Replacing the Samsung Glass Stove Top – All You Need to Know

The Samsung stoves generate heat for cooking using radiant heating coils or infrared lights.

Although their stove glass is exceptionally resistant to shattering because of the high temperatures used in cooking, this doesn’t mean it is unbreakable.

How To Replace the Samsung Glass Stovetop

When an electrical appliance‘s component gets broken, replacing it is always economical rather than purchasing a brand-new one.

But, in some cases, fixing is not an option because you will be required to replace the broken component.

This article will provide all the information you need to replace your broken Samsung glass stove top.

What It Will Cost You

Because of the in-built heating system, the Samsung glass stove possesses, replacing it will be costly and complicated, as it will be tough to change or move it from its set placement.

The labor cost of the professional servicer, if engaged, travel time, supplies, and other necessary expenses are also included. You can guarantee the price to be a bit reasonable because they charge high and wise rates.

When hiring a specialist’s services, you should explain what you need to be done precisely and request an itemized estimate to understand how they came up with that pricing to prevent extra bills. 

Due to its complexity, you may be concerned that replacing it will be difficult, but given the expense, you may learn how to do it yourself.

How to Replace Your Samsung Glass Stove Top

Replacing the glass top on your Samsung stove can be very simple, provided you are carefully guided in the right direction. You have the appropriate tools for the replacement work to be successful. 

Below are the essential materials you will need. 

The Materials You Need

A Phillips screwdriver

A table

A vacuum cleaner

Assorted nut drivers

Safety hand gloves

A step-by-step guide to replacing your Samsung glass stovetop

Before you embark on this adventure, obtain as much information as possible on the stovetop.

You will need professional advice from installers, different organizations that manufacture glass stove tops, glass specialists, and, most importantly, the handbook for your Samsung glass stove top.

These can be helpful guides during the replacement process. 

Below are some steps and guidelines to replace your glass stove top.

1. Order a New Glass Top

The first step is to make sure you have a spare cooktop.

Replacement components can be ordered online and delivered to your home, or you can go out and get them in any kitchenware store around you; after all, you’ll need a new one once you have removed the fractured old one.

You should also get an extra one in addition to the one you would use in an emergency next time. To order the appropriate piece of glass, compare the brand and model of your stove.

2. Disconnect the Cooker

Disconnect the cooker by putting off the socket where the power supply comes from and then unplugging it from the wall.

Pull it carefully out of its position to create additional workspace. Then, after ensuring that no electricity is provided to the stove, open the oven door.

If you can not reach the socket, consider changing the kitchen breaker and performing the replacement using a bright flashlight.

3. Take Out the Screws

Use two Phillips-head screwdrivers at the back to unscrew the glass top from the stove frame.

With the aid of the instruction guide included with your cooktop, you can determine the location of the screws. Also, locate the screws through the oven to unscrew them with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Set the screws aside safely, as you will need them to install the new glass top.

4. Lift the Glass Top

The glass cooktop should lie freely on the stove frame and would be simple to take out from the stove frame now that the screws have been removed.

Lift the cooktop gently and set it aside. Use your hands to grasp the edges firmly by sliding your finger beneath the glass top and transferring it to the sides.

5. Remove the Burners

There can be jagged bits of glass in the workspace if the stove is damaged. To avoid further damage, remove the burner to get the bits out.

Remove the burners from the cooktop brackets after unscrewing them, keeping any screws you have removed. If there is any debris, vacuum it up.

6. Replace the Burners

If the new cooktop lacks brackets for mounting the burners, use the brackets that came with it. Screw them back to the way they were at the start.

7. Slide on the New Glass Stove Top

Insert the glass top back into the stove frame. Notches should be visible where the stove top rests on the frame.

You pulled the cooktop off these notches when detached from the frame.

8. Secure the New Cooktop

Open the oven door and use the two screws you set aside to secure the cooktop to the frame. Finally, return the stove to its original location, plug it in, or flip the circuit breaker.

You have been successful in your stovetop replacement if the connection feels secure and each burner is glowing. Otherwise, carry out the process again or call for assistance. 

Replacing the Samsung Glass Stovetop

Precautions to Take

Ensure no electricity is connected to the device before performing any replacement services. To avoid potentially harmful electrical shocks, do this.

Unplug the appliance from the wall. If the socket is awkwardly positioned, such as behind a huge heavy stove, unplug the appliance or double-check that the circuit breakers for that glass stove have been turned off.

Check that the necessary circuit breaker is turned off by turning on a working section of the stove to ensure that no power is still being delivered to the stove.

Also, before starting any work on it, ensure the glass top is dry. You can clean the stove top with a soft towel and vinegar.

Additionally, confirm that the stove’s components are all at room temperature. Giving the stove’s surfaces enough time to cool down after use is crucial to reduce the chance of severe burns.

Make sure the stove’s restored components are stable and strong as well. Use a hand glove and, if possible, a nasal mask when cleaning the cooktop.

Also, be cautious and delicate, as broken glass can penetrate your skin and cause bodily injury.


Specific maintenance measures can be undertaken to minimize or escape the stress of replacing the glass stove top again.

Glass stove top replacements must be done appropriately, so always check the manual and the power supply before starting the replacement process.

If you have misplaced the manual, you can quickly obtain a digital copy online by entering the model number of your glass stove.

Also, check whether the Samsung glass stove top is still covered by warranty, as some manufacturers repair shattered glass tops under lifetime warranties.

You can then contact the authorized representative for a replacement service. 

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