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How To Preheat Air Fryer – Preheating It Changed Everything For Me

I’m picky about cookware and kitchen appliances. I may often use them once before they’re relegated to drawers and cabinets, taking up ultimate storage space. I fancy something that will help me fry chicken wings.


Definitely, I love my All-Clad D5 fry pan for cooking eggs and pancakes. I’m more partial to my Slow Cooker and only use it when I’m not in a hurry, but more also, my Lodge Dutch oven has been stunning.


Last month, I was skeptical about buying an air fryer. At first, did I need this bulky appliance? My post is all about how to preheat air fryer. So, should you preheat your air fryer?


It’s not always necessary to preheat an air fryer. But it can be remarkable and helpful for certain foods. And when it’s time to take this route, you need to know some steps properly.


Those who have tried many recipes can attest that this indispensable piece of kitchen essentials does deliver. From deep frying to baking food, an air fryer can yield promising results.


Preheating my air fryer was a game-changer for me. Let me share with you how I did it.


Do Air Fryers Need to Preheat?

With a range of sizes and styles of air fryers, and since they all cook and operate differently, the simple is either yes or no. It may depend on which model you’re owning.


To enjoy the perfect level of crispiness, it’s paramount to heat it on most occasions. Preheating means that it will get hot prior to placing your food. As a result, the cooking process will start instantly. In contrast, your food may take a few minutes before cooking begins.


Logically, preheating minimizes and lessens your cook time.  For example, a crispy air-fried dish will need you to preheat to endure great results.


If you understand how the air fryer works, the food will appear crispy even without preheating first. Contrary to what the majority think, it isn’t a must thing.


Not to mention, preheating this digitized cookware is a matter of your taste and preference. Those who like it may continue and those who don’t, no problem.


Personally, I use my Philips air fryer that doesn’t require preheating. However, I once preheated it, everything and anything stood so crispy and nice. It’s a plus that I use it for veggies, which frees my Lodge Dutch oven for other things.


Now, I use Philips at least 5 days per week for many things like:

  • Roasting potatoes
  • Preparing crispy broccoli tastes
  • Roasting sweet potatoes
  • Making chunky chicken tenders

Now I can’t leave without it.


How Long Should You Preheat Your Air Fryer?

Take about 3 minutes to preheat – you can leave it somewhere between 3 to 5 minutes to ensure both the air circulating inside and its interior are hot and ready to get the job done. Nevertheless, how long to preheat an air fryer isn’t the only good practice to make your dish crispy. Here are other tricks.


  • Don’t overcrowd the fryer basket

In addition to preheating, don’t let the basket look crowded. If the food items cover ¾ of the cooking surface, then it’s actually crowded. Don’t allegedly make five servings in one batch. Go back to the process and make another batch.


If the basket is overcrowded, your meal won’t crisp up perfectly but will steam, making the whole practice useless.


  • Use oil sparingly

I bet not to differ! Don’t use oil all the time, and if you’ve to use it, don’t exceed two teaspoons on your food. You can toss fresh veggies by applying no more than a teaspoon. For frozen foods, just skip it altogether.


Believe it or not, no single minute will you miss the flavor of the oil? Instead, make a point and add pepper and some salt or even cumin or Italian herbs.


  • Always cook at 350 – 400ºF

As far as an air fryer is concerned, the hotter, the better. Normally maintain cooking at 30 to 400ºF for most foods. For Brussels sprouts, French fries, hearty veggies, and more, I always cook at 400 degrees F for about 15 minutes.


When it comes to chicken, I cook at around 20 minutes while shaking in between to ensure the heat diffuses on all sides at the same temperature.


How To Preheat Air Fryer: Step By Step Guide

If preheating is a must then what should follow is how to preheat an air fryer.


  1. Check the Manual

Every gadget comes with a manual that features all user-to-read details. Hence, an air fryer isn’t an exception. These comprehensive details help you avoid mistakes that can result in damage.


It’s important to follow instructions as per the manufacturer’s preferred heating method and get the stuff done. Besides, you’ll want to enjoy your warranty given upon the purchase of your new appliance.


  1. Observe the cleanliness of the Airfryer

After checking out the instructions to follow, the next big thing is to keep your unit clean and neat. You’ve to take this step seriously as debris and food remnants can impact the taste of the next dish you’re planning to make in an air fryer.


Simple than done, clean the basket thoroughly and let it dry properly before use. Plus, check all nooks and crannies to make sure no leftovers are stuck in it.


  1. Plug In

Now plug your unit in since it’s an electric device. But before that, determine the kind of voltage power and wattage the appliance attributes. Remember, these units are re-engineered differently. Some are designed to run with a 2 voltage power supply.


I hope you know that the air fryer features a voltage unit ranging from 120V or 220V. Ensure you plug the unit in the correct power supply. For example, 120v units will get smashed or toasted if plugged into a 200V power supply. Of course, no one wants that.


Of course, no one wants that. Always double-check what voltage supply your house has.


  1. Put Accessories Accompanying the Air Fryer into Place

An air fryer comes with useful accessories that accompany it when cooking. Just put them in place first before the preheating process. Just like the air fryer itself, these accessories need to be primed prior to heating.


When the unit is already hot, it won’t be easier to fix the accessories securely. Keep in mind this step or struggle later on.


  1. Turn the power on

This step is obvious. Now it’s time to turn on your unit. At the time you press the button on, the preheating process should start.


  1. Set the Timer

At this junction, the preheating has already kicked off. Next, set the timer. Professionals recommend that preheating should take at most 5 minutes, although this will depend on your model.


  1. Pick the Highest Temperature Settings

It’s advisable to set your unit at the highest temperature settings while preheating. Every manufacturer will recommend you adopt the highest heat setting.


It may seem excessive through the eyes of many, but it truly works amazingly.


When To and When Not-To Preheat Your Air Fryer

As mentioned, there are best times to preheat and bad times to preheat an air fryer.


When to preheat:

  • Steak! You may require to preheat the unit to get a great sear and crust on foods like pork chops.
  • Reheating thinner frozen foods, leftovers, and smaller foods, making them crispy.
  • Superb crust and sear on food
  • Preheating French fries, fish sticks, and cheese sticks

When no-to preheat:

  • Thick raw foods. Suppose you want to cook very thick meats like big chicken breasts, roasts, and more.
  • Delicate dishes that don’t need much crispy
  • Homemade bread, cakes, pastries, and similar products require a cold air fryer as they slowly heat and cook.
  • Don’t preheat the unit when you put parchment paper.

Final Verdict

To wrap up, how to preheat air fryer is now clearly understood. At best times, preheating an air fryer is necessary, and at bad times, it’s unnecessary. Now that you know how to do it, your unit will stay safe from damages and offer a long lifespan.


How to preheat Nuwave air fryer is now a breeze.


Happy Cooking!

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