Instant Pot C7: What to do to fix the error code

Are you using Instant Pot versatile multicooker for convenience, but the error C7 is wrenching your cooking plans?

The Instant Pot C7 error code appears if your multicooker fails to achieve the appropriate pressure due to an issue with the heating element or incorrect Quick-Release valve settings. To fix the error, clean the heating element with a soft brush and cloth. If the problem persists, check the valve and set it to Sealed.

Below, we’ll explore what the Instant Pot C7 error means and how you can quickly resolve it.

What does C7 mean on the Instant Pot?

The C7 is a common error on an Instant Pot that pops up when your multicooker cannot reach the desired pressure to cook your food.

The Instant Pot C7 error code usually denotes that the cooker has detected a problem with its heating element or there isn’t enough water in the pot. However, the error can also appear due to other reasons, such as: 

  • You’ve set the Quick-Release valve to the “vent” position.
  • The inner rubber ring in the Instant Pot is dirty, cracked, or broken.
  • The Instant Pot lid is not clean on its inner surface.
  • Pot’s software is glitching.
  • Food particles have built up on the heat sensor board of the Pot.

How do I fix my Instant Pot not working?

You can fix the Instant Post C7 error by setting the Quick-release valve to Sealed or cleaning the heat sensor board to remove the dirt or food particles.

Let’s look at the above solutions and a few other hacks to resolve the error code C7 on your Instant Pot.

1. Check the Water Level in the Instant Pot

Instant Pots require water or broth to create pressure and cook your food. But if you are filling the multicooker with a minimum amount of liquid, it can trigger the C7 error message. 

So, double-check the level of water or broth in the inner pot before cooking your food; if it’s too low, fill it in with more liquid.

Adding liquid to Instant Pot to fix error C7
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Once you add the required amount of liquid, check your Instant Pot to see if the error persists.

INFO: Since each recipe needs a different water or broth level, read your Instant Pot instructions manual to get the right idea about water-to-food ratios.

2. Clean the Heat Sensor Board/Heating Element

When food particles or cooking oil build up on your Instant Pot’s heating element, the normal functioning of the multicooker is affected, resulting in the C7 error.

To resolve the error message, take an old soft toothbrush and clean the rim and the groove to scrub off any residue. Next up, remove the pot and wash it thoroughly. Now, clean the heating element with a soft cloth and let the Instant Pot dry naturally. 

Cleaning the heating element in Instant Pot
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Afterward, take a soft barely-dump cloth and clean the exterior and control panel of your Instant Pot, along with the power cord.

3. Configure the Quick-Release Valve

The pressure cooker’s Quick-Release valve is a vital component that lets you manually release pressure from the pot. However, if you’ve set the valve incorrectly while cooking food, you’ll encounter the Instant Pot error code C7.

To resolve the code, check the Quick-Release valve, and if it is set to “Vent/Venting,” move the switch clockwise to configure it to “Sealed/Sealing.” 

Setting quick-release valve in Instant Pot
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4. Restart the Cooking Cycle

Although Instant Pots are integrated with high-tech software, they are prone to minor glitches that can often result in C7 errors. However, you can troubleshoot the error code by restarting your cooking cycle.

For this, press Cancel to stop your cooking session and unplug the Instant Pot from the mains. Wait a few minutes and plug the multicooker into the power supply unit. Now, restart your cooking cycle and verify the fix.

Info: Did you know you can cook Turkey for Thanksgiving in a disposable pot?

5. Clean or Replace the Inner Rubber Ring

A dirty or damaged inner rubber ring can also prevent your Instant Pot from building enough pressure, resulting in the C7 error. 

So examine the inner rubber ring for dirt or wear and tear. If the ring is dirty, clean it with warm soapy water to remove any debris. Otherwise, replace it with a new one. 

6. Clean the Inner Surface of the Lid

Your Instant Pot can display the C7 error code when the inner surface of its lid is dirty due to greasy food particles. 

To fix this, remove the inner rubber ring and rinse the liner and lid with hot water and gentle detergent. 

Quick Tip: Make sure not to use any abrasive sponge while cleaning the lid.

7. Check the Heating Element For Any Damage

Sometimes, a damaged wire or sensor can compromise the functionality of the heating element in your Instant Pot, resulting in the C7 error code. 

However, you cannot resolve this issue yourself. Therefore, check if your Instant Pot is under warranty and contact customer service to replace your multicooker. If not under warranty, take the Pot to a professional repair shop to fix the sensor or replace the damaged wire.

How do I reset my Instant Pot?

You can reset your Instant Pot to its default settings to resolve any system glitches that are causing the C7 error code. Here’s how:

  • Press the Keep Warm/Cancel or Cancel button on your Instant Pot to put it in Off mode.
  • Now, press & hold the Adjust button for at least 3 seconds.

You can also reset your Instant Pot with these steps:

  • Plug your Instant Pot into the mains but keep it off to put it in Standby Mode.
  • Press & hold the Cancel button for at least 3 seconds until you hear a beep.
Resetting the Instant Pot to default

Remember that resetting your Instant Pot will remove all your previous settings or programs.

Quick Info: You can put your microwave popcorn on Air Frying mode in your Instant Pot.


In this detailed guide, we’ve explained what the Instant Pot C7 error means and provided some tried and tested solutions that have helped many users to resolve the issue quickly. 

We hope that with the above hacks, you can use your Instant Pot to make a scrumptious meal without seeing any error codes.

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