How To Use A Manual Meat Grinder Perfectly- Get It Right

How To Use A Manual Meat Grinder
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Are you still wondering why you should own a manual meat grinder? How to operate it? Probably, you don’t know its benefits which are numerous or even the basic parts which will assist you in operating it. This post will illustrate how to use a manual meat grinder effectively.

To start with, manual grinders are easy to use because all you need is an arm to turn the hand crank on the side of the grinder. Secondly, it’s cheaper as compared to the electric one making it affordable to many.


Besides, it brings with it better flavor since by doing the grinding yourself, you’ll be able to control what cuts go into your grind. Furthermore, it gives your hand work out. These are just but a few of the numerous advantages.

What Are The Basic Parts?

  • The built-in clamp is used to mount the grinder to a firm surface.
  • The hopper is the part where you add the meat cubes.
  • The pusher is used to press the meat down.
  • The screw happens to be the most significant part of the grinder. Its work is to push the meat down the shaft and towards the blades.
  • The blade and plate are the parts that actually do the grinding.
  • The hand crank is the part that rotates the screw and is usually located on the side of the grinder.

How Do You Operate A manual Meat Grinder

As mentioned under the merits, a manual grinder is easy to operate and all you need is to follow the following steps and the process will be effective.


Step 1

Mount the grinder to a firm surface in your kitchen or working area.


Step 2

To avoid the grinder from clogging, trim away the excess fat.


Step 3

Freeze the meat till its cold. This step is optional but the advantage is that the frozen meat will keep the heat generated by friction from melting the remaining fat.


Step 4

Cut your meat into small pieces and place them in the hopper one at a time.


Step 5

Place a clean bowl under the exit end of the grinder to catch the ground meat.


Step 6

Turn the hand crank slowly and steadily allowing the grinder’s blades to pull the meat.


Step 7

To ensure the fat is well distributed, mix the ground meat with your hands.


Step 8

If the fat is not well distributed, regrind the ground meat.


Step 9

Once you’re done with the grinding process, disassemble the grinder and clean it thoroughly.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, how to use a manual meat grinder is pretty easy. You’ll grid through if you follows the above simple steps.


It’s also, not only reliable due to the fact that it’s made of durable materials which can serve for a long period of time but also economical since it’s readily available.


So, if you’re into fresh and tasty ground meat of any kind, this is a machine you shouldn’t miss in your kitchen.

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  1. Thanks, Curtis for sharing this great post about a manual meat grinder. Using a manual meat grinder is really easy rather than an electronic meat grinder.

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