It is no surprise that the Panasonic microwave has proven to be one of the most vital appliances available in every household. It is a common appliance used to cook and reheat food.

Many individuals worldwide use it to heat all kinds of food many times a day.

Panasonic Microwave H97Code

However, the consequences could be severe if your routine is disrupted due to a failure in your Panasonic microwave; the H97 code error is a typical problem with this appliance.

But don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the potential causes and solutions to this problem.

What Does Panasonic Microwave Code H97 Mean?

Panasonic microwave code H97 is one of the common issues its users face; it has to do with errors caused by issues relating to high voltage inverter circuits or possibly loose wiring connections and magnetron tube faults.

Here, we will discuss every possible cause of this code error and its solutions in detail.

Magnetron Tube Fault

It is one of the most prevalent problems contributing to the Panasonic microwave code H97. When you cook your meal, the magnetron tends to get faulty in high-voltage microwaves.

When we turn on the microwave to heat without putting anything inside, the magnetron usually burns out because there is nothing inside.

It frequently occurs when we multitask or forget to pay attention to the microwave when it is in use, which might result in the code H97.


It would be best to replace the magnetron tube if a problem arises due to overheating. If the magnetron tube is damaged, consider a replacement.

To avoid electrical shock, drain the high-voltage capacitor by ensuring that the power source is turned off. Connect the lead to the magnetron terminal using a multimeter to check for continuity.

If there is no continuity, the magnetron must be replaced.

Door Switch Problem

Many components are powered by door switches, also known as interlock switches. The magnetron may fail while other components, such as the fan motor, continue functioning.

If you have problems with your interlock switch, you can use the Panasonic microwave code H97.


If you notice that the interlock switch is causing you many problems, you should replace it. Unplug your microwave first before removing the cabinet.

Using a multimeter, look for continuity around the wires joining the interlock switches. When the actuator’s button is pressed, you’ll be able to see if the continuity test was successful.

However, the interlock switch has to be adjusted if there is no continuity.

The interlock should also be constantly adjusted to establish contact with the switch actuator.

Panasonic Control Board Fault

The Panasonic microwave’s control board may develop a problem, which might cause many buttons to stop working. The control board is the brain that links each component of your microwave.

There are a few touchpads on the membrane switch, and a fault can impact the appliance. After frequent use, the components that make up the touchpad may malfunction.

The Panasonic microwave code H97 error may occur due to this problem.


Examine the control board panel for any signs of overheating. Perform a visual assessment of the control board for physical signs of damage.

High Voltage Inverter Board Failure

Defective high voltage inverters can also bring on the Panasonic microwave error code H97.

The inverter board is in charge of turning standard home electricity into high voltage, which the Panasonic microwave uses to produce heat.

Failure of this component might result in faulty operation and perhaps harm to other parts of your microwave.

Panasonic Microwave H97Code Causes And Solutions


If you ever suffer an inverter failure of this nature and the code H97 appears, ensure all connections are tightened by looking for any loose wires.

Please make sure the loose wires are not oxidized when they are damaged. If any needs to be changed, do so.

Ensure everything is clean since dirt might cause your Panasonic microwave to overheat. It can also lead to an H97 code error.

High Voltage Capacitor Failure

The high-voltage capacitor might be broken. When this occurs, your Panasonic microwave won’t work well in heating or cooking.

You might experience issues because the defective capacitor may have physical damage. You may also receive an H97 code from your Panasonic microwave if you have a faulty capacitor.


It would help if you looked for leaks or other indications of physical damage when troubleshooting.

By contacting all of the capacitor’s leads and measuring the voltage across each one, you may check the capacitor for continuity.

If you never see a voltage reading using your multimeter, it signifies that your high-voltage capacitor is damaged and has to be changed.

High Voltage Diode Failure

If you have a Panasonic microwave displaying the H97 code, there is a problem with the high-voltage diode. It can be caused by many things, including a power surge or a problem with the microwave itself.

The high-voltage diode can be found on the inverter board of this device. It is an essential part of the high-voltage circuit that gives power to the magnetron tube and enables it to generate microwaves.


There are a few ways you can try to fix this problem. First, try resetting the microwave by unplugging it for 40 seconds and then plugging it back in.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the high-voltage diode. Using your multimeter, look for the continuity of all wires around the corresponding terminal on the inverter board.

You need to replace the diode if there is no continuity at the two points.

High Voltage Transformer Failure

High voltage transformer failure is another reason you will have code H97 displayed.

The high-voltage transformer converts power from the incoming power source to a lower voltage, then distributes it to various pieces of equipment in your oven.

Failure on its end can affect every other component.


If you suspect that your Panasonic oven has a problem with its high-voltage transformer, check for any short circuit between pins 1 and 2. If none appear, look for an open circuit in pins 3 to 5 or vice versa.

Check through pin 6 or 7 if there is any sign of overheating.

Loose Wiring

The H97 code is a recurrent problem with Panasonic microwave ovens, of which poor connection and excessive heat might come from a slack wire at the receptacle’s terminals’ connecting point.

There could occasionally be a spark and an arc at the junction box. If you have already detected, burn marks may be seen around the terminals.

When you observe this, pay close attention to avoid starting an electrical fire.


Perform a physical examination to determine your level of ability. Look for loose connections around the transformer’s internal connection, fuse, or power supply.

Make sure the Panasonic microwave oven is turned off before touching any wires.


This guide should help you learn how to recognize common problems that can result in a code H97 error.

A brief explanation of the common issues with Panasonic microwave code H97 has been tackled.

So, finding the reasons mentioned above will help you quickly solve your Panasonic oven problems.

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