Can You Microwave Alcohol? Here Is What Happens

Most of us have alcohol in our homes for different purposes.

Apart from drinking, it comes with many benefits, including serving as a disinfectant in case the sharp kitchen knife catches your finger.

Most importantly, it’s regularly added to a particular recipe.

Can You Microwave Alcohol

And that brings up the question, “Can you microwave alcohol?” After all, microwave technology is the easiest way to cook or heat our meals.

If you are wondering about this, keep reading this guide for complete information.

Can You Heat Alcohol In A Microwave?

This most straightforward answer is that it could be best if you didn’t microwave alcohol.

It is a flammable liquid that will catch fire at any provocation.

Alcohol carries isopropyl, an extremely fragile product. It will release energy when it comes into contact with high-pressure environments such as heat.

Microwaves release heat waves at varying regions, which makes it hard to adjust the alcohol products they meet.

So, microwaving alcohol may not be the best idea.

However, you can reheat alcohol already added to meals in small quantities. It should be safer than when you have to heat it naked.

Even so, you still must follow safety precautions.

Also, there are different types of alcohol, some of which can be easily microwaved. And that is why we will find contradicting answers to this question.

Beer, wine, and liquids with low content can only heat up. Anything else with higher content, like vodka, is an explosion risk.

Therefore, you are recommended not to try heating it in a microwave.

Reasons Why You Should Not Microwave Alcohol

What are the risks of heating alcohol in a microwave? There are several ways things can go wrong, which we shall be discussing.

Alcohol Is Highly Flammable

Flammable elements quickly catch fire when exposed to extreme heat.

The microwave passes through the container, only heating the liquid or solid matter inside. It can create sparks that will ignite the alcohol.

Alcohol Can Explode

Most kitchen accidents come from misuse of kitchen items, one of them being microwaves.

Alcohol inside these containers heats too rapidly, which can cause explosions and serious injuries.

If you must microwave it, understand that alcohol vapors are hazardous. So, you must be very careful when heating it in a microwave.

It’s all about safety precautions.

Microwaving Alcohol Is More Dangerous In Closed Containers

It would be best never to put alcohol in a closed container inside a microwave.

As stated above, heat causes the alcohol to expand rapidly, creating extreme pressure.

If the container is not strong enough, it can quickly explode, leading to damage.

It would be best if you tried as hard as possible to keep this from happening.

Microwaving In an Unventilated Area

When dealing with alcohol and heat, ensure the area you work from is well-ventilated.

The fumes from hot alcohol can be toxic and possibly fatal when you inhale them. So, consider keeping good airflow.

Drinking Microwaved Alcohol

You might only consider heating alcohol in a microwave for your dish. But to drink microwaved alcohol is another thing altogether.

The vapors are known for causing severe health issues like digestive problems, breathing issues, and sometimes poisoning.

Lost Flavor

Most alcoholic drinks are best consumed at lower temperatures to preserve their flavor.

For instance, whisky contains wood, vanilla, honey, and other flavors that will be lost if heated. All you will get is unsatisfying results, so you should avoid heating.

Considering these risks, avoiding alcohol microwaving at all costs would be best. If you want to use the liquid in a recipe, heat it using a stove.

Safety is more important than anything else.

Should You Microwave Alcohol

How Can You Microwave Alcohol? A Brief Guide

Even with all the precautions, some people still want to put alcohol in a microwave. It could be that they don’t have time to heat it or are just curious.

In that case, it is better to do it safely.

Here is what you can do:

Step 1: Choose The Right Alcohol

There are various levels of alcohol content, and choosing the right one for microwaving is crucial.

Find the one with minor content and pour it into a glass or ceramic utensil. Never use plastic inside a microwave because it might melt.

Aside from that, the container should have enough room.

Step 2: Set The Initial Power

Once you place the bowl inside the microwave, set it on low power – 50% is the best.

You need to be very keen on this step because any small mistake will cause a problem.

The alcohol will explode if it overheats, extending the damage to the microwave. It is better to leave the bowl open unless you are worried about safety.

In that case, you can cover it lightly with some wax paper.

Step 3: Microwave On High

Set the power on high and let it run for 30 seconds. If this is not enough, you can always repeat the process, but don’t let it go beyond 30 seconds.

Step 4: Stir

After the 30 seconds above, stir the alcohol and microwave it again on high for another 30 seconds.

Do this until it’s ready for your test. Always go through the safety precautions labeled on the bottle.

Step 5: Removing The Alcohol From The Microwave

Here is another step you need to pay close attention to. Removing your alcohol from the microwave may not be that straightforward.

It would help if you kept it from coming in contact with the heated content on the bowl. It would be best to use a non-metallic spoon or stick.

The process we have described here is risky. Take great precautions when attempting it.

And before consuming microwaved alcohol, consult your physician.

Which Types Of Alcohol Can You Microwave?

We can never be cautious enough against microwaving alcohol.

But if you are still considering it at this stage, you must know how to do it for different drinks.

Baileys And Sake

Never try microwaving baileys. This drink has the highest possibility of catching fire.

So, it is better to avoid it altogether unless it’s in baked food.

Rice wine or sake is easy to microwave. But the result will not have the best flavor.

Hence, it is advisable to warm it up just a little under low power.


Whiskey has some of the highest levels of alcohol. Do not microwave it.

If anything, this drink is served at room temperature. Heating results in flavor changes due to the loss of wood, vanilla, caramel, and honey flavors.

Brandy And Vodka

Can you microwave brandy? Yes.

However, it’s only good when slightly warmed up. Still, microwaving weakens its flavors, which is why it is not recommended.

You will only get a flat and bitter flavor if it overheats.

Most Vodka drink users prefer adding a few drops of hot water to heat it. However, it’s possible to microwave it.

Just remember to heat inside a mug with hot water.


So, can you microwave alcohol? As you can see, it depends on the specific drink.

But it’s better to avoid it altogether.

An isopropyl drink will contain 70% alcohol and 30% water. Such contents can quickly fire up when exposed to extreme heat.

Even if it does not explode, it will lose its flavor. So decide wisely.

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