Can You Put Microwave Popcorn in the Oven? (Nope)

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So, can you put microwave popcorn in the oven? 


The answer is NO. The reason lies in how the oven works. An oven often uses less heat to heat food resulting in a longer cooking time at the set temperature.

Can You Put Microwave Popcorn in the Oven?


Quite often, microwave popcorn needs high temperatures to pop the kernel quickly. This makes it hectic to cook them in the oven.


HOWEVER, cooking on the stovetop is an excellent substitute for making microwave popcorn on the stove.


Read through this article to learn the reasons why you can’t make microwave popcorn in the oven. Scroll down to the best way to make microwave popcorn on a stovetop.


Why Can You Not Microwave Popcorn in the Oven?

Traditional ovens tend gradually to heat food. This makes the food cook much slower at the set temperature using radiation and convection.


Now, microwave popcorns often depend on high temperatures to heat the moisture inside the kernels, making them pop faster.


The gradual heat an oven produces will remove moisture from the popcorn kernels at a slower rate. Therefore, it makes popping extremely difficult. In fact, you may get dry or unburnt kernels.


So, can you put microwave popcorn in an oven? NO! Don’t even attempt unless you want to waste your popcorn kernels.


Thankfully, you can get around this problem by using a stovetop to pop popcorn instead of the oven.


Substitute for Microwave Oven Popcorn: Stovetop Popcorn

The stovetop is an excellent substitute for the microwave when it comes to making popcorn.


That’s because stovetops have an even heat distribution. Therefore, it is easier for you to cook microwave pops in less time.


You will find the stovetop popcorn incredibly delicious. In fact, it is just like what the best microwave oven for popcorn gives.


A stovetop uses a similar cooking principle as the microwave. It provides sufficient heat to every popcorn kernel, leading to popping.


The final results include mouth-watering salty and crunchy stovetop popcorn.


So, let’s try out the method!


Key Ingredients/Requirements for making stovetop popcorn:

You’ll first need to have some key ingredients or requirements to make stovetop popcorn. They include:


  • a medium or large heavy pot
  • a lid
  • two tablespoons of oil (enough to coat the bottom of your pot)
  • popcorn kernels
  • teaspoon of salt

Steps for Cooking Stovetop Popcorn

Pour enough oil (about two tablespoons) to coat the bottom of the pot. Canola or extra-virgin olive oil could be a wonderful choice here.


Add about a tablespoon of salt. Throw two or a few popcorn kernels in the pot to taste the temperature.


Cover the pot with the lid and place it on the stovetop.


Set your stove on medium-high heat before cooking popcorn, for example, 18% power (900 watts).


Once the kernels pop neatly, get the pot off the stovetop.


Allow it to settle for about half a minute. Then pour the rest of the kernels you want to cook.


Wait for a minute before placing the pot back on the stovetop at medium heat. Make sure you cover the pot with the lid.


When the kernels start popping, tip the lid a bit to get rid of excess steam. This will help make your popcorn super crunchy.


Shake the pot while ensuring that the lid remains on the pot. That’s because the kernels may fly away while popping.


Continue shaking while the popping rate increases. This will help avoid overcooking your kernels.


The popping rate will reduce after two or three minutes and eventually slow to an infrequent pop.


Switch off the stove and remove the pot from the stovetop. Your stove popcorn is ready for serving.


You can add melted butter, salt, sugar, or any other seasonings for extra taste. Mix very well and enjoy your crunchy and tasty popcorn.


Essential Stovetop Popcorn Tips

  • When removing the lid off the pot, open it with your face or body away from the pot. This helps prevent the steam from burning you.
  • Keep an eye on the pot so that the kernels don’t burn or overcooks.
  • Remember to continue stirring because once kernels start popping, the rest are likely to follow suit immediately. This can result in a burnt-popcorn taste!

Is Stovetop Popcorn Safe for your Health?

YES! Stovetop popcorn is healthy. However, the way you make stovetop popcorn determines how healthy or unhealthy they are.


It depends greatly on the quantity of salt, butter, or other seasonings you add.


Typically, a stovetop is healthier than the best brand of microwave you can buy. But, air-popped popcorn stands out the healthiest.


Final Words

Can You Put Microwave Popcorn in an Oven? No, you can’t make popcorn or put microwave popcorn in the oven. But, the stovetop is an excellent substitute!


Cook crunchy and delicious stovetop popcorn in just a few minutes. It’s pretty easy, and anyone can do it.


We believe that you’ve enjoyed reading this article and you understand that you can’t make microwave popcorn in the conventional oven.

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