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Why is My Air fryer Not Heating Up? (#3 Will Shock You)

An air fryer can inspire your home cooking, but sometimes it won’t heat up. This can be devastating!


It’s a go-to kitchen appliance that fries foods like potato chips, meat, and pastries. It works by spreading hot air around the food to give it a crunchy, crispy exterior.


However, like any other kitchen gadget, air fryers get mutilated too. If this happens, you’ll be left wondering, why is your air fryer not heating up? 


The main cause could be a malfunctioning cable, the heating element, or probably a blown fuse. Also, if you don’t set up the temperature manually, forget to shut the air fryer’s door correctly, or fail to set the cooking time, the air fryer might not heat up.


Why is Your Air Fryer Not Heating Up (Reasons)

Now let’s take a deeper look as to why an air fryer stops heating up;


1. A malfunctioned power cable 

One of the primary reasons an air fryer might stop heating up is a faulty power cord. This a big issue because a faulty cable can easily lead to an electric fire.


2. Heating element

The heating element of an air fryer is located at the top, where it’s paired with a fan. It can be either damaged or there could be a connection problem between the power supply and the heating element. The most ideal way to fix such an issue is by contacting the manufacturing company or getting an experienced technician.


3. Temperature settings 

If none of the above issues is affecting the air fryer, then the temperature settings could be the problem. If the temperature set is too low, the gadget might fail to heat up properly or fail to heat up at all.


So if this is the case, you can try using higher temperatures to cook. Another important thing you should remember is to always preheat your air fryer to ensure evenly cooked food.


4. Cooking time 

First of all, the air fryer won’t heat up if you haven’t set the cooking time. This helps prevent your food from being overcooked.


5. Open-air fryer door

If you set too much food in the air fryer, the door might not close correctly, and the circulation of hot air will be poor. Such scenarios cause the air fryer not to heat up.


Frequently Asked Question

Why does an air fryer keep beeping?

If an air fryer beeps, it’s a warning sign that there’s something wrong with the appliance-could be the air fryer heating up, an error code, or issues with the timer. To fix this, you can unplug the air fryer, check if the power cord is faulty, or turn it off.


Can an air fryer overheat?

Since air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food, cooking temperatures can be increased to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, such temperatures can cause the air fryer to overheat. 


Can an air fryer catch fire?

No! An air fryer cannot catch fire. However, if you overcrowd it with food, it can easily cause a fire because air is not circulating freely inside it.


Is it safe to put foil in an air fryer?

Absolutely! You can put foil in an air fryer, but it’s not the most recommended method. However, you should use it in small amounts to ensure hot air circulates freely.


Bonus Safety Tips

Below are some helpful tips you can use when operating an air fryer;

  • Always read the Air fryers manual– the manufacturer provides beneficial information on how to use the gadget. If you experience any difficulties, you can contact the company using the hotline numbers indicated in the manual.
  • Be careful not to burn yourself– there are different components of an air fryer that get extremely hot when cooking. So always ensure you don’t touch such parts with bare hands to avoid any injuries.
  • Don’t place the air fryer in a ventilated area when cooking- the gadget should be set near an open window. This ensures it operates smoothly and also prevents any fire outbreaks. 
  • Food should not be seasoned while in the air fryer– simply put, if salt touches the nonstick surface, it begins to break down and peel.


Air fryers have become the most convenient kitchen appliances in the market today. You can easily fry potatoes, meat, just to mention but a few. 


In addition, they work pretty well in comparison to the traditional deep fryers that tend to use too much oil. 


However, you can experience some difficulties with this appliance, but the good thing is that you can fix some of these using the tips we’ve given above.

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