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How to Defrost Bacon in the Microwave

Bacon! This rings a bell in your mind, right? I believe that you’ve come across bacon in various dishes. Let’s talk about breakfast. 


You can have it on its own and in other circumstances as a side dish. Most people can’t hold back their zeal for this salt-cured pork prepared from various cuts, especially the pork belly.


Bacon by itself is a staple food, and you’ll rarely miss it in every kitchen and household setting. In sandwiches, you’ll find it as an ingredient. 


In barding and larding roasts, it will be used as an insulator to flavor roast joints by being surfaced on the meat. Probably you’d want to know how to defrost bacon in the microwave, right?


As a professional cook, the answer is yes. It’s easy and fun to defrost bacon in your microwave oven. Make sure you remove the frost covering your bacon so that it is thoroughly cooked before serving. 


Although defrosting bacon in the microwave is the favorite way for most people, you’ve to ensure that you cook it immediately for food safety reasons.


Let’s set our eyes on it!


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How Do You Prepare Bacon? 

You can cook bacon in the microwave, but on the other hand, you have the option of pan-frying it or even baking it. The easiest and most convenient way of preparing it is in the microwave.


Bacon is never to one period of consumption during the day. You can always pop it into your refrigerator and prepare it at any time during the day. Isn’t that interesting?


In other instances, you can cover the bacon with frost, which means that you’ve to defrost it as it will not cook.


Insights Before Cooking

Microwaving frozen bacon isn’t the best option either. You could wrap your bacon using foil sheets then store it in your freezer for later use. 


What if foil sheets aren’t at your disposal? No need for alarm. You can always grab individual zip-top bags from your nearest store. 


These bags can hold up to three or four slices of bacon at a go. Put these bags in your freezer afterward.


In our feed today, we will be venturing on how to defrost your bacon in the microwave without getting it spoilt.


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Is It Safe To Defrost Your Bacon In The Microwave? 

It’s 100% safe! Defrosted bacon only demands that you cook it once you finish defrosting it.

Thawing a sizable package of bacon strips in your microwave should not cost you much of your time. However, you have to observe the following.


Precautions on How to Safely Defrost Bacon in the Microwave

You can safely defrost bacon in your microwave as long as you take precautions at hand seriously. They include; 

  • Set your microwave to the defrosting mode while defrosting to reap the best results
  • Aerate your bacon while defrosting it. Make holes on the packaging covering your bacon to prevent steam build-up within the packet, which would cause an explosion.
  • Defrost your bacon under short time intervals. If you set the timer for too long, your bacon will end up cooking due to the intense heat buildup in the microwave.
  • Ensure that you do not prolong the defrosting period as the plastic is prone to melt. This could predispose your food to hazards.


Steps on How to Defrost Bacon in the Microwave


You can join me in attesting to the fact that companies are producing microwaves daily. Some tend to offer even higher competition in the market. Others will pack instructions for specifications for use. 


Some of these microwaves demand that your bacon strips remain in their plastic packaging while you defrost them.


On the contrary, you’ve to follow the following steps;

  • Rip the bacon off its packaging
  • Cover the bacon in a couple of sheets of clean paper towel. These will absorb the excess fats and grease dripping from the bacon while you’re microwaving it.
  • Place your bacon on a plate fit enough to be used in a microwave
  • Spread out the bacon all over the plate to increase the surface area, which ensures that your bacon defrosts rapidly
  • If your bacon clumps up into a thick bunch, consider defrosting it for two minutes before spreading it out evenly.
  • To ensure that the strips are not lying upon each other, spread them out evenly.
  • Cover the bacon with a paper towel to prevent oil from spitting in the microwave once it starts to heat up


Covering your bacon now means that your bacon is ready for defrosting. You have to set your microwave properly.


Setting your microwave

How best can I microwave bacon? How you defrost your bacon is dependent on the brand of your microwave. Maybe your model is that one with a by-weight Defrost setting. 


If it does not bother you, you can weigh these strips on a kitchen scale. Either way, it is easy to estimate the weight by the packaging.


If your microwave lacks a Defrost setting, set the power to about 30 percent maximum.


Timing is everything

One of the key benefits of having a weight Defrost setting is that it sets the thawing time automatically. You have to do your calculations right while using your microwave. No one hates simple mathematics.


Considering that you’ve set your microwave at 30 percent power, 5 minutes will be enough for defrosting 1 pound of your frozen bacon. You can then narrow down to any estimates of your bacon with 5 minutes as your standard time. 


Checking defrost process

The Defrost settings of many microwaves nowadays ensure that your microwave beeps at regular intervals once it starts.


These beeps are not for granted. Anytime your appliance beeps, change the positions of the stripes on the plate while recalling to turn them over. Very important! Before starting your microwave again, re-cover the bacon slices with a paper towel.


Some microwaves lack the rotating carousel, and this may leave many wonderings. You don’t have to get worried. You just have to rotate the plate via an angle of ninety degrees every time you change the position of the strips.


If you’re operating your microwave on a manual defrost, stop it periodically after hitting the start button. Stopping it will help you adjust the strips as well as remove some of the already defrosted bacon.


If you follow the above procedures to the latter, then 5 minutes per pound will be fit enough to defrost your frozen bacon in the microwave. Just make sure that you increase the surface area for thawing by ensuring that the pieces are not close to each other.


Irrespective of the means you use to cook your bacon, defrosting it in the microwave remains the most effective way to produce the best results. 


However, you have to observe the following simple rules to reduce the risks incumbent from it. These include:

  • Only use items meant to be used in the microwave and microwave safe-plates
  • Channel all your attention on the cooking time. If the time limit exceeds, your bacon will overcook. If less, it will be raw and undercooked.
  • Defrost your bacon fully before cooking
  • Please don’t take your bacon for defrosting in the microwave without first wrapping it with paper towels.


Final Thoughts

Defrosting your bacon using a microwave remains one of the most efficient ways to prepare it for cooking. 


I’d highly recommend defrosting your bacon using a microwave for the best experience.


Happy bacon microwaving!

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