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Can You Microwave Toaster Strudels?

Most people love Toaster Strudels because they’re convenient. They’re easy to make, tasty, yet affordable. The best way to enjoy your cold strudels is to reheat them.

However, not all of us have a toaster. Or, if you have, you may not want to use it due to health issues. What if you have a microwave with in-built toaster; can you microwave toaster strudels?

Yes, toaster strudels are microwavable. But be careful as they can cause a fire hazard. Use a microwave-safe bowl to heat your strudels for 30 seconds. Pause your microwave after 15 seconds and flip them over to allow uniform cooking.

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So, Can You Microwave Toaster Strudels?

It is advisable to make your toaster strudels in a toaster or oven, not the microwave. Still, you can microwave toaster strudels. Though it can be dangerous, you may not get the best cooking results.

Microwaves heat icy foods differently from a toaster. That means that you may not get the desired results with your toaster strudels unless you follow the correct procedures.

Toaster strudels require uniform toasting offered by an oven or a toaster. If you opt to use the microwave, your toaster strudels may be:

  • Burnt
  • Frozen
  • Soggy/moist
  •  Unevenly toasted

The above results can make your toaster strudels undesirable to eat. Besides, it is not healthy to eat unevenly cooked icy foods. And the icing on the strudels can explode, leaving you with a sugary mess.

Things to Note When Microwaving Toaster Strudels

A toaster or an oven is the most suitable equipment for making toaster strudels. A microwave isn’t the best option to reheat strudels as you may not get better results.

If you must use a microwave, you must be attentive and follow the correct steps. Here are the critical things you should know before microwaving toaster strudels:

1. Toaster Strudels Are Not Meant for the Microwave

They call them toaster strudels for a valid reason. When you place strudels in a toaster, the frozen pastry starts to bake. This gives them a crunchy and lovely golden-brown exterior.

The microwave has a different heating method from an oven or a toaster. Instead of baking your strudel, the microwave heats it. Microwaved toaster strudels are warm, soft, and succulent.

So the microwave is an ideal choice if you don’t love crunchy toaster strudels.

2. Microwaving Strudels Can Cause a Potential Fire Hazard

If you microwave toaster strudels, there’s a possibility that they will cause a fire hazard. That’s because microwaving the pastry for a long time makes the filling very hot. As a result, the strudel may eventually catch fire and cause huge losses.

3. Don’t Microwave the Toaster Strudel Icing

Heating the toaster strudel in the microwave is risky if you run the microwave for more than 10 seconds. The icing may explode into a mess and possibly damage your microwave. In the case of icing made of vanilla, sugar, and butter, the mess is sticky and ugly to clean.

That’s why you must follow the instructions carefully. Apply the icing on the microwaved strudel to heat up and melt to add a sweet taste. Alternatively, you can use a watertight packet to seal the icing and heat it in a cup of water.

The icing will melt and be ready for applying on your toaster strudels in 1-2 minutes. Doing so allows you to microwave the strudels without creating a mess.

How to Make Toaster Strudel in Microwave

Microwaving is not recommended and not an apt way to make a Toaster Strudel. If it’s a must to use the microwave, ensure you do it correctly and safely.

So how do you heat a toaster strudel in a microwave? It’s relatively simple, and you can do so in just a few steps:

  • Get the Toaster Strudel out of the Freezer

Toaster strudels must remain frozen until It is time to prepare them. Please don’t remove the strudel from the freezer more than 5 minutes before you plan to eat it. This way, your snack will stay fresh and healthy to eat.

  • Unpack the Toaster Strudel

Toaster strudels come in plastic packaging, which you must remove before you think about microwaving them. Doing so helps to eliminate the risk of heating the plastic. As a result, it prevents toxic plastic chemicals from getting into your snack and causing health issues.

  • Place Your Strudel on a Microwave-Safe Plate

A microwave-safe plate helps you heat your strudels efficiently and safely. This plate has excellent heat-resisting abilities and evenly distributes heat for perfect cooking results.

You can use any microwaveable plate made of plastic, glass, or ceramic to make your toaster strudels. When putting the strudels on the plate, ensure they don’t touch each other.

Make sure each strudel also stays at the center of the plate to toast evenly. Since ceramic plates are excellent for even cooking in a microwave, they can be the best choice for your strudels.

After that, put the microwaveable plate with your strudels in the microwave and get ready for the next step.

  • Heat the Toaster Strudels

Microwaves generate a lot of heat in just seconds. The last thing you would want to do is microwave the toaster strudel for a long time. It is essential to set your microwave at the lowest power limit of about 10 to 20%.

Or, you can set your microwave’s timer to 30 seconds. Start the cooking process while keeping a close look at the timer. After 15 seconds, pause the timer and open the microwave. Allow your strudel to cool for a few seconds and turn over the sides.

Start the microwave again to cook the other side for 15 seconds. Remove the toaster strudel from the microwave and check if they have cooked evenly. If not, you can reheat your strudel for a few extra seconds to ensure both sides cook evenly to meet your desires.

Congratulations, you’ve just made a toaster strudel in the microwave!

  • Add icing to the Strudel

Place the microwaved toaster strudel on a clean plate. Then apply the icing on top of the strudel to naturally melt it. This adds a delicious taste to your toaster strudel.

You also have the option to put the icing in a packet and warm it before you apply it to the strudel. Don’t microwave the icing directly in the microwave as it may explode and leave a sticky mess.

If you must warm the icing in the microwave, ensure you pour it into a microwaveable bowl. Then use the lowest power limit to heat it for a few seconds or until you get the desired warmth.

Serve your toaster strudel with your favorite toppings and enjoy the pleasant warm taste!

How Long Do Toaster Strudels Go in the Microwave?

Toaster strudels should cook in the microwave in rounds of 30 seconds. Open the microwave after the first 15 seconds and turn over the sides of your strudel for an even heating process.

As for the toaster strudel icing, use the low power limit of 10% on your microwave. Take rounds of not more than 15 seconds for a temperature limit of up to 25-degrees Celsius for a bit of warmth only.

Setting the microwave to low or medium temperature limits is the best and safest way to warm your toaster strudels. Also, keep an eye on the warming process at regular intervals. This will ensure that the strudels don’t stay frozen or get burnt.

Can You Make Toaster Strudels Without a Microwave?

Yes. You can make your toaster strudels using either a toaster or an oven. These two serve as the best alternatives to preparing strudels without a microwave.

Let’s quickly explore how these alternatives can help you make toaster strudels.


The toaster offers the easiest and most efficient way to make toaster strudels. It bakes your strudels, giving them a crunchy yet delicious taste. This tool is easy to operate with little effort.

All you need is to set it to low or medium heating temperatures depending on the toasting function. After that, press the toaster once or twice to start cooking and give the toaster strudels that desired crispy crunchy bite.


The oven is another highly preferred appliance for making toaster strudels without a microwave. It’s a great appliance if you want to cook a lot of strudels at once.

However, it is more time-consuming than the microwave. If you want to heat toaster strudels in the oven, you’ll need a baking sheet. Put the strudels on the sheet and leave equal spaces between them.

Heat the oven to a temperature limit of 3750F. Then get the baking sheet in the oven to cook your toaster strudels. Each side of the strudels will require 10 minutes of heating time, giving them a crispy and brownish look.

Can You Eat Frozen Toaster Strudels?

Yes, but they won’t be as delicious as cooked strudels. Since they are frozen, you’ll find them uncomfortable to put in your mouth or even chew. Plus, frozen strudels are a bit stiff.

So the best way to enjoy your frozen toaster strudels is to warm them in a toaster, oven, or microwave.

Must Toaster Strudels Be Frozen?

Yes, toaster strudels must be icy to be safe for eating. That’s why it is advisable to get the strudels out of the freezer a few minutes before eating them.

Please don’t keep the strudels out of a freezer for over 12 hours or more as they’ll be harmful to consume.


A toaster or an oven is the most suitable appliance for toaster strudels. toaster strudels are microwave-safe, but it’s not advisable.

If you have no option, heat each side of the strudels for 15 seconds. As for the icing, use a microwave-safe bowl to warm it for not more than 10 seconds.

Handling toaster strudels in the microwave poorly could cause risks like a fire hazard and undesired results. Moreover, microwaving the icing may lead to a sticky mess that’s hectic to clean.

Use our detailed guide above to make tasty toaster strudels in the microwave safely. Good luck!

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