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How to Defrost Ground Turkey in Microwave

Frozen ground turkey is incredibly essential to have at hand. Besides, you’ll find it handy for different recipes. And even you can have a variety of them for dinner.


It’s advisable to defrost ground turkey first before cooking it. That’s because frozen turkey can be harder to cook uniformly. Plus, it may take a lot of time, effort, and energy.


While there are many ways to defrost a ground turkey, using a microwave is the best and fastest option. Do you want to know how to defrost ground turkey in a microwave? Here’s the best low wattage microwave for you.


Well, you’re in the right place. This article discusses the steps to take to make your iced ground turkey ready for your dinner in no time.


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Can You Defrost Ground Turkey in the Microwave?

Absolutely yes, you can safely defrost ground turkey in your microwave. With only 30% of power, the microwave will defrost 1 pound of ground turkey in only 2 minutes.


Just thaw it in your fridge, then throw defrost a frozen ground turkey in a microwave. In no time, your dish will be ready for serving.


Again, you can leave your ground meat under cold water overnight for it to thaw. It will completely thaw between 1 and 24 hours.


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Steps on How to Defrost Ground Turkey

No one would like their nice-looking turkey meat to start cooking before it is time. That may ruin your recipe for the lunch or dinner you’ve been wanting to show off your turkey cooking skills.


To ensure that doesn’t happen, pay closer attention to the following steps:


Step 1: Unpack Ground Turkey

Usually, a minced turkey gets packed in various materials. It can be a storage tin/can or well-wrapped in a piece of nylon paper to keep the ground meat safe and clean. If you want to thaw a ground turkey, you would want to remove it from the pack.


That’s because most of these packaging materials don’t resist heat at high temperatures. And this can make your ground turkey safe for consumption as the packaging can melt. Besides, the original packaging of the ground turkey can catch fire.


Step 2: Place frozen Minced Turkey on the Microwave-Safe Dish or Plate

Once you unpack the frozen meat, the next thing is to put it on the microwave-safe dish or plate. After that, cover it well using a lid for excellent defrosting. Ensure that the microwave-safe dish or plate leaves a space of one inch between the turkey and the sides.


This will help to prevent any juices from the meat from spilling all over the edges as it thaws. As a result, it becomes super effortless to wipe-clean the microwave’s insides. Hence, you can keep it clean and safe from producing a nasty smell.


What if the microwave-safe plate or dish is too small to hold large quantities of ground turkey? Well, divide the meat into smaller amounts like one lobule to thaw it more effectively.


Step 3: Set your Microwave Aptly to Defrost the Minced Turkey Meat

After putting the microwave-safe dish with the frozen turkey, it is now high time to defrost the meat. This is the tricky part that you need to follow keenly to avoid any glitches.


If your microwave has a defrost feature, then the process will be much easier. This may depend on the weight of the ground turkey you want to defrost or the time you want the process to run.


Generally, a frozen ground turkey weighing one pound can thaw in a microwave for about 7 to 8 minutes. However, this may depend on the microwave’s wattage power, the size, and the thickness of the meat.


Alternatively, you can set it to defrost the meat at 50 percent power for two minutes per lobule. Once the two-minute cycle ends, rotate the turkey meat while inside the microwave to see if it has thawed uniformly.


With the defrost feature in a microwave, you can rest assured that your frozen ground turkey will thaw evenly. That’s because the feature constantly turns the ground turkey automatically to enhance even thawing.


What if your microwave lacks the defrost feature? You would want to set the microwave to 30% power in this case. Actually, that is what most defrost features do. But, you most likely find that the meat has not entirely thawed after the initial time.


The question is, what should you do? Well, continue defrosting the meat at a time interval of one minute until you get an evenly thawed turkey meat. However, make sure to watch out to ensure the meat doesn’t overcook.


Step 4: Remove the Thawed Meat from the Microwave and Cook it

Upon getting a well-thawed ground turkey, please remove it from the microwave and cook it right away. This will help prevent harmful bacteria from finding a suitable warm and moist breeding ground in the defrosted meat.


In short, make sure the foods you want to cook with your ground turkey are ready before microwaving. By doing so, you can be sure of reduced wastage of time and exposing your prepped protein to contamination by bacteria.


Have some leftovers after cocking? Freeze or refrigerate them within two hours after thawing for later use.


Handy Tips for Thawing Ground Turkey Meat in a Microwave

For an already partially thawed turkey, defrost one lobule of the ground turkey for 1 minute instead of 2 minutes.


Mix and rotate the thawing ground turkey meat constantly to prevent some of it from cooking in the process. This will ensure no bacteria grows on your ground turkey, which may, in turn, cause food poisoning.


You can cook the ground turkey even if it hasn’t thawed completely.


Alternative Methods for Defrosting Ground Turkey

Aforementioned, using a microwave is the fastest method for defrosting a ground turkey. And since some of us may not be eligible to use microwaved foods due to health issues, there are two alternative methods on how to defrost ground turkey. They include:


Leaving the frozen ground turkey in the fridge for several hours or a day to defrost completely

Placing the packaging in cold water for some hours


Final Thoughts

To this end, that’s everything you ought to know about how to defrost ground turkey using a microwave. The best thing about this technique is that it’s safe, easy, and fast to get evenly thawed ground turkey.


So, you can be sure to prepare any recipe you desire in no time and enjoy it with your family and friends.


Let’s know your thoughts. Happy cooking!

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