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Why is My Air Fryer Basket Peeling? (And What To Do?)

As you may perfectly know, air fryers can be relatively costly. And because of this and other reasons, you may be worried when your air fryer basket starts to peel off.


But, why is my air fryer basket peeling?


Harsh cleaning and poor quality may be the reason for your air fryer basket peeling. Higher than normal cooking temperatures may be the other reason.


In this write-up, I will take you through several reasons for your air fryer peeling. In addition, I will give possible solutions to this.


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The Reasons Why Your Air Fryer Basket is Peeling

  • Scrubbing with abrasive cleaning tools

Harsh scrubbing using abrasive tools results in peeling. Most people often assume that scrubbing the air fryer using abrasive sponges will get rid of hard stains. Unfortunately, the practice results in peeling.


To achieve the best cleaning without peeling your air fryer basket, you can first soak it for close to 20 minutes. After this, you can use a soft material to get rid of the stains and finally rinse your air fryer basket. 


Always follow the user manual to be acquainted with the proper scrubbing methods that the manufacturer recommends. Most of them will provide this in the manual user. 


  • Low-quality material

If the air fryer you use is made from poor quality material, the inside and bottom of it will easily peel. 


So what do you do? Make it a habit of buying non-generic high-quality air fryers as they won’t peel off easily. 


Don’t go for cheap kitchen appliances since most of them are of low standards or quality. So it makes sense when you spend more on a quality fryer than spend less on a lower quality one.


The cheapest option will embarrass you within weeks or months depending on the frequency of use. 


  • High temperature 

Using the air fryer to cook food at extremely high temperatures brings out the peel effect. Always try setting the right temperatures when cooking as this will elongate the lifespan of your air fryer.


  • Improper handling

The improper placing of the bucket in the air fryer will cause peeling. It is critical to put your air fryer out of the reach of children if you have them. Store it in a lockable place if possible.  


  • Metals

Most of the time, air fryer manufacturers have accompanying metal toolkits. When mishandled metals can cause scratches on the air fryer surface. 


As much as possible, please desist from using metallic materials such as spoons and forks in the air fryer. Instead, use plastic or wooden spoons and materials. 


How Do You Stop the Peeling?

After the peeling, it is right to be concerned about the best solution to this. Just like other appliances like microwaves, cookware, and dishwashers, take care of your air fryer, as well. 

  • First, make it a habit of spraying some oil on the fryer before you start off your cooking process. This ensures that food does not stick to the side and bottom of the fryer. 
  • Before washing, soak your air fryer using vinegar solution to make the cleaning easier. 
  • Again, avoid using abrasive materials such as metallic spoons and forks on the fryer when cleaning it. 
  • Do not use extreme temperatures when cooking.
  • Above all, read the manufacturer’s user manual to become familiar with the recommended best practice. 

Risks of Exposing Oneself to Toxins?

The main worry that you may be having regarding your peeling fryer is the health risks. And it is absolutely fine for you to feel that way. Everyone does, I included.


Ever wondering, ‘are there health effects from ingesting the peelings from the air fryer?’ 


The answer is YES. The non-stick coating material, Teflon, takes up to 450 Fahrenheit to melt. The resultant elements released when you attain this temperature can be carcinogenic. 


However, as long as you do not use extreme temperatures, you are good to go and you do not need to panic. 


Final Thoughts

An air fryer basket is a versatile kitchenware, which helps you cook your food easily and in no time.


Handling cookware properly will ensure that it serves you for a longer period and you get value for your money. 


After all, air fryers are that cheap and deserve to be taken care of. 

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