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Best Microwave with Stainless Steel Interior

We’ve reviewed 20 products and invested 25+hours testing microwave ovens and evaluating them based on build quality, size, ease of cleaning, wattage, and smart features. We found that a microwave with stainless steel interior possesses superior qualities.


Out of all brands we tested, the Toshiba EC042A5C-SS microwave is the most versatile appliance to invest your money in. The Farberware Microwave Oven is another easy-to-clean unit that you can add to your appliance collection. 


Best Microwaves with stainless steel interior (Our Top Picks) 

Best Overall: Toshiba Countertop Microwave oven-EC042A5C-SS (Check Latest Price)

“Offers up to 13 automated menus and a reliable smart sensor for optimal cooking results every time”


Best Choice: Farberware Stainless Steel Microwave Oven (Check Latest Price)

“Price-friendly yet a high-quality appliance with superior features for cooking, heating and baking”


Most Reliable: Magic Chef- MCD1311ST Microwave Oven (Check Latest Price)

“Aesthetically appealing appliance with a large capacity suitable for a family of 4”


What’s New With Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

To be honest, there’s a microwave in every household in the US. Graham Campbell, a professional Scottish chef says that the microwave is the world’s “worst invention” and calls users to ditch it in favor of slow cookers.


However, recent research suggests that microwaving and steaming can increase the content of most flavonoids.


Even though they might possess similar features, these the best stainless steel microwave oven offer different user experiences. Let’s dive in!


1. Toshiba Countertop Microwave oven-EC042A5C-SS


With this model, you’ve both convection and microwave cooking in one appliance. It means that you can apply different cooking techniques that include baking and roasting. 


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The Toshiba countertop microwave with stainless steel interior comes with a reliable smart sensor and offers up to 13 automated menus. The smart sensor makes the microwave give out optimal results each time. It will detect humidity from the food as you cook it and adjust the temperature and time accordingly.  


Even better, the interior stainless steel makes the microwave oven durable as it is both rust and scratch-resistant. It is also easy to clean and maintain as all it needs is wiping with a clean damp cloth. 


Other significant features include the one-touch button for making popcorn and the mute option for regulating the sound. At 1.5 cubic feet, it is spacious and suitable for family meal preparations. 


At 1000 watts, it heats food fast and evenly compared to other microwaves in the market for the same price. 


  • It has a sleek stainless-steel exterior finish that makes it stylish.
  • The stainless-steel interior makes it easy to clean
  • It has an LCD light for energy-saving and ECO mode.
  • The smart sensor is suitable for cooking foods like potatoes as it adjusts temperature and time according to the humidity being emitted.
  • Safe to use as it has a child lock, kitchen timer, and digital clock.
  • Some people feel this microwave is not durable enough.
  • There are complaints that food does not warm evenly.


2. Farberware Stainless Steel Microwave Oven


If you’re on a budget but still want the best stainless steel interior microwave oven, you should consider the Farberware stainless steel microwave. 


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Despite the affordable price tag, it is a high-quality and reliable kitchen appliance with superior features. At first, you will notice the stylish exterior finish that complements all kitchen spaces. The interior is easy to clean as it has a coated stainless-steel finish to make it odorless and easy to clean. 


With six auto programs for cooking, you can easily make foods like pizza, potato, and frozen vegetables, eliminating all forms of guesswork in the kitchen.


Though it has only 1.1 cubic feet of interior space, it can accommodate meals for a large family. Other significant features I liked include child lock, glass turntable, defrost function, LED display.


The ten power levels make it able to heat different kinds of foods to perfection. You can warm food evenly and fast.


  • 10 power levels that heat up to 1000 watts
  • stainless-steel interior surface that is easy to clean
  • Six automatic cooking programs
  • Aesthetically appealing stainless-steel exterior finish
  • Affordable
  • Users complain that the door shuts tight and sometimes hard to open


3. Magic Chef- MCD1311ST Microwave Oven


Magic Chef microwave oven stainless steel interior is among the best options if you’re looking for value for your money.


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It features an aesthetically appealing stainless steel exterior that is easy to clean. It also compliments any kitchen space as it did with my kitchen. 


The microwave has a capacity of 1.3 cubic feet and can satisfy all the cooking desires when cooking for a family. 


You can wipe the interior spotlessly clean using a clean damp cloth eliminating all spills. The interior stainless steel hardly absorbs any food odor while cooking, leaving your microwave smelling fresh every time. 


Significant features include the eight one-touch auto cooking pre-programmed modes that include pizza, frozen vegetables, and popcorn. It uses a touch screen human interface that makes it user-friendly and convenient. 


It is economical and only consumes 1000 watts of heat energy, making it convenient for most cooking kinds. 


  • It has a stainless-steel interior surface that makes it easy to clean
  • Stylish and sleek exterior finish
  • It has a capacity of 1.3 cu. Ft. Suitable for family meal preparations.
  • eight one-touch auto programmed cooking modes
  • Rotating and removable glass turntable for even heating
  • Some people find the microwave too noisy when preheating food


4. Sharp Stainless-Steel Microwave-SMC1585BS  


The Sharp microwave oven stands out because it has a smooth and glossy exterior finish. Yet, it is the superior features that separate it from the rest of the pack. 


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At a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet, the Sharp microwave oven with stainless steel interior is large and can cope with all big family cooking tasks. 


In contrast to other models, it comes with a removable and rotating ceramic turntable that is wide enough to fit large-sized plates for even warming food. 


What you will enjoy about this model is the precise cook sensor. It is a new technology that allows you to determine the power levels and cooking time of eight preprogrammed popular menus. 


It also uses convection technology to roast and bake foods and the browning of meat products. Because of this technology, you will enjoy preparing various meals as long as you get the proper settings.


  • It comes with a removable and rotating ceramic turntable
  • It can determine power levels and cooking time for eight popular foods
  • The convection technology is suitable for baking, roasting, and cooking different foods
  • Spacious and has a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet to accommodate warming foods using large plates
  • Aesthetically appealing exterior finish
  • Easy to clean because of the stainless steel interior
  • Some people complain that the push-to-open button is not as effective and would prefer a microwave with a door handle

5. KitchenAid Convection Microwave


If you prefer a built-in microwave model, then the KitchenAid Convection Microwave is among the top options. 


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It boasts a significant 1500 watts energy higher than most microwave ovens with stainless steel interiors. It’s a convection microwave oven that allows you to cook, roast, and even bake at temperatures of 425F. 


Other functions include simmering and steaming different foods because of the installed innovative container and a sensor-monitor cooking cycle. 


At 1.9 cubic feet, it is the largest microwave stainless steel oven under review. It is suitable for family meal preparations within a short time. 

It is conveniently easy to clean and features an odorless property no matter the flavor of the food you are warming or cooking. 


While the KitchenAid convection microwave is pricey, it compensates by combining hood vent, microwave, sensor steam, and convection oven properties. 


  • 1500-watt energy for convection cooking. You can roast and bake up to temperatures of 425F
  • Spacious interior for warming meals on large plates
  • Easy to clean interior and exterior
  • It combines many functions that include a steam sensor, hood vent, microwave, and convection cooking.
  • Features a removable and rotating turntable for even cooking and preheating
  • It is more expensive than other models but offers a bargain because of its superior features


Microwave With Stainless Steel Interior Buyer’s Guide

Microwave is among the most reliable modern home improvement appliance for any kitchen. It’s efficient, and simple to use, making it a dependable kitchen gadget for many. The convenience the microwave has is undeniable.


Before you pick up the stainless steel microwave of your choice, you might want to know the factors to look out for. Of course, construction is one out of many, but others like size, capacity, cleaning, wattage and smart features are worth consideration.



Microwaves usually vary in size. So, pay attention to the countertop space before shopping for one. There are monstrously huge units in restaurants and large production facilities. Others are tiny to fit in small apartments, dorms and small offices.


It depends on your requirements. The most crucial point to consider is the intended purpose and how to use them.



The power output of a microwave will determine how well it performs. Low wattage microwaves will heat slowly, but they’re energy-efficient. They can save you from hefty electricity bills.


High wattage microwaves, on the other hand, are fast and effective. The microwave can reheat and defrost faster. Choose an appliance that ranges from 600 watts to 1200 watts.



Another must-look factor is capacity. Most countertop units available in the market range between ½ and 2 cubic feet. The former is the best choice for small families as it will hold an 8-inch to a 10-inch dinner plate.


Large families will opt to choose the latter as it naturally accommodates bigger containers. Their intended use will impact the buying choice.


Ease of cleaning

Hygiene pops in my mind whenever the word ‘food’ is mentioned. It’s one overlooked aspect of using a microwave. Keeping your appliances clean boosts not only food safety but also general safety.


Make sure the one you choose has an easy-to-clean interior. With stainless steel, you can wipe away all stains, particles, residues hassle-free.


Smart features

Features can differ from one microwave to another. A microwave can function in numerous ways – defrost, melt frozen foods, reheat leftovers. Others come with additional features that help in steaming, grilling and more.


On that note, the menu settings and programs offer a wide selection in terms of what you want to cook.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a microwave have a stainless-steel interior?

Yes. The interior stainless steel walls help to confine the radiation inside the microwave oven. Other models have a ceramic interior instead of stainless steel. 


Which is better, ceramic or stainless-steel microwave?

Both ceramic and stainless-steel interior microwaves are considered high-end. The best option is a matter of personal preference. Both have superior properties that include rust and scratch-resistant to make them durable. However, ceramic interior microwaves may develop cracks after some time. 


Can we bake steel utensils in a microwave?

It is not advisable to microwave metal objects in a microwave oven. Items like forks and tin foil papers can easily ignite and start a fire inside the microwave leading to an explosion if not contained. 

Putting metal inside a microwave reflects the microwaves all over at a frenetic pace. It also amplifies the heat energy levels making it pop and crackle. 


It is dangerous, and you should limit your microwave use to heating fats, liquids, and sugar in food. 


Are stainless-steel interior microwaves better?

When it comes to functionality, stainless steel interiors offer more advantages. It is because they are easy to clean and durable hence will serve you for many years. Because stainless steel interiors are less prone to scratch and rust, the microwave oven will retain its glossy look for a long time. 


Besides these outstanding features, microwaves with stainless steel interiors function the same as other microwave ovens with different interiors. 


Final Verdict

In our best microwave with stainless steel interior review, we picked the top recommendations that will suit your needs.


The list is long, but you’ll never go wrong with Toshiba Countertop Microwave oven-EC042A5C-SS. It tops the list due to its smart features, performance, ease of use, and easy-to-clean, and price. 


Hope this guides you in the quest to find the appliance of your need today. Happy cooking!

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