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Best Air Fryers under $100 to Take Over 2021 – In-Depth Review

Who doesn’t love a piece of chicken wings, or fried chicken breast, or crispy French fries? Air fried foods tender on the inside, turn golden-brown on the exterior, and come out juicy. How? Meet the best air fryers under $100 that will liven up your dinners.


An air fryer uses much less oil than a standard air fryer, without forgetting that your cook time is chopped in almost half, too. It will not only help you master your cooking but also add value to your kitchen.


You’re still baffled, to whether air fryers are expensive. It depends on the models. High-end units are owing to some innovative features, while some possess a reasonable price with all fancy features.


Well, the tricky part is to effectively select the best choice in an array of options on the market. If you’re on a tight budget, yet you want a resourceful air fryer, then you’re in the right place.


In this in-depth guide, we’ve compiled a list of top-rated air fryers under $100.  If you’re in a hurry, the Cosori 3.7 Qt Air Fryer is the best of the best, while Ninja 4Qt Air Fryer is the runners up.


Here we go!

With an air fryer, your kitchen stays cool. Its performance and results are miles better than an oven or deep frying. The electrical device can do it all and even much more amazingly. By all, we mean bake, roast, fry, and grill. Equipped with add on features compared to a deep fryer, air fryers have numerous benefits to offers:


  • Fast and efficient cooking. You can prepare your fried meal like French fries, fried chicken, and veggies within minutes. On average, an oven will take anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes, while frying with an air fryer takes up 8 to 10 minutes to cook after you preheat it.
  • Versatility. It can cook multiple and portions of dishes at once.
  • Healthy cooking. It cut back on 80 percent fatty oils and calories. The machine can be used even without any oil or just a drop of oil if you decide to do it.
  • Ease of use. It’s a game-changer in your kitchen. Modern air fryers are equipped with a temperature and time dial to regulate cooking time.
  • Easy cleanup. Most people are allergic to cleaning cooking utensils. An air fryer and its accessories are dishwasher safe. Crafted with nonstick coating, no food stick to either the basket or pan as food slides right off onto your serving plate.

Energy efficiency. In comparison with an oven, this appliance maintains the freshness in the kitchen. The units are efficient, and the user won’t be worried about the monthly power bills.


Who Can Benefit From Cooking With The Air Fryer?

Nearly everybody can benefit from cooking with an air fryer, regardless of that, the gadget suits some groups especially.



The appliance is a good choice for seniors who don’t enjoy tending an oven, hot glass top stove or handling lots of ingredients. For them, it’s easy to fry frozen meats, chicken breast, and seafood to their individual tastes using the minimum time possible. Ninja air fryer wins my vote here.


Also, no more hand straining. You make different foods, from a full meal to snacks. Easy cleanup is the last fascinating thing about air fryers. 


Busy Parents

As a parent, imagine your child demanding a snack after school. Also, running late, yet you kids are clamoring for something to put in their stomach. Cosori Air Fryer gives a chance to toss some nuggets and fries and have something on the plate in about 10 minutes.



I find it less motivated to cook when I’m alone in the house. It doesn’t add up to just to make a delicious meal regularly with an oven. With this unit, you can prepare dinner for a single serving in no time. Save money by striking the pricey food from the restaurants. Dash Fryer Air Cooker will deliver.


If you hate cooking

A group of people doesn’t like to cook, right?. So, an air fryer is a potential candidate to help you with this. If frying is what you like, just go for the GoWISE USA GW22664 Air Fryer.


Top 5 Best Air Fryers under $100 to Take Over 2021

Normally, an air fryer uses a convection effect: It circulates the hot air around, thus cooking your food without needing the oil. The results are much healthier cooked and crispy meals, and you get the amazing taste and texture.

After spending more than 30 hours checking the customer reviews, reviewing the products, it’s my pleasure to give an honest opinion. Let’s go direct to these units:


Best Overall: Cosori Air Fryer

Under$100, Cosori Air Fryer is the topmost digital and stylish unit in my budget-friendly air fryer collection. One of its best-selling features is the LED control panel. Its flat digital touchscreen with 11 presets elevates the good-looking of the fryer.


It has a nonstick basket that holds up to 5.8 quarts. This is quite a lot, making it the best large capacity air fryer. You can prepare several batches of fish sticks or French fries during those nights of birthday with some friends over with that space.


Using Cosori Air Fryer is pretty simple. The 11 preset settings allow versatility. From bacon to fish to chicken wings, you only need to touch the buttons and choose the preset that suits your cooking style.


The manufacturer claims that it minimizes fat intake in fried foods, which is impressive.


Featuring a removable nonstick cooking basket, which is PFOA and BPA free, this California designed electrical cookware is dishwasher safe. The user will also get a cookbook with 100 recipes that can guide the beginner without guilt.


So, you want to fry a 6-pound turkey or whole chicken breast? The Cosori comes with a shake reminder, but it will help those cooking salmon, tilapia sticks by reminding them when to flip the basket.


Instead of a traditional conventional oven, you can bless your mother, grandparents, and newlyweds with this glorious gift. It’s the best air fryer for large family.

Things we like:

  • A detachable non-stick fryer basket that is dishwasher safe, PFOA and BPA free
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use and set
  • Results are crispy and tasty fried foods
  • Versatile frying machine. Can cook seafood, vegetables, desserts, shrimp, and poultry
  • Stylish and digital machine

Best Value: Ninja air fryer

Ninja Air fryer is here with you; the air fryer under $100 for reheating pizza, wings, fried to perfection. Featuring a one-touch control panel, this unit has 4 programmable cooking functions to choose from. 


Also, you can go with manually control cook time plus temperature that ranges between 10 degrees F and 400 degrees F. In comparison to traditional frying methods, Ninja will air-fry up to 80 percent less fat.


Most users say that they were able to dehydrate food quickly with convection heat. Thanks to a ceramic coated basket that is nonstick, guaranteeing easy cleanup.


While the basket holds up to 4Qt, you can prepare 2lbs. plate of French fries. It also has a unique construction that is completely PFOA and BPA-free. Those are two enormous concerns that every buyer is concerned with.


Point to note: You should preheat it for at least 3 minutes before placing your frozen fish sticks to achieve astounding results.


Moving ahead, the appliance isn’t just an air fryer. You can reheat, roast edibles besides food frying. To your surprise, all that for under $100 is truly darn impressive.


While you can enjoy a pretty wide option of presetting, it turns everything good as long as you follow the frying instructions. And in no time, your dinner is ready for serving. You rarely come across such versatility combined with a fair price and enhanced modern look.


On top of that, the product is covered with a 1-year limited warranty-nothing good than getting such an absolute steal. Maybe one downside is that it comes without a cookbook on display.


Things we like:

  • Fair price tag on it
  • Versatile and advanced modern look
  • BPA and PFOA free nonstick basket
  • Wide selection of settings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1 year limited warranty

Best Budget: GoWISE USA GW22664 Air Fryer

Gowise is a popular name in the air frying industry, mostly because of their quality products. Their digital air fryer is more than easy on the pocket. The unit is equipped with smart features, just like other value for money models.


This hot air machine takes an oval-like shape, something that gives it a pleasing aesthetic when it sits on your countertop. As the best affordable air fryer, Gowise is a compact and convenient choice for people looking for space efficiency.


With 5.5 Liter or 5.8-quart capacity, it’s good enough for two, three, or five persons. Surprisingly, it’s among the very few models that are sold in multiple colors like white, red, black, and plum. So, you may choose the one that matches your décor.


One unique feature is the beautiful touchscreen LED control panel with adjustable presets and settings. Applying just a touch of a button gives you a wide selection of 8 different presets, hence ideal cooking times and temperatures.


Unlike others, a detachable basket and an additional pan bring a cool cooking practice to even those who like frying eggs. Thanks to the fact that the basket is PFOA free.


Alongside that, the comfortable touch handle allows you to take put your fried food easier once cooking is done. Just under 100 dollars, this model is durable, and FDA certified.


Everyone’s motive is to cook healthier foods with as little time as possible. Gowise Air Fryer ensures you prepare your favorite meals without extra calories or fat. I tasted food inside it and wondered whether I should spend some cash on street foods. No!


Reviewers are touting how easy it is to read, use, and maintain, all because of the ‘rapid Air Technology.’ Everything is digitalized to give you an easy cooking life.


The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty and 1-month money guarantee in case the appliance behaves. Otherwise, this presents how the company is confident with its quality. Grab something quality like this.


Things we like:

  • Easy on the pocket
  • A detachable basket and pan included
  • Cute touchscreen LED control panel
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • 1-year warranty and 1-month money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use, operate, and clean

Best Small: Dash Fryer Oven Cooker

Some of us prefer a small air fryer. Why is that? Because a compact hot air machine will save much space in your countertop and store. Dash Fryer oven cooker is suitable for bachelors and couples, and all those whose kitchen space is limited.


For one, Dash is lightweight, very compact, and portable. The design allows you to carry it around with you every time you’re having a party with your friends outside your house. RV campers can also take it together with other electrical devices such as electric kettles and coffee makers.


Being the best budget air fryer, this model uses dedicated air-crisp technology to cook a 3-pound chicken breast, so only little to no oil is required. Above all, you’ll say hello to healthy cooking and eating.


Dash will cost you less than $100, yet it offers about 80 percent fewer calories and fat without sacrificing the real taste and flavor of your food. Imagine your grade 2 kids can use it with no worries. Thanks to its modern features that boost safety and ease of use.


Thankfully, the appliance stocks a nonstick cooking basket, which is PFOA free. Plus other essential components, Dash is dishwasher safe. Most users in the USA are delighted with its versatility. They are able to prepare different foods in the minimum time possible.


And with an auto shut on/off function, be assured that your food will neither burn nor overcook. In simple words, you can attend to other kitchen chores with peace of mind as the food cooks.


Although the air fryer has a 1.6-quart capacity fry basket, which may not be perfect for a family of more than 3, its sleek and compact design will catch anybody’s attention. Travelers, college students, and singles are well covered here.


Don’t splash a staggering amount of money for fried foods out there. Just grab one and prepare your favorite fryer treats, including French fries, desserts, baked foods, and chicken tenders, in no time.


Things we like:

  • Lightweight, portable, space-saving
  • Shut-off timer
  • Air-crisping technology means no oil is required.
  • Versatile device for coking different fried foods
  • Easy to read and use
  • Pocket-friendly

Best Programmable: Avalon Bay Air Fryer

Our fifth pick is a 3.7 Qt air fryer from Avalon. There are many reasons to tout this gadget in my best air fryer under 100 buck collection. It features a ‘Rapid Air Circulation Technology’ just like the top models like Dash Air Fryer and the like. This unique feature offers both oilless and healthy fry.


The stylist design emanates this model’s quality, which is made 100 percent PFOA and BPA plastic. I would recommend it as ideal for weekend beginning and evening snacks. Its cooking basket is good enough to serve French fries, fried chicken wings, and potatoes while maintaining a compact size.


The heating element is governed by 1400 watts of power, producing 100 up to 400 degrees F for efficient, even, and fast cooking.


Even better, the package includes a nonstick airfryer baking set. While the basket is detachable and non-BPA handle, transferring food to plates is pretty easy as yesterday. These components, among others, are dishwasher safe. 


To maintain and regulate its time and temperature, the user has an easy task. Just apply a button touch to the 2 dial manual controllers. Compared to the traditional deep fryer, Avalon delivers a meal that has 90 percent less fat and calories.


Beautiful design, reasonable price, and high versatility are the best selling assets of this model. That’s why 60 percent of the USA home kitchens and restaurants are happy with its performance. Another cooking material included is a super multi-use rack. Plus a 52-page cookbook, I would you’ll grab one.


Things we like:

  • The nonstick baking dish included
  • 2 dial manual controllers for easy use
  • Efficient and fast cooking
  • High stability, beautiful design, and reasonable price
  • Rapid air circulation tech
  • Detachable basket is dishwasher safe
  • Non-BPA handle

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