Excellent Refrigerators in 2020-Buyer’s Guide

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Nowadays, fridges have become paramount in our kitchen appliance lineups. probably, you want mini fridge with lock or mini fridge without freezer. After 30 hrs of research and deliberations, we’ve compiled a decent list of the excellent refrigerators in 2020?


Most of us prefer keeping our family’s food fresh. From breakfasts, lunches and healthy dinners, the best model makes twice the ice. You may have come across refrigerator brands – a lot of them.


So, which is the most reliable brand? Which brand will deliver consistent performance? And what about the special features, dimensions, and configurations? 

Refrigerators aren’t of the same-size-all, and every kitchen, home, budget, and dining is different. With that in mind, choosing the perfect fit can be complicated. Don’t be overwhelmed. One trick is to keep an eye on features, designs, and finishes that matters most. From there, figure out what you intend to do with the fridge.

Based on our research, Whirlpool WRV986FDEM is the best refrigerator overall because of decent performance. We’ve put together the “best of” list with most favorite brands to keep you updated.


Don’t miss out on our comprehensive guide. When selecting we checked out some consideration to come up with top-notch models. These include:

  • Best budget
  • Best features
  • Reliability and Performance
  • Steady built quality
  • Spacious and storage


A refrigerator is of supreme importance because it keeps your food cold. Without fridges, you wouldn’t have smoothies or ice-cream, or even juicy fruits. Think about perishable produce like vegetables, you would have to shop for them in grocery stores daily. Cold temperatures ensure your food stay fresh longer. Failure to this, the food would rot. And if you ate it, you would somewhat get sick.

For example, bacteria will definitely spoil your milk within two to five minutes if it’s left on the countertop at room temperature. The reason behind refrigeration in our homes is to lessen the activity of bacteria. By freezing your food, you stop the bacteria altogether. We’ve gone from shopping day-to-day to a norm of twice a week. Refrigeration is a popular form of food preservation today. Excellent refrigerators in 2020 will make your life easier.


1. Whirlpool Double Drawer WRV986FDEM Refrigerator

Key Features
  • French door of 25ft. of compartmentalized storage
  • Comes with 2 drawers in between
  • Thaw frozen foods and other ingredients safely
  • A mouth-watering and convection design
  • Includes other small compartments
  • Glass shelves, LED lights display, in-door water dispenser

Whirlpool WRV986FDEM brings amazing things in life. I tested this model back in 2018- the performance was fascinating, but the finish was somehow bland. Now, two years later, the new WRV986FDEM is a marked improvement.

It has a French door of 25 ft. of compartmentalized storage. To add on the bottom freezer and convectional French doors, the model features two drawers in between. This is so nice. One comes with specialty temperature settings, while the other is a produce drawer.

You can chill items like meat, cheese, snacks, drinks and thaw frozen foods more safely. Its convection design may seem to suck up some users. However, inside the compartment, there’s a triple crisper bin that gives more space for your veggies and fruits. Also, it has smaller compartments for things like string cheese and butter.

The doors come with gallon bins while the left side holds the ice makers. Other ice deposits are found in a freezer’s bin. That’s an amazing pizza pocket for your delicious frozen pizza. Other unique features included are LED lights, in-door water dispenser, and glass shelves and are vital.


Our Verdict

With everything divided up remarkably, this refrigerator should cut down all mystery leftovers. The plenty of space of well-designed lit compartments offers everything for you to be proud of. We expect such smart

What We Love:

  • Double freezer drawers
  • Nice food storage
  • Quality construction
  • Un-flashy and stylish

2. GE French Door GNE25JMKES Refrigerator

Key features
  • Best-budget fridge
  • uniformity and excellent temp control
  • Features sleek doors, water dispenser, too
  • LED lights dsiplay
  • Large capacity to store a number of stuffs
  • Relatively adjustable while fridge doors are quiet when opening

Speaking about best budget refrigerators, GE GNE25JMKES is a standout. It has uniformity and excellent temperature control. Behind the sleek doors, you’ll get a water dispenser. On the other hand, the drawer in the freezer is full of ice, and there is no point in making it yourself. Plus, the crisp LED lighting allows you to see the interior. You’ll be able to spotlight foods, drinks and items inside the fridge and in the freezer.

We’ve come across some large-capacity refrigerators with small freezers, but with space. The unit is designed with 2 humidity-controlled drawers. Therefore, you can select settings for veggies and fruits with ease. A ‘quick space’ shelf underneath can accommodate taller items while 6-gallon bins are relatively adjustable. The clear bins and glass shelves will allow you to keep track of your foodstuffs.

French Door GNE25JMKES is a nice steal when it comes sale. With the good looks and space, this refrigerator is a bargain. Utterly important, the digital controls of this fridge doors are very quiet. You’ll be impressed with its work.



For a durable unit, GE French is an absolute champ. Most users we questioned like its capacity to serve awesomely as a reliable workhorse at the heart of your kitchen. Its operation is something you can count on for more years to come.

What We Love:

  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Reliable operation
  • Durable construction
  • Smart and elegant design
  • Has an absolute latest technology

3. Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ Refrigerator

Key features
  • Stylish and convinient design hence a nice addition in your home
  • well-mounted, full-width compartment
  • Large in size to offer storage space
  • Heavy-duty performance along with reliability
  • Support programs and unlimited warranty


The stylish and convenient layout, this Whirlpool WRF535SMHZ is similar to most models from Whirlpool. Along with its sturdy construction, the model bodes nicely for reliability. Just like the French door model, WRF535SMHZ comes with a well-mounted, full-width compartment. This offers sufficient space to store stuff and fresh meals at eye level.

Moreover, this simple, solid and large fridge represents the most favorite style and size right now. The unit features functional elements and classic designs making it a valuable brand. Storage volume exceeds customers’ expectations and is focused on sustaining your refrigeration. Consistence performance shows high reliability.

Beyond its amazing price, the model is functional enough to keep your food cold. Without whistles and flashy bells, the device is built to perform one thing- preserve and protect your food. It’s a product backed with support programs and robust warranties. You can have peace of mind knowing that panic in the event of breakdown and malfunctioning.



If you want to grab a brand that will serve decades upon decades, Whirlpool fridge belongs to you. It’s proven, dependable and dedicated to ensuring that every user loves its performance. From installing to use, this model will impress.

What We Love

  • Has a warranty and support
  • Offers consistent performance
  • Has decent storage volume
  • Sturdy construction
  • Budget-friendly

4. Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF Refrigerator

Key features
  • Slate finish backs the decor of your house/kitchen
  • Tone of storage space and storage options
  • Adjustable-width sliding
  • Easy access and inspection
  • Freezer storage and additional fridge
  • Has a Wi-Fi connection 


With a slate finish and satisfying performance, this Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF is among the best value picks on our list. The model commands your kitchen center. In our in-depth test, we loved its tone of storage space. This beautifully tailored French door has storage options to beat. You can easily adjust its shelve to accommodate taller items.


Leave alone its adjustable-width sliding bin found on the door, the fridge features a retractable that lies below the crisper. This allows shorter humans to easily access and uses the fridge hassle-free. The entire fourth compartment is there to be used as freezer storage or additional fridge.


Thanks to its customized design that makes it to arsenal with other reputable fridges out there. It does not only have a Wi-Fi connection but also a water dispenser. Still, its ability to store your foods cold makes it an unbeatable compact option.


Our Verdict

The Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF performance is alarming. With an easy-access compartment, the user can grab a beverage or snack flawlessly. Having flexible storage options impresses everyone. We appreciate its counter depth. We couldn’t find any drawbacks.

What We Love
  • Features counter-depth
  • Maintains consistent temp
  • Have flexible storage options
  • Nice performance
  • Packed with water dispenser

5. Samsung RF260BEAESR Refrigerator

Best features
  • High quality and performance
  • Sufficient storage space to store your groceries
  • Distinct temperature controls to ensure food freshness
  • Modern looking design
  • Stainless steel-made that boasts durability

With fridges, incredible food preservation is the exact name of the game. For high-quality performance and accessibility, Samsung RF260BEAESR is a real winner. As a starter look no other than Samsung. Behind its lustrous, refined exterior, this unit has an array of useful features and stellar stuff preservation capabilities.


For fresh veggies and fruits, RF260BEAESR is the thing for your favorite cold beverages. Space for groceries makes it outstanding. Its ability to keep up steady temperatures improves your food freshness. I recommend it as a good addition to your modern-looking kitchen.


Along with distinct temperatures controls, it offers a polished style. Judging from its strong track record, the performance tests proved to be outstanding. This additional gadget is available in back and stainless steel but for the same price tag. This means its durability is in another class.


Our Verdict

Starting from durability, performance to space, Samsung RF260BEAESR is exceptional. Beyond its ease of use, the unit features temperature uniformity. However, it lacks a water dispenser and through-door ice.

Why We Love:
  • Durable
  • Outstanding performance
  • Sufficient space for beverages
  • Nice and modern look
  • Maintains steady temperatures

Factors To Check Out When Shopping For An Excellent Refrigerator

Since fridges work basically well at an early age, it’s not easy to notice, especially if you are new to this. A far as the refrigerator doesn’t break; it’s perfect. However, this isn’t enough; there are some factors to consider. To settle down our best picks, we had simple criteria. In this section, let’s see what we prioritized in:


  • Construction Quality & Finish

Very important!  The best fridge is the one that features a sturdy build quality. We use our refrigerators more than almost everything else in our homes, so it’s crucial to invest in a model that you’ll be happy with. It should serve under daily use for many years.


While options for finishes grow every calendar, stainless steel still remains popular. It’s non-corrosive. However, new options like bronze and black stainless are emerging in appeal. Additionally, these modern finishes, black and low-prices classic white, seems to be attractive in our kitchens. Choose a unit with a high-end look. Grab the one that has been customized to fir and blend with your cabinets.


  • Energy Efficiency

Upgraded and newer fridges use less energy. This translates into fewer environmental effects and savings for you. Consider ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators. Usually, these units comply with stricter standards and efficient guidelines. Be sure to save up to $250 on your energy bills while using your appliances. At the same time, you’ll decrease greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Smart Features

New fridge features add both value and convenience. Though models with smart features tend to be exorbitantly expensive, they’re pretty the best. First, you may want to consider the features that are crucial to you. For instance, adjustable shelves help you to customize the storage space. Also, ice dispensers and in-door water are favorite with many people. Some units come with unique temp-controlled drawers that keep certain foods fresh.


  • Different styles

Modern refrigerators come in upgraded, variety of layouts. It all depends on your taste and preference. The most popular styles are freezer-on-top, side-by-side, or freezer-on-bottom fridges. Each one has advantages and cons to consider. For example, side-by-side units have smaller doors that only take up small floor space when opened. However, they don’t fit big and wide items like frozen pizza boxes. 


On the other hand, freezer-on-top models seem to be traditional and are less priced.  They aren’t attractive. Lastly, bottom-freezer choices are the most convenient since they feature compartments that are accessible, spacious. You can view your stuff at eye level.


  • Size

Typically, the larger the model, the greater space, but the energy consumption is at the bar. The most-energy fridge is generally 15 to 20 cubic feet. If you want to replace your refrigerator, don’t keep the old one near for cold storage. Because modern units sit between two counters, you’re recommended to measure the width. If your space is limited, go for a counter-depth model. Also, measure the doorways in your home to ensure your new option fits through. All in all, the fridge should bring an open feel and custom look.


Buyer's Guide To Excellent Refrigerators In 2020 (FAQs)

Which is the most reliable brand of a refrigerator?

Basically, most fridges perform well, but some are reliable than others. While Samsung RF260BEAESR ranks second, Whirlpool WRV986FDEM takes the day. The refrigerator earns high marks from analysts and consumers. Others like GE French door models and Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF receive respectable user ratings. While this unit is a safe bet, you may find that not all refrigerators are created equally. Knowing your unit is manufactured by a reliable brand, increases your comfort.

What size of a refrigerator do I require?

The size you choose depends particularly on the space and size of your household. You’ll require a minimum of 4 to 6 cubic feet. Moreover, you’ll presumably need an extra 6 cubic feet to maximize storage space. In serious occasions like holiday gatherings and dinner parties, a large space will be paramount. If you’ve a small family, a medium-sized fridge will be a nice option.

What about water dispensers, veggie drawers, and ice makers?

When selecting a right refrigerator, features like water dispensers and ice makers may seem to be mighty extras. Nonetheless, these are key factors to check out. Many users do like ice maker since it allows ice on demand. If you love storing bounty of vegetables and a lot of fruits in your unit, choose a fried with two separate drawers. Those produce that usually, rot, including pears, peaches, honeydew, cabbage, and broccoli needs a high-humidity drawer.


Final Verdict

Preserving your food is important. Refrigeration is the way to go. That’s why we’ve presented excellent refrigerators in 2020. The model you choose should complement the intended use. Consider you space and household.

Whirlpool WRV986FDEM is our winner because it’s well-made, spacious, and has plenty of smart features. If you want something that’s budget friendly yet high quality, WRV986FDEM is an absolute alternative. It still boasts double freezer drawers and sleek design. I endorse it as the best bet.

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