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Best Microwave Without Turntable For 2021

Best Overall

Panasonic NN-SN686S

Best Choice

Sharp R-21LVF Microwave Oven

Best Budget

Amana RMS10DS Microwave

Do you feel short of cooking space but want to buy the best microwave that could become your savior when it comes to speedy food preparations, defrosting, and basic heating? Worry no more because the best microwave without turntable will make a difference in your kitchen.


Why are microwaves without turntable popular? Microwaves are either straightforward solo or a combination of models with a convection mode and integrated grill. The rotating motor within the appliance runs the stirring blades.


In turn, the stirring blades help distribute waves produced by the oven to the food. So the food cooks evenly without physically spinning it.


To choose the right model that suits your needs, you’ll need to consider decisive factors such as the timer, convenience, capacity, aesthetics, and controls. In our post today, we’ve compiled a list of the best microwave without glass turntable.


Let’s kick-off!

Best Microwave Without Turntable Reviewed

Sharp R-21LVF Medium-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven

If you’ve been looking for the best brand on the market, then sharp R-21LVF is a potential candidate. Its exterior wrap and interior are made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and giving it a sleek appearance.


This brand’s easy-to-read dial control allows you to set the cooking time, including those with vision issues. With an auto-cancel timer, Sharp makes cooking convenient such that when the oven’s door is open in the cooking process, the remaining time will be canceled. As a result, there’s an increase in magnetron life.


Although this appliance lacks the rotating glass turntable, it can cook food evenly and provides flexibility to fit in containers of various shapes. Featuring a power output of 1000 watts, you can cook meals in no time. Besides, this makes the oven powerful enough to cope with all your cooking requirements easily.


You’ll be wowed by how quiet this kitchenware is when it’s operating. It’s equipped with the sound on/off mode, enabling you to turn it on or off as you like. Its single control knob is simple, making it easy to use.


Amana RMS10DS Light-Duty Commercial Microwave

There are greater chances of you needing a microwave to boost any form of food service. You’ll need something that will offer you convenience when warming burritos. Also, when steaming vegetables.


Looking for a simple and easy-to-navigate microwave without a turntable? Amana RMS10DS is an absolute steal for those who desire to keep things simple. Its straightforward dial control allows you to set the time effortlessly up to 6 minutes. This saves you from the frustration of pressing several buttons to set the desired heating time.


For residential cooking tasks, this appliance offers reliability, durability, and quality. The item’s stainless interior and wrap make it match all the kitchen styles. At the same time, it’s easy to maintain and clean.


Despite its compact size, it still has enough space for a platter of up to 12 inches, single servings, and even pre-packaged food items.


Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S features an extra space that allows you to prepare dinner for your family. It takes in rectangular or square-shaped plates, which most turntable models cannot.


Because of its beautiful interiors and stylish design, it can amazingly fit your kitchen decor. We all love its simplicity while its controls are laid out in the best way. Its touch controls provide access to 18 auto-cook functions and have an impressive manual defrost.


The Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S delivers 1000 watts when required. With five different levels of power, the unit is versatile to maneuver in any style of cooking.


Even better, the appliance’s auto-reheat button provides a skillful means of sorting out your food when you’re too exhausted to work on it. Its child-lock feature becomes handy for your little ones running around. If you balk at the kitchen cleaning days, it’s easy-to-wipe down interior.


What’s more? The microwave does different cooking tasks that you won’t even need a separate oven. Its compact size favors those who have limited kitchen space for storage.


The unit is designed to perform an excellent job of combining microwave and convection/grill. That said, users can produce a meal, especially roasts at microwave speeds, but which tastes and looks like it’s from an actual oven. 


This easy-to-use item is affordable and has timing control in minutes. It doesn’t feature a digital readout, which means it can be a little hit and miss when you need to warm up your cup of tea for a few seconds without boiling it over.


For those who aren’t tech-savvy, BOSCH SERIE could be a massive advantage to you. If you’re an Airbnb owner who’s fed up with having to write instructions for every person on your property, this comes with everything you’ve been seeking.


To use it, you’ll need to bung in the dish, select the required power output and the timescale. Make this an early port of call if you’re after small kitchen items. In addition to its ease of use, the gadget costs less, yet it has fancied features attached.


Again, it comes with a stunning design that complements modern kitchens. Thanks to its user-friendly rotary control, 60-minute timer, and left-hand hinged door. The five power levels offer an opportunity to choose the ideal mode to prepare the best meal.


Sharp R-21LCFS Commercial Microwave

Another built-in microwave popularly known for its unique style is here. Many microwaves come in plain silver or white boxes, but this 1000-watt brand comes in an appealing black design.


Many reviewers tout the Bosch brand for its rock-solid build quality. The German manufacturer has gone heavy on this system’s premium touches to enhance satisfaction.


Built with a collection of 7 different preset programs, you can heat various forms of food. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on autopilot or not. Cooking, reheating, and defrosting food items is a breeze. It has comfortable touches for convenience, especially from its electric door opening.


With Sharp R-21LCFS, you’ll get a clear LED display that stands out in red against the case’s blackness. The controls and dials are highlighted well, so you can quickly scoot around the menu options and other settings. Its control knob retracts to enable cleaning duties to be conducted.

SHARP Black Carousel

SHARP has introduced a muscular-looking appliance that brings a lot of charms to any kitchen. Its exterior with touches make you feel it’s been moved from the kitchen of a professional chef, such as its grab handle that operates the door’s full width. Packed with a set of functions, it allows you to cook any meal using any of its 50 pre-programmed recipes.


The huge knob in front of the microwave shows that it can cook food in various ways, from warming milk for your cocoa to heating last night’s curry.


Just like an air fryer, it can crisp fry your meals using less oil, with bacon being its prime target. As a multipurpose product, cooks can bake cakes and handle delicate challenges like burns. Chefs claimed that its dough rising function helps in solving their dough troubles.


On the other hand, the precision bake feature ensures optimal cooking temperatures, preventing uneven hotspots that usually help cremate fragile sponges. 


It has a self-cleaning feature. However, it continuously beeps when it’s done operating, which also happens when the door is either open or closed. This results from touch buttons that are placed near the handle.


COMFEE' EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven

One of the best brands in the kitchen space is COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB.


First off, it can withstand high-volume use, making it an alternative to an oven. It’s made from stainless steel, adding a sleek touch to your countertop. You’ll like its easy-to-hold door handle.


Since it’s designed without a turntable, expect less sloshing of food. Like other competitions, the item is easy to clean. Its bottom energy feed maximizes the cooking efficiency by reducing the distance the waves travel to the food.


The bottom energy feed feature allows it to heat food thoroughly and quickly. Now that it features a touch-control keypad with braille lettering, it’s easy to use it even if you’ve vision issues. The best part about this product is its programmable control pads, enabling you to save up to 20 recipes conveniently.


Better still, the heavy-duty commercial grade microwave is equipped with 2 and 3 stage cooking and six power levels to help handle different cooking needs.


Above all, the microwave accommodates large casserole dishes, large capacity plates, and glass bowls for cooking and heating. 



Frequently Asked Questions

How does the power level work?

Lowering the power level of the microwave decreases the amount of time the magnetron stays on. At 50 percent power, the microwave will release electromagnetic waves for 30 seconds out of a 1 minute heating time by pulsing on/off intermittently.


Why should I buy a microwave without a turntable?

If you’re considering a microwave for commercial use, office lunchroom, or restaurant, then a microwave without a turntable will suffice. The first reason to invest in this type is that most users in commercial settings usually lack time to clean the machine once they’re done cooking.


With this microwave, you’ll have an easy ride while you clean the spillovers, thus keeping it neat and tidy. When faced with high volume use, the lack of turntable will reduce the glass breaking chances.


Microwaves without turntables can easily satisfy your cooking needs because space can accommodate plates of different shapes.


Are there kitchen gadgets that help cook food in the microwave?

Yes. Some of the gadgets include; microwave chip maker, pasta cookers, silicone microwave lid, and popcorn poppers.


Why is there mesh on the door?

The holes will enable you to see what’s cooking in the oven, and the metal reflects some waves to the food. These holes are tiny enough that microwaves can’t pass through.


Why is the interior surface of a microwave metallic?

Microwaves bounce off the metallic surfaces back towards its center.


How can I clean my microwave easily?

To efficiently clean your microwave, add 2 cups of water in the microwave and put full power. Wait for the water in the microwave to start steaming but not boiling for about 2 minutes. Let it sit for 5 minutes so the steam can loosen the stuck-on and dried food materials on the microwave’s interior wall. Wipe clean using a cloth.


How can I clean my microwave easily?

It’s not recommended because the metal will reflect the microwave energy, which will prevent food from cooking properly. The reflection can also cause damage to the microwave.


Is the food cooked in the microwave less nutritious?

No, because cooking food by microwaving preserves up to 7 times more nutrients than other cooking methods such as steaming and boiling.


Is microwave radiation harmful?

Microwaves don’t expose people to radiation, especially when it’s functioning properly. They are designed with many safety features that prevent energy from escaping the machine while in operation. If there’s any chance that radiation might escape due to malfunction or damage, its safety features will turn off the microwave immediately.


Can I use my commercial microwave to defrost food?

While domestic microwaves usually come with a standard defrost button, not all commercial microwaves have this feature. Defrosting will need you to use the 10 or 20 percent microwave, depending on the food.


Final Verdict

Wattage is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a microwave. The higher the wattage, the shorter the cooking time because it’ll speed up your cooking time. However, higher wattage microwaves will need higher voltage outlets.


Lower wattage microwaves are ideal for breakfast bars, convenience stores, wait stations, and break rooms – where it is used to warm up food. 


Programmable microwaves will allow you to see recipes for different foods, which can increase consistency and speed. For the best microwaves without turntable in the market that would meet your unique needs, check our guide.

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