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Can You Microwave Cup Noodles?

Cup noodles is a staple dish for most college students and youngsters. It’s an easy-to-make- food as it requires zero effort to prepare it. 


Although it’s the most favorite dish with people of all ages across the US,  the question they ask is ‘can you microwave cup noodles’?


can you microwaves cup noddles

The answer is No. You should not microwave cup noodles. Most containers come with a label that states that ‘cup noodles isn’t microwave safe’. Instead, you can boil water and put it into the indicated fill line on the cup, cover the noodles and allow it to cook for about 3 minutes. 


Without further ado, let’s take a deeper dive into why Cup Noodles isn’t microwavable.


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What Are Cup Noodles?

Momofuku Ando (from Taiwan) is the man behind cup noodles – that’s back in 1958, and after a couple of years, cup noodles is still the most consumed dish around the globe. It owes its profound success to the fact that it brings convenience to the table. 


If you decide to use old-school methods to prepare noodles, then the dish will require lots of hard work. For example, it takes hours to get the broth so as to achieve the best tastes and flavors. 


To mention, cooking noodles from scratch is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.


For this reason, the invention of cup noodles is now more than revolutionary. It proves to be more suitable as it simplifies the lengthy process of making a whole bowl of noodles and broth.


Why can’t you put cup noodles in the microwave?

If you take a closer look at the cooking directions you’ll notice that the manufacturer barely tells you to begin microwaving in the entire procedure. 


But if you check out the Cup Noodles cover, you’ll find clear warnings that advise you not to throw it in the microwave though not in all containers.


Here are two crucial reasons why you shouldn’t microwave cup noodles, and both have a lot to do with how the cup’s materials react to the waves produced inside the microwave.


By putting the cup inside the microwave, you expose it to extreme heat and clearly use it for a purpose it’s not invented for. Doing so can result in an unforeseeable chain of different chemical reactions. 


Failure to follow, not following the provided instructions can unintentionally lead to a release of dangerous chemicals into your noodles.


On the other hand, exposing the cup to extreme or high room temperatures can compromise the cup’s structural design. The interior part of your cup is designed to hold hot water, but these other parts can’t handle such heat. 


How to Microwave Cup Noodles/ Best Way to Microwave Cup Noodles

As mentioned earlier, it isn’t safe to microwave cup noodles; however, cooking it in the microwave is the fastest and easiest method. Below are  steps on how to microwave cup noodles;

  • First, add one cup of water into a microwave-safe cup and let it heat for two minutes or until it reaches the boiling point.
  • Halfway open the lid in a way that the flappy opening still touches the top part of the cup.
  • Transfer the hot water into the cup noodles until it reaches the fill line of the container. If the water goes beyond the fill line, the flavor of the noodles will be thin.
  • Close the lid of the cup noodle and place a fork or just a light utensil to secure the closed lid. This will also help ensure no heat escapes as the lid is completely closed while the noodles remain hot.
  • Let the noodles rest for about three minutes to cook, and then stir it and enjoy your simple meal.
  • To make your cup noodles extra classy, microwave an egg and place it on top of the noodles for some proteins.

How Long Do You Microwave Cup Noodles?

Once you add hot water to the cup noodles, cover the cup with a lid and allow the noodles to cook for about 3 minutes. It will absorb the hot water and cook with resting heat.


If you remove the cover before the three minutes are over, the noodles will end up being crunchy and unevenly cooked.


Is It Safe to Microwave Ramen in the Cup?

Microwaving ramen in a Styrofoam cup is very dangerous. It can cause damage to your appliance. So microwaving ravens in a Styrofoam cup is not really a great idea or even microwaving any Styrofoam container. 


Can You Microwave Styrofoam Cup Noodles?

No, you can’t microwave Styrofoam cup noodles because disposable containers are not designed for cooking. Manufacturers produce Styrofoam cups either from expanded plastic or plastic with a recycling digit-6 indicated at the bottom of the cup.


The plastic container considered to be microwave-safe is type 5 plastic. It can withstand high temperatures inside the microwave, but it’s still questionable.


What happens when you microwave cup noodles?

Styrofoam cups are disposable cups designed for packaging, not cooking. When heated, it begins to soften, warp and can end up contaminating your food with some dangerous chemicals. 


Chemical cross contaminations are very hazardous, so you should never take that risk. It will be much safer if you boil water in a different container then put it in the cup noodles.


Are There Other Types of Instant Noodles?

Other different brands in the market produce instant cup noodles. Based on this brand’s demand, most companies are now producing different types of instant noodles in cups. Below are some other brands that produce ramen noodles in cups and other packaging containers;

  • A Japanese company called Maruchan Instant Lunch
  • Nongshim company limited based in South Korea 
  • Shin Ramyun  a brand by the Company Nongshim 
  • Pot Noodle  Unilever, owned by a company based in the UK. 

Some raven noodles are microwavable in containers, but it’s advisable to boil water in different containers. The materials the company chooses to use will determine if the containers are microwave safe, though most companies don’t seem to produce such containers.


There are a few labels on instant Noodles you should be aware of;

  • If the container features the word “microwave” with a giant X drawn above it, then that’s an indication that the noodles isn’t safe for microwaves. However, that’s not always the case, but you can find such a case. 
  • A picture of a microwave on the instant noodle can also act as an indicator. It can have a green light on it, or you can still find that the noodles aren’t microwave-safe just by visual appearance.

Bonus safety tips 

  • The method you use to heat up water will determine how hot it will get. To attain good results, stir the noodles and leave them uncovered for just a few minutes after preparing them as per the instructions.
  • After pouring the hot water into the cup noodles, don’t place the container near the edge to avoid any accidents.
  • If you want to microwave the instant noodles together with water, make sure you use a microwave-safe container. This will help avoid any damages to your appliance, especially when using Styrofoam cup noodles.
  • Always ensure you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • You can as well check the manufacturer’s website to be certain if the container is safe for microwaving or getting in touch with the company’s representatives.

Wrap Up Things

Unless the manufacturer advises that the cup noodles are microwave safe, then you should not microwave them. If you have a kettle or other means to boil water, prepare the noodles as per the instructions given


Another great option is to use a microwave-safe container. Put cold water and noodles and microwave them together. But be careful when you use a microwave to avoid any risks.


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